Miley Cyrus Licks White Cream

Miley Cyrus cream

When Miley Cyrus isn’t out spreading the word of Allah (and no that is not a euphemism), she is in the kitchen serving her male relatives as the GIF below shows.

Notice how Miley dutifully licks the spoon to make sure the food is eatable for male consumption. Miley Cyrus truely is an role model for her sex.

Now who requested a dish made entirely out of cum is another matter. My guess is that it was Miley’s half-brother Trace Cyrus. That guy just looks all sorts of homoqueer. Regardless, the point is Miley Cyrus did not question him and fulfilled his baking needs in timely manner and with great attentiveness. Western kuffar women could learn a lot from this GIF.

Miley Cyrus cream

  • miley is a goat fucking whore

    she looks slutty doing everything. she can’t read the bible without looking slutty

    • Nut

      i think she reads the quran, not the bible.

  • meg

    She has got the world’s most disgusting looking mouth, like….what the hell? Did it used to be a harelip or something? It’s bloody horrible hahaha that’s not a sexy gif at all, I’m scared for penises all over the world.

  • charlie sheen

    what a gnarly gnarlington

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    All you haters of Jihad Queen Miley need to shut the fuck up!

    She is energizing herself with a potent mixture of cool whip and goats milk…the traditional Jihadist snack before going into battle.

    Miley has done more to support Islam than even Osama (who just happens to be her God Father). She will continue to bring many former infidels to the side of Islam; they in turn will form many suicide squads, these squads will join the fight against the jews and their asshole buddies…the americans.

    All praise to Miley!