Miley Cyrus Self-Shot Underwear Pic

Miley Cyrus underwear

Dedicated Muslim and actress Miley Cyrus released this self-shot picture of herself in underwear. This picture may look like Miley Cyrus resorting back to her whorish ways to the untrained eye, but it is actually Miley making a powerful statement my parodying a typical Hollywood whore.

As you can see by the amount of makeup and curlers in her hair, Miley Cyrus is actually playing a character in this photo. She is holding up a mirror to all the women in Hollywood who are nothing more than degenerate sluts, and saying, “This is what you look like. Except Allah as your Lord and master or die!” A powerful and important message to be sure.

May Allah bless Miley Cyrus on her crusade to show the whores in Hollywood the error of their ways through mocking imitation. Insha’Allah, they will all convert to Islam or perish from Miley’s biting satire. Allahu Akbar!

  • Akbar Goldstein

    May Allah rain down fortune upon Miley!!! May her goats produce luscious milk and tender meat. She is doing the work of a good woman. I believe it is her intention that appearing in public with curlers in her hair is openly mocking the negro womans. If she only had some Old English and a welfare check then the mocking would be complete. I may change my daughters name from Siddiqi to Miley in honor of this. Praise be to Allah!!!!

    • Tim

      you lying bunch of rag head bastards- she is not showing a powerful statement by playing a character …..this is her in real life, the way she is…

      Not only do you lie to each other about your stupid Allah the rag head cunt , but your lying about some one who you like….because you will not admit to yourself that she is like this in real life

      So this makes this website a fraud against your own beliefs …

      So lets see when she goes on stage every night is she making a powerful statement my parodying a typical Hollywood whore…….NO ITS JUST HER BEING HERSELF !!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        tiny tim

        Do not insult Jihad Queen Miley!

        You have just earned yourself a fatwa you dumbass turd-tosser.

        eat shit and die mofo

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Ever since Miley turned her back on the lazy jews at disney channel, she has worked double hard for the cause of Islam.
    This is just another example of her tireless dedication, to the goal of transforming hollywood, from a town dominated by homoqueers and whores, into a decent Muslim Enclave.

    All praise to Miley….Islam’s top female champion.


    • Tim

      what a load of shit she is a slut

      shes not following the rules of allah though is she , if this was some one else you would be saying things against her and not for her

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Turdy Tim

        It is clear that in your drunken state, you confused Queen Miley with your mother.

        eat shit and die mofo

        • : 0

          Hate to burst your bubble but Miley is Christian , all you have to do is search google for a few minuets and you will see

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I’d love to burst your bubble and your skull.

            Miley is a Muslim; discussion closed.

            eat shit and die mofo


    ewww what a hore

  • miley is so ugly

    and annoying

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    When America becomes an Islamic caliphate, the most pure of the purest Miley is in perfect harmony with Allah to become the first queen of the Islamic Republic of North America.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Yes brother….you speak the truth.

      • abdullah the pusher

        hey man wanna buy some hashish?

  • Abdullah the Gargler

    I prefer the company of goats-they do not complain when I have my way with them-Insha’Allah!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fake abdullah

      I do not doubt it.
      You have probably just spoken the truth for the first time in your miserable life you asshole infidel.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah the Gargler

        Hey abdullah-go swallow a dick and gargle it bitch.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Homoqueers come to you for cock sucking lessons.

          We Muslims don’t get infected with homoqueerism. That is something only you perverted westerners get.

          eat shit and die homoqueer

  • Amy

    Oh my god, guys. This is from her musicvideo shoot. come on.

  • miley is so pathetic

    always trying so hard to be sexy and always failing

  • Random persom

    she took tht pic on the set of her whose got my heart video

  • King Fasil

    Death to all western whores

  • open the scroll

    nice…. she’s not skanky like those filthy disease carrying hollyweird land stealing ,penny pinching,bagel eating yenta’s releasing sex tapes and “accidental “crotch shots. Praise her beauty,thank you Allah for this beautiful creation.

  • Vaclav vanden Penis

    Her singing is like fingernails on a chalkboard, but I would live to screw her tight asshole

    • wolf

      hell yea! gotta love jailbait :-D

  • Sheesh

    It’s “accept,” not “except.”

    • Lyra

      Yikes! I actually find this kind of cerpey. Her parents allowing her to pose like this at a young age is very inappropriate. While she is an adorable girl, I have a 10 year old daughter and would NEVER allow this.

  • shaytan akbar

    Would you? I would.

  • Master Bater

    You are all a bunch of deluded losers. Miley is a succulent whore. I think of her wet dripping cunt as I squeeze the cum out of my dick in buckets so she can gargle with it. I’m fucking her up the ass and then I’m fucking all you towelheads in the ass while I think of Allah.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      master homoqueer

      That was really a gay thing to say.

      Eat shit and die homoqueer

  • Mr.Right

    Dear Mr.Whatever ! who’s just sayin whteva’z cumin to ur mind. Plxz tryna mind ur own business. Especially whn it comes to Religion. Every person who is sensible will not act like the way ur acting over here. If u have a Religion, if ur a Christian,Hindu or any religion.
    NO Religion and i repeat No Religion encourages or says to insult or disgrace (blame) any other Religion. Your not a Scholar or someone to talk against a Great Religion Islam, which is the fastest growing Religion in the World. I don’t wana fight with ya bro, juz tryna let u know whtz the real hidden TRUTH.
    I’m writing this for your reference (confirm it when ur done reading this)
    “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people”
    (Hilary Rodham Clinton, LOS ANGELES TIMES, May 31,1996)
    Even the Science today has proved things true in this Religion & there are many yet to come.
    Please try to search and then speak or write what comes to your mind, and i believe that once you do ur search, u’l definitely change. Have patience and think wht is ur purpose in this world ?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ignorant google sounding mofo

      Shut the fuck up.

      The only thing you need to know is that Islam is taking over. You can convert or perish.
      Personally…I’d prefer you to perish.
      You may not want to fight…but you got one anyway.


  • shadow

    whoa hot damn we are getting closer to that sex tape

  • wolf

    Why are nothing but Muslims posting here and being so hostile and going “YAY THIS and YAY THAT! PRAY TO THIS GOD AND NOT THAT ONE! ACCEPT HIM OR DIE!!” Umm not to stereotype here but doing that is just proving to the world that Muslims are extremist and are completely out of touch with the world and logic. You’re just making yourselves look bad doing that instead of being civil about it. You’re just proving everyone right…

    On to the girl. I didn’t even know she was Muslim, i can’t even tell that she has any racial traits of it. Anyways, I don’t see this as “any” sort of statement to or for anyone or any religion in general. If it was she would be in cloths with a sign or hell, a fucking youtube video or even an interview about “her message” All she is doing is proving she is a whore just like every really attractive and popular girl. To add to that, IF she was even making ANY SORT of message about muslims or Allah ji-had in general, or showing her dedication to Muslims, she would be in her black robe and not nearly naked all prettied up with makeup and a hair do.

    So again, there is no proof of an ytype of message here. Not the “I’m not a hollywood whore!” or ” I’m Muslim and you should accept my god or die!” Just her showing off being a wild teen that has money and popularity. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      wolf’s asshole

      Shut the fuck up infidel.

      This is a Muslim site you feather-brained asshole.
      We are here to expose the wickedness of the western…jew controlled, entertainment racket to all the world.

      The Muslims here are dedicated to Jihad and follow the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) to the letter.

      You had best watch yourself…or else a fatwa is in your faggoty future.

      • pete

        I PEE ON YOUR HOLY BOOK! and i draw muhammad on your face!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          pecker head

          I set fire to you but refuse to piss on you until you are crispy and black like a congo google

  • wolf

    uh huh, And i just didnt spend a year( US ARMY) in kuwait or iraq protecting their asses from religious extremist ,like yourself, to be told to” watch what i say”. just because i dont believe in what you do or ANY religion for that matter, doesnt mean i should be scared of some “believed” fictional Person/Character such as God, Buddha,Jihad,jesus ect. that the world with different cultures have made up in what they believe is right or wrong, guess that makes me a Heretic rather then Infidel. If we had no religion at all, there would be no Wars or fighting because of some fights thousands of years ago.

    So you can keep preaching slurs and hate from your hate filled religion and preach your “gods” name all you want. It doesn’t make you right or matters outside of the middle east where no one else (rest of the world/cultures/ethnics)shares your beliefs of the masses. Yes there are some small groups here and there, but that’s it. Instead of being so hostile towards everyone, why not try to understand one another and share ideas instead of thinking you’re better because of what some book said that some guy wrote and printed a thousand times? Also, hasn’t muslims been preaching the Jihad and Fatwa thing for like…hundreds of years and nothing every happens? Same thing with god and jesus. ” Oh his return is coming! Oh its near!”….yea they’ve been saying that too and nothing happens. I know alot of muslims are very intelligent ppl if they want. So please learn Sociology and what it is, then rant if you can from what you’ll learn.

    last note, sorry i did not know this was a Muslim site honestly, i simply followed a picture link that led straight to here and i just posted neglecting the site address.

  • wolf

    haha after reading all the comments…this is a TROLLING SITE! It makes so much sense now! LOL

    • Abdullah the Wookie


  • zillaman

    wolf . abdulla the cunt is one dumb ass idiot. racist queen . this mother fooker is a real douche fuck….

  • wolf

    haha this site is nothing but a few guys pretending to be muslim just bashing shit, making fake articles for shits and giggles, i’m finding it entertaining now. Might make this my normal hang out and bash everything these fake guys have to say just to argue !

    • Rene

      Why did you choose that? Well for one, if you rellay want info you can look into her smoking nude photo scandals.But, it’s true. Her job (as of now) is not to be a role model.

    • Nakyazze

      Appears Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving force benhid the invitation for families of US troops to participate in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the children an opportunity to tape greetings to their deployed mother and father was a pleasant gesture.

  • pete

    allah is bullshit. and miley is the hotness. now give up your foolish caveman religion and embrace the wonders of SCIENCE!

  • dumbdullathesandnigga

    shhhhhh please no! ehh you tell me allah is not real? i was tricked for oh so long why alahalahahla why please alalalalalalalah . i go now … please shoot me for i have lived a lie…a horrible lie you tell me i get no virgin if i die that’s it?? why alalalalalalaah why? now i have to say why god no, or why jesus eh sound’s not so bad eh i will beg for blessing now and to find it in your,, o.k i go now .. don’t shoot not now,…

  • angry unknown

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    and Good Luck, Abdulla and Head Chimp..

  • allahsucks

    please man you ppl relate eveything to allah. try pray to allah when u get screwed over

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      stupid kuffar sasshole

      We Muslims recognize the gift of life bestowed upon us by the most high and great Lord of Creation, Allah!
      All praises to Allah and his prophet (PBUH)!

      Now…to you pathetic maggot infidel; shut the fuck up.

      When Islam takes over your morally polluted country…and you are before the Sharia….you will think back on this day when you spewed fourth your homoqueer philosophy and demeaned the mighty name of Allah.

      I look forward to you crying like a little homofag boy when you are sentenced to death by the Grand Imam of the USNA (united states of new arabia).

      Until then…eat shit and die mofo

      • Mba

        Wow, people are still stuck on this? Who gives a sh*t? Her job is not to be a role model, you and many ohrtes need to get that through your heads and get over it.@You: Cut the crap, cause I dont give a two sh*ts. All im saying is, no it was not her job to be a role model. Her job was to be a singer/actress, not be a goodie-goodie for children who shoulld have a damn mind of their own. Besides that, there are other more important things in the world. How about changing your topic into should the U.S. go over to Africa and help the villages who are under the verge of a Holocaust?

        • Arcachnar

          You mean the Hutu and the Tutsi genocide? (not a holocaust) I do not know if the US or the UN make the difference. It is a very complicated situation. Generally, class warfare is the cause of this.

  • iFukdMiley

    Miley is a Christian not a damn rag head muslim dont you know her father Billy Ray biggest christian around fuc*ing stupid cock licking retards

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fucked up asshole

      I believe you meant that you fucked your sister.
      Miley has been a hard core supporter of Islam for over 2 years now and she has brought many infidels to Allah.

      You had best keep your stupid comments to yourself…we Muslims make sure no one spoils the reputation of Miley.

      Now…red neck asshole…get back to your sister…before your daddy finds out she’s alone.


    • Abdullah the Wookie

      so what? everybody fukd miley

      • Mark

        That is such a great shot! She is rockin’ cute! Love it! I think she gets the wild, fiery, free, loivng spirit from you, no? yes!I have…err… sort of a rocking moment to share . Thought you might like this one! ;) Miss you!!

  • The King

    i wrote the koran as a joke. you are all ridiculous.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      king of cock suckers

      The only thing you could write is a manual on how to have homoqueer sex.

      eat shit and die mofo

  • What!!???

    Haha at first I thought it was all serious. Holy shit I’m laughing my ass off.