Miley Cyrus’ Nipples Retrospective

Miley Cyrus nipples

As readers of this site already know, Miley Cyrus is the one beacon of hope in immoral Hollywood. Her shining example of Muslim piety has helped saved countless lives from the righteous justice of Sharia law.

Miley Cyrus has a passion for Islam that rivals even my own. Often on her way to the Mosque in her sleek stylish burkas, Miley’s pious Muslim nipples will grow hard and stick out in anticipation of the hours of hard prayer she is about to partake in.

Let us take a moment and reflect upon and marvel at Miley Cyrus’ devotion to Islam by viewing these pictures of her nipples. Allahu Akbar!


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

  • IHateCelebs

    Hopefully, Miley Cyrus’ much-hotter co-star Emily Osment wil soon get started on providing nipple pictures. My research has revealed that Emily Osment’s breasts are as firm and round and tight and perfect as her incredible ass.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Miley’s nipples are always “locked, loaded and ready for Jihad” the sign of a true supporter of Islam.

    After several years of giving the infidel forces an ass whooping in Afghanistan, the U.S. has finally had enough and is now pulling its troops out and sending them back to the usa.

    We owe this victory, in large part, to Miley and her Jihad inspiring tits.
    Miley will be an important part in the comingIslamic takeover of the usa and with her nipples on our side, we cannot fail.


    • infadie

      I want to rape your women. I have shit between the pages of a koran. I killed your family in Iraq when I was a soldier. Fuck your life you dirt google!

      • theheadchimp

        Talk is cheap and you are a lying fucker. The only soldiering you did was sucking on a trumpet at the YMCA.

    • ishitonmuslims23

      Fuck you you piece of shit. I’m surprised you’re even allowed to be on this website with all the fucking sites blocked in your shit country wherever the fuck you are.

      You didn’t win the war. We are retreating because of

      1. Mission complete: Osama is dead
      2. Obama is a pussy and is retreating

      Islam will never take over the world. You’re a fucking waste of life you fucking sand google.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You mofos may retreat and think the war is over but we are just going to follow your pussified troops to the usa and bring to you jihad the likes you cannot imagine. This is when we take over the usa and make all you infidels pay for being infidels.

        Also, osama may be dead or not dead. Without a body, all you have is the word of your coon president, and he doesn’t always tell the truth.

        Eat shit and die mofo

    • ishitonmuslims23

      By the way Miley is no supporter of Islam.

      She is American, and after your comment, she would spit on you if she could.

    • Infidel-oohrah

      My M16 told me to tell you that she will see you there.

  • Rafi

    Praise Allah for Miley’s beautiful nipples.

  • Jesus’s Bastard

    Holy shamolly! May Jesus save her soul for baring her sins and using them as weapons! The only people more repressed than the Christians are the Muslims. Let’s all fight the crusades atop the twin peaks of Miley’s sweet nips!

  • M_E_T_A_L_LORD

    I was under the impression those where not nipples but the corners of two Korans kept close to her bosom for safe keeping.

  • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

    Fat STD Ridden Slut’s Bastard,
    The only “nips” you’ll be atop are your inbred sister’s.

    This Islamic Southern ‘mole’ is now of legal age. If she is a true vessle of Islam it is high time she gives us verile Muslim men a demonstration of her fertility by exposing herself in a Montanna Fishburne-esque manner to prove herself to be a worthy carrier of future soldiers of Allah.
    With her sufficient prayers towards Qiblah, she will find the divine’s orders to do so if she is indeed worthy.
    May Allah guide her.

    • Jesus’s Bastard

      Shame on you all those nipples should stay hard and erect to show the power of our almighty lord and savior Jesus! Or Moses pick your poison. This shows how strong and determined the white man is and will be! Mohamed can only promise you virgins who may have the awesome ability to hang your explosive vests off of their nipples. With a true whore like Miley you get the experience and verstility that only Jesus can provide. Plus I hear she gives great head! Save your souls and succumb to the wonderous perpetual erectness!

  • Heil Jesus

    Satan made Miley Cyrus’s nipples hard. That is the only explanation for such sinful behavior. In fact is the God given duty of all women to cover their perky nips. Miley only has herself to blame for this lurid picture. The sin of all the men who will debase is the sin of Miley Cyrus. However there is hope. If this lost sheep can pray hard enough than her young nipples will stay soft forever.

    I will leave you with a prayer for soft nipples:
    ya da da da dee da da. Nippy nippy noo. YES GOD! YES GOD! NO SATAN! NO SATAN! PRAISE JESUS!

  • Hasan al-Zawahir

    Forgive me , Allah, for unsheathing my erection

  • Kevin


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Miley supports Islam and is a great Jihad motivator.

      If you want to talk freaky, I suggest you start with your own mother. She has worn out more camels than Lawrence of Arabia.

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  • Ms Cobine

    You know she plavys with them a lot, or she did when she was younger. Standing in front of a mirror, trying different things to see how erect she could make them. And then, for Christs sake, it gets all hot and tingly at the top of her fucking pee-pee. It’s a slippery slope down into Miley hellpit of adolescent masturbation and no amount of Moslem doctrine can stop her from rubbing her pussy.

  • Buddha The Fat Fuck

    I am Buddha the Fat Fuck. I am the giant pig of love who will spew creamed corn on your wrinkled up bitch mother, you fucking Sand Google of the Desert Camel Fucking Jihadist. Your nasty ass streets of Islamambad hooker mother swims after Republic Guard troop ships in the Fetid Strait of Whore-Moose.

  • Bad Ronald

    When Miley turned 17, she turned me on so goddamn much. I used to call a phone sex lines, and tell the women how I fantasized about Miley and how she would touch her smelly little adolescent pussy and get herself off, and the women on the phone sex lines would engage me with my fantasies were they described how they would imagine Miley masturbating and squirting all her wet, slimy jailbait cunt juice when she was just barely even 17 years old. It got me off so good back then, to hear these women talk about Miley that way, but now she’s older, it is a little harder for me to cum to her. I still do, now and then, but nowheres near how hard or how much I used to. If she were to make a video of herself rubbing ice cubes on her tits and nipples, then diddling her clitoris with the hood pulled all the way back, then finger banging herself and squirting out wet, messy pussy juice during her orgasm, I think it would be the most beautiful thing she could ever do in the world, but maybe a little unlikely. God bless Miley Cyrus and her beautiful, pokey nipple erections.