Miley Cyrus Pinching Her Nipple

Miley Cyrus nipple

Converted Muslim Miley Cyrus took time out of her busy schedule of fighting the Zionist machine, persecuting homosexuals, and trying to put an end to Christmas to playfully pinch her nipple in the photo above.

Miley Cyrus truly is a great role model for young girls. Not only is she a dedicated Jihadist, but she is mindful of taking the time to please us Muslim men with displays of devotion like the nipple tweaking in the photo above.

No doubt Miley’s nipple was good and hard as she thought about all the Muslim men she has served and will continue to serve in the future. Miley Cyrus is definitely a Muslimina of the highest class. Allahu Akbar!

  • Donny

    Miley devoloped an interest in playing with her nipples as soon as she entered puberty and started growing breasts.. Shortly thereafter, Miley began to notice a tingling sensation at the top of her pee-pee whenever she was playing with her nipples. She didn’t know what it was at first, but it was the simple fact that the stimulation of her breasts and nipples was indirectly causing her clitoris to get hard. By the age of fourteen, Miley had begun having orgasms.

    Her earliest orgasms all occurred in more-or-less the exact same way- play with the tits and nipples until the tingling at the top of her pee-pee became unbearable, and the one hand keeps playing with the tits, but the other hand goes to fidgeting the fingertips back-and-forth where the panties went over her clit. It not a very glamorous way to learn about orgasms, but worked.

    Between the ages of 15-16, Miley continued to masturbate through the oustside of her panties, but she also liked to get the gusset all slimy with her pre-cum, them pull the panties to the side and finger herself to finish off.

    Her strongest, wettest orgasms were at age 17.

    She still masturbates as a woman in her twenties, but she is not as sexy and horny as she was in her teens.

    When she was 15, and bringing herself to orgasm by massaging her soaking wet thong vigorously overtop of her erect little Hannah Montana clitoris, she was so fucking beautiful and hot that my penis get hard just to think about it. And it all started out with her pinching ant teasing her nipples- go figure!