Miley Cyrus Mocks Hinduism

Miley Cyrus hindu

Muslim warrior Miley Cyrus continued her Jihad against the infidels by mocking the subhuman Hindus.

As you can clearly see in the photo above Miley Cyrus is laughing as she jokingly wears a “bindi” AKA the stupid dot Hindus wear on their forehead. Miley Cyrus is a proud Muslim woman so it is her duty to degrade those beneath her, and it doesn’t get much lower than filthy smelly cow worshiping Hindus.

Not only is Miley Cyrus putting Hindus in their place with this picture, but she is also showing her solidarity with her Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan. For years the Pakistani people have suffered by being situated next to the Hindu country of India. The stench emanating from India has caused many border wars and much pain to the Muslim people of Pakistan.

Thankfully, Allah in his infinite wisdom granted Pakistan the nuclear bomb. Soon India and Hinduism will be no more, and the world will be a better less dirty place all thanks to Miley Cyrus and Islam. Allahu Akbar!

  • Osbama bin Biladen

    Truly this is a miracle! Miley Cyrus has learned the most valuable lesson of Jihad- all kuffars are scum!
    Thank you, Miley Cyrus, for no longer being kuffar/scum, and continue to degrade the infidel trash!

  • theheadchimp

    Miley is a fucking genius. She is counting the dots on her forehead on her fingers. She is so smart.

  • Abdulla The Butcher

    Miley has emerged as the uncontested Queen of Jihad.

    I look forward to her continued degradation of Jews and and all other filthy infidels; especially the uncivilized, clod hopping hindus.

    I can only imagine what she has in store for the stupid christians, as the time of their most celebrated holiday draws close……and they begin putting up decorations to appease their most famous god…..santa clause.

    Miley is the best thing to happen to our cause in decades and I look forward to conquering the degenerate usa just so I can give her the shitty state of california (after killing the homoqueers, googles….and wetbacks)


    • Osbama bin Biladen

      I never mean to voice dissent against a jihad butcher, but I am particularly anxious to see what Jihad glory will come from Miley at the Chinese New Year. Nothing is quite so inexcusable as publicly discouraging and nearly forbidding religion as the Chinese do. It gives us nothing to stone them for besides their filth and kuffardom, which are the most boring run of the mill jihad motifs ever to exist. Even now as Christmas approaches and Miley prepares yet another glorious display of jihad and virtue, I cannot control my excitement. Our jihad’s new queen, awakened to the glorious jihad of celebrities and similar kuffars, will demonstrate how a real Muslim woman should behave. By that I mean Miley Cyrus will slaughter the atheist pigs for depriving us of ammunition with which to shoot them, and fortunately enough we all have mighty scimitars of jihad! Fall, infidels (or kindly repent and join the jihad, your choice)!!!

  • allahufuckber

    more should be written of celeb jewhad, xxxtians, and the allahufuckbers, now that the cow worshipping hindus are brough to the fore.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      First, you are a low life infidel and you have shit for brains.

      Now on to the main issue:

      I have a better idea: let’s just discuss the prostitute antics of your whore mother; the illegal hobbies of your drug addicted father….and we might as well cover the various abnormalities and perversions of the rest of your degenerate family; including you, homoqueer.

      That should give us discussion material for the next two or three years.

      Suck on that homoqueer!


  • iamhindu

    Wait baby….India will bomb entire Pakistan….You beggers..keep begging from USA else you will die soon…

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Get back to kissing your favorite cow’s ass…..and tell your hairy ass women to either shave or put on a burka.

      India will fall to Islam!

      • pakimaal

        After 5 yrs, there won’t be a country called pakistan. Their own Taliban will destroy them. India doesn’t have to do anything, just to laugh at begger pakis

  • Normal Human

    yah Shitt hu akbar!!!!!! lol alla lulla, shitt muslims

  • Normal Human

    dont u see Blinde Muslims she became Hindu she hate to b muslim so she dress up as a Hindu because muslims have bad name all over the world, u r shitt people

  • theheadchimp

    Normal human
    Blah blah blah more google yapping. Are you trying to impress us with how dumb you are? Monkeys in the zoo have better spelling skills. Put your dumbass in a cage with a redass monkey and see who is the smartest.

  • Ahmed Al Bousbah

    Give Miley a burka and she becomes truly worthy of Islam and Allah.

  • Mileysuks4sur

    As hard as she tries to convince us, that “bindi” resembles a booger. She is an idiot as much as mule is stubborn. She doesn’t know her butt from her twat. She uses her arm pits to store used chewing gum for another time. Claims it preserves the favor. She should be mummified just to shut her up. Come to think it, we wouldn’t have to see her “Fish” face either.

  • theheadchimp

    Now I feel sorry for Miley. Her mother fucked Bret Michaels. If I was her I would petition the courts to declare me an orphan.

  • S.K.shah

    You stupid medieval nut. You do not know what you shits are heading for. It took you guys almost 700 to occupy india.