Miley Cyrus Sells Her Dog

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was caught on camera yesterday selling her pet dog! I think the pictures of Miley below speak for themselves.

Miley Cyrus was out on the street yesterday carrying around her beloved dog “Smuckers”, when she happened upon a gay man. Miley offered to trade her dog Smuckers, some gently used anal beads, and a case of Jif peanut butter (the #1 choice of choosy moms) for his large negro companion. The deal went down rather quickly and Miley was accompanied by her new love slave and his large low hanging fruit to her Prius.

Here are the photos from the incident. Frankly I find it despicable that Miley could sell her dog, but of course for a slut like Miley the allure of a big black one can be overwhelming.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

  • jessica

    miley cyrus is not a ‘slut’

  • Qwerty

    Please, this clearly is totally fake and a spoof article.

  • Dead Ed™

    I can see the “Dizzy Channel” viewers now:

    “Dur… Why would she sell her dog?

    “Why do you spread these lies?”

    Or my favorite (I’ve had it said to me):

    “Why don’t you swallow some sleeping pills and chase it down with Nyquil”


    “Why don’t you just kill urself”

    Something like that, only mispelled hear and dere. (That was on purpose. I have “Check Spelling. Can anybody guess 4 words misspelled?)

  • Dead Ed™

    To the tune of Deicide’s “Sacraficial Suicide”:

    Fuck, Fuck, Fuck a Goat, Screw a Kangaroo.
    Fingerbang an Orangutan, support your local Zoo.

  • ANON

    wtf y would she sell her dog she loves her pets and would not trade ot 4 anithing…

  • raevn

    Why did you call that man a large negro? why couldnt you just say black? racist!!!

    • african american

      It’s African American, not black, you racist!

      • Dead Ed™

        It’s not African-American if he grew up in the inner city/ghetto and never been to Africa.
        It’s black. There’s nothing wrong with being called “black”.

        • african american

          I was being sarcastic.

    • unemployed

      why not just a man you racist

  • julie

    you, stupid, peaple, leave, her alone first of all miley, is not a slut you, stupid peaple that are putting lyes abought miley, on here need to stop, you peaple need to give the girl a brake, she is onley 17 so please, leave her alone, and she whould never sell her dog, anyway, never whould she do this love, your nber one fan babygirl.

    • John

      Hey Julie. Learn how to speak and spell English. You make yourself look like a total ass. Oh, but so does being a Miley Cyrus fan.

  • katie

    i love hannah mntana

  • LiZ98

    OMG SHUT UUUP! I doubt she would EVER sell her dog! but even if she did , its none of yur FREAKING business!! MANY ppl sell their dogs each year and you dont seem to put a lot of effort into bothering them and making them look bad! Why do u stupid ppl choose to pick on celebrities? wat did they ever do to u?? GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!

  • donna

    TO DURKA DURKA tell us how did you get this job cause youre the lowest form of life i ever heard please i am going to write as many letters to whom ever i have to to shut down this stupid ridiculous website trust me i know people so it will be a matter of time this site is gone!!!!!!!

    • John

      Gee I bet the people who run this site are reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyy scared because you know people.

  • unemployed

    why can,t we talk about how her sorry ass dad billy ray rides her wave of stardom like a loser.

  • jerkoff

    first of all cileys dad biley ray was famous way before ciley became a singer and actress she was very young and he did what any other normal protective dad would do for his very young daughter i dont think billy needs cileys money you people just have nothing nice to say about anyone and should stop it already this website should be shut down i hope it will be do something a little bit more educated!

  • lfaifa

    Why do u do this? I don’t think this is how muslims should act. Dissing out celebrities. even they themselves won’t be reading this so its better if u said it to their face. Wouldn’t it be better if u went & researched or take pictures & find proof that big companies in the world are actually based by jews & the figures that they get are sponsored to buy gunnery for war in Iraq & other of any Zionist wars. makes me question your religion.

  • Dumb people unite

    Is there a link to this website from the!?! Where the hell do these moronic commenters come from? 99% of the people on here are raging fans of the ridiculous celebs posted in the SATIRICAL ARTICLES… I mean its pretty funny to read the first couple posts, “NO MICHAEL BIEBER IS A BOY!” But it’s every one… ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID?????? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE (in a cabbys’ voice). Seriously if I could meet about 90% of you, I would push you on the ground and spit on you for being so stupid.

  • Jasmine

    this is a lie!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I surprised it took her this long to sell her dog…..she sold her pussy years ago.