Miley Cyrus See Through Shirt No Bra Pics

Miley Cyrus

Ever since Miley Cyrus has renounced her heathen Jew God Jesus, and accepted Allah as her lord and master she has undergone a miraculous change.

Under a weak Christian moral system Miley Cyrus would run around flashing her vagina, and prostituting herself to older men. Now that the firm hand of Allah is serving as Miley’s moral compass all that is in the past.

Of course the new Muslim Miley Cyrus is not without flaws. As these pictures show, Miley mistakenly forgot to wear a burka, and instead put on an obviously see through shirt with no bra underneath.

She must have been up late praying the night before, and was too exhausted to notice her mistake. However, I can assure you that Miley Cyrus will accept her punishment for this wardrobe malfunction, and will take her lashings like a proper Muslim woman.

Enjoy these pictures of Miley Cyrus’ nipples, and let them serve as a warning that even the most committed new Muslims still can make mistakes.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

  • Osbama bin Biladen

    Truly a miracle has befallen this girl. I once condemned her to be stoned, and yet my hand was stilled that she might be redeemed and just look! She has undergone a great transformation. All she needs now to be a role model for respectable and decent women is a little bit of talent. Perhaps she should watch a Katy Perry video, a Kesha video, and a Justin Bieber video and take notes on what they did, and then do the exact opposite of those no-talent harlots. I do not in any way suggest this, however, as her morals are still evidently weak and the suggestiveness of the trashy aforementioned artists may overwhelm her to returning to dykehood and kuffardom. I wish her the best on her new, righteous path and hope to see her fighting for the jihad on these forums some time soon

    • Sad_site_I_Never_Visit_Again

      I think you are mentally ill, jihad-propagandist.

      Never gona visit this site again, unfortunately this site was linked to 2 Leep. Racists like Osama bin Biladen (though kid-behind-the-pc) should on respected sites like this one.


      • Osbama bin Biladen

        The FAIL was entirely yours. You not only blended my name with that of a more accomplished jihadist, but also you declared Durka Durka mentally ill. For that I pity you and your infidel blindness, and I can only hope that you fall to a bloody death the next time you are more than 5 meters above the ground

        • Jack

          You are an absolute douchebag fucktard

  • theheadchimp

    Give this no talent hillbilly another 10 years and she will be a dead ringer for Mammy Yokum.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I see the google loving homoqueers are back and are defending of that “huge ass cow”…. Kim Whordashian.

      I tell you, these kuffars get dumber by the day.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Miley is no doubt the Queen of Jihad!

    Who can deny the power of her tits to “pump” fire into the heart of all who oppose the infidels?
    I tell you no one can.

    She is the only pinup girl the Mujahideen are allowed to decorate their cave walls with…… and she is the reason Al-Qaeda is kicking the shit out of the NATO forces in Afghanistan.

    If only she had her tits back when the great 9/11 victory took place….instead of 4 planes it would have been 4000…..and America would now be controlled by Islam.

    However, I do not waste time on “what might have been” Allah has provided the means to defeat the imperialist infidel Americans by delivering to us the greatest inspiration we could ever ask for as Jihadists…..Miley’s tits!

    Beware infidels….we are coming for you…….prepare to die!

    Allahu Akbar

    • allah is a pussy

      we just blew up seven more leaders there moron & that means take that number of leaders dead & rotting in hell times 20 for the other idiots we happily killed there this morning…just wait for the afternoon totals….think about this… have been responsible for the discovery of???? well sand….while the God loving persons have discovered and developed everything…..what can you lay claim to? camel humping as the major event you enjoy watching…not very smart are you…that’s right no go back to your coner & whine some more loser

    • Muhammad IsGay

      Fuck you, Fuck Allah, and fuck your shit religion. Only weak minded pieces of dog shit believe that shit. I piss on your Qu’ran

      • SAM

        YOU STUPID DOG ….
        U will surely go to HELL

  • Sarah S

    You people are sick! She is just 17 leave her alone!

    P.S. She is not a Muslim

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Sarah S…and the S stands for slut

      What is this “weve her awone” bullshit that you speak? You are such a a dumbass.

      The opinion of a kuffar whore is worth less than a pig turd…..and it’s evident that you are a single bitch….because any decent man would have you doing your chores….. instead of trying to butt in on intelligent postings with your lunatic opinions.

      Just go and fuck yourself you ignorant slut….with a big ass corn cob.

      And later, take your sorry ass down to your momma’s whore house and see if she’ll hire you…even though a lazy bitch like you no doubt gives second rate blow jobs.

      And finally….someday soon, a righteous Muslim will cut out your innards!



        yet she is not a muslim and you queers kaffurs have this twisted fantasy of her. I bet you guys masturbate to miley with camel dicks into your gay pussy queervaginas

        Miley would probably call the cops on you fake shit muslim asses

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Oh hell….it’s a wigger!

          Listen up you demented “ass vaulter” you don’t know shit about Miley or Muslims.
          The only thing you seem to be competent in is being a homoqueer.

          So just take you baggy pants wearing ass down to the KFC and pig out on some fried chicken and pretend real hard to be a welfare loving, work hating, dumb as fuck google because you sure ain’t going to make it as anything else.

          And for your information fucktard….it is you that is a kuffar…which is Muslim for non-Muslim.
          The next time you get the idea to post, just go and jump in front of the biggest truck you see, and kill yourself, you sorry ass sack of shit.

          You and your google friends will soon be facing the “final solution” 21st century style.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

  • telly

    absolutely sweet young titties with mm mmm good nipples!

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    She’s more of a wh*re, sl*t, h*e for showing off her boobs. She doesn’t know how to act or look like a lady that’s why she’s a h*e, wh*re, sl*t. She has never acted or looked like a lady. She’s doesn’t know to be a lady. That’s why she’s a bad role model. A lady wouldn’t get a tattoo, a lady woudn’t be showing her boobs. And a lady wouldn’t be weating the clothes she wears. Shs’ll never learn how to be a lady. And she’ll never be a good role model. She’s always been a bad role model. And a talentless wh*re. She sucks. She has no talent. Her fans need to realize that she’s a bad role model and that she has no talent. And she doesn’t know how to cover her boobs. She’s not wearing a bra.

    • Liza

      Seriously? I don’t like Joe Jonas, but as for your views on Miley Cyrus I totally agree. What a slut. She has no business showing off her 17 year-old undeveloped breasts. Didn’t parents try to call this H0 wH0lesome 2 years ago when she wasn’t a slut witch? She and Vanessa Hudgens are the same thing, only Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend was probably too stupid to realize that he could get big money for his nude photos of her. Eventually she’ll date a man that isn’t trailer trash and he’ll send in her pics and her career as an overrated teen pop star will be over just like V Hudgens

  • allah is a pussy

    I just love this verse to our national anthem…the greatest coutry in the world U.S.A.

    When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile,
    If a foe from within strikes a blow at her glory,
    Down, down with the traitor that tries to defile
    The flag of the stars, and the page of her story!
    By the millions unchained,
    Who their birthright have gained
    We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained;
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
    While the land of the free is the home of the brave.

    down, down with the rag heads works out perfect today too

  • theheadchimp

    Joe Jonas’s Girl I am so proud of you. You finally got it right with role model but damn you are still a racist bitch. You hate everyone except the Jonas girls. How come you don’t gripe when they show their boobs?How come you don’t say anything about the Jonas girls tats? I hope the next time they perform in Montana a grizzly bear eats all their dumb asses.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      Quit being a jerk! You’re a terrible roll model!
      You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers.
      I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Stop stealing my name name stealer. I didn’t say that. All I said I’m not a racist b*tch. Stop saying that I am. I’m not for the final time.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I’m not a racist b*tch. Stop saying that I am. I’m not for the final time.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Stop saying that I am. I’m not for the final time.

        • Joe Jonas’s Girl

          I’m not for the final time

          • Joe Jonas’s Girl

            The final time

  • theheadchimp

    Whats your point you racist bitch?

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I was trying to say that I didn’t say quit being a jerk you’re a terrible role model. You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers. I didn’t say that someone else said that. Someone stole my name.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Don’t forget to check the top 5 sexy Katy Perry gifs comments. That’s where I outlined a couple days of stuff. Stop stealing my name. I didn’t say that someone else said that.

  • Eric

    Once again… Islam will never get close enough to over take the United States. Keep in mind… The only thing we have to do is push a button and you’re dead. For those of you that fails to grasp a hold of what I’m saying-1. Push 2. Boom! 3. Big mushroom cloud over Islam’s sky 4. No more shit talking Islams

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I have three words for you infidel:

      Googles, Mexicans, and homoqueers.
      Your culture is fucked; it is morally bankrupt.
      How can you run a country with a population made up of these three losers.
      I’ll tell you…..You can’t!

      It is evident to everyone else in the world that your big usa is becoming a big welfare state.
      Ha…when they ask your retarded high school students to locate north america on a map….they point to africa.

      So keep on telling yourself just how tough you infidels are…but don’t expect mercy when the World caliphate is instituted.
      Expect death!

    • Osbama Bin Biladen

      Foolish vile infidel!
      Your lies will not cause the faithful to falter! You believe that your weaponry can destroy the Middle East, but you are ignorant and you fail to realize that your fool of a president is gradually lessening his supply of nuclear weapons every chance he gets. I have come to believe that your nuclear weapons no longer exist, as your past presidents have likely impaled themselves with them and ridden them to the moon where they blew up in a display of divine intervention. Richard Nixon died a bloody, flaming death and so shall you for your heresy!
      P.S. The real mushroom cloud is between your harlot mother’s legs. She has fornicated with many disease-ridden “players” and her infections are likely larger than any mushroom you have ever imagined. She is a whore and should be stoned, but nonetheless ease her suffering and tell the immoral skank to repent.

  • that’s not miley

    that’s russell brand in drag. no teenage girl can be that ugly

    • Rockmuede Cameljockey

      I knew Russell was a lesbo lover!

  • Rockmuede Cameljockey

    What is this fabric she wears? Revealing the weapons of Zionist distruction? My 14 year-old wife never will be allowed to reveal so much!
    Excuse me while I deficate in the street.

  • theheadchimp

    Camel jock boy

  • theheadchimp

    camel jock boy
    Oopsie, the rest of the post is
    If you are going to make poop humor please spell it correctly. And your Muslim humor is also lame.

  • δεαδ εδ

    Imagine how much fun women in burkas have tagging each other on Facebook.

  • Miley4sur

    OK! So now I’ve seen everything! First she had a “fish face”. Now she is showing off her pectoral fins!
    Quick, someone hand me an earthworm! Gotta catch this bitch of a fish!

    • Mileysuks4sur

      What do you mean by “gotta catch this bitch of a fish”?

  • Miley4sur

    Pull her out of the pond, as in there are plenty of babes out there; who is going to remember the ugly one, you know.. Get her out of circulation!

  • Mileysuks4sur

    I like!

  • penis