Miley Cyrus Miami Pool Bikini Pics

Miley Cyrus bikini

After thoroughly examining and then reexamining the bikini pics below of Miley Cyrus at a pool in Miami, I have determined that (as a good Muslim) Miley was carrying out a Jihadist attack on the infidels.

As you can see in these pics, Miley Cyrus is a master of disguise and blended in perfectly with the infidel pool-goers in her slutty skimpy bikini. No suspicions were raised as Miley carried out her mission of urinating in the pool, coating the unsuspecting kuffars in her pious Muslim piss.

By dressing in a bikini Miley Cyrus was able to go unnoticed as she peed all over the infidels. Truly this was a brilliant strategic ploy which lead to yet another great victory for Islam over the heathen US of A.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Muslimima Miley is too good for you filthy infidels to look at but us Muslims show her to you anyway…just so you mofos know what Islam has that you never will.

    Eat shit and die mofos

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    • One question for you

      How would I become a Muslim man

  • Big Pete

    These pictures are from the first annual Klan Konvention down in Miami.

    Proud member Miley made an appearance and gave a short speech on how important it is to wipe colored people and homos off the face of the earth.

    Later that night we celebrated her engagement to Brother Liam by giving her our sweet semen dessert.

    The benefits of being a klanswoman are clearly endless.


    • Weylin

      You fail at life

    • The real Big Pete

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      • Big Pete

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        And shut your homo ass up about Iran. Those mental midgets couldn’t fight their way out of a barn with the door open.

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      • Arcachnar

        Miley? Oh yeah. Have you seen her attacking that low-life of a pap who dared to touch her mother? She truly kicked his ass.

  • billybob

    Well since you are scared of your own women you make up lies about great american people so again i rest my case go suck osamas limp dick

    • Big Pete


      It seems like you hate muslims and with that name you must be from the south.

      I reccommend you take a trip down to your local chapter of The Brotherhood and see what they have to offer. No doubt you’ll get to take part in the killing of negros, wetbacks, muslims, homos, and more muslims.

      Also, you can see in the photos above that we only attract the finest of women.

      Good luck, brother.


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      It is disgusting when two homoqueers like you and big fag pete start flaming each other.
      I hope each of you has ADIS and you swap “double doses” with each other when you ass-bang at big fag pete’s basement….aka his “glory hole away from his main glory hole.”

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        Ass eater Abby

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    • nimd4

      Every new / old photo I see of her, just gets worse and worse.

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      Dear NotGay,
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      • NotGay

        WOW! Thanks for the heads up! That would have been a HUGE dissapointment! I’ll stick to the minorites!

  • Arcachnar

    Now. This was funny. Kudos to the writer. I did not know that this sort of attacks existed.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I dream often of eating the peanuts out of Miley’s shit…. then I wake up out of my dream and find out I was eating my own shit-peanuts all along.

    • The real Big Pete

      fake abdullah

      I don’t doubt it, you sick mofo.

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I don’t know who this infidel is, who is hi-jacking my pic and making Jihadist posts but so far I agree with them. He has style and brains.

    However….get your own avatar…or face Sharia Court when Islam takes over for impersonating a Sheik.

    • Word of wisdom

      It is clearly a poor soul you have impacted so strongly with you wit and style that he’s trying to imitate you.
      Kuffars are like this : they admire our jihad style and try to steal it, as their history proves they never were able to invent anything beautiful nor stylish.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        MA SHA’ ALLAH Brother Word

        As speak wise words and only the truth.


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    is it just me or do her shoulders sem very “broad” and manly?

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    • Arcachnar

      Huh? No tits? She sure has. Have not you seen the photos of her at the awards? Her wearing that jacket?

  • Kahlid

    [By dressing in a bikini Miley Cyrus was able to go unnoticed as she peed all over the infidels. Truly this was a brilliant strategic ploy which lead to yet another great victory for Islam over the heathen US of A. ]

    We already took the US of A in the successful 9/11 attack.

    The Western kuffars have been dismantling their own ways of life for us ever since!



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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • One question for you

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