Miley Cyrus Is Hunting Lesbians

Miley Cyrus gun

Muslimina Miley Cyrus is on the hunt for lesbians.

As you can see in the photo above, Miley tweeted a message saying that she was “in need of girlfriends“. Then when the horny lesboqueers show up in Miley’s bedroom hungry for snatch she whips out her gun and gives them a taste of Muslim justice.

Homoqueers are an abomination in the eyes of Islam, thus Miley Cyrus’ crusade against these lesboqueer infidels is a holy one. One hopes that Miley is well equipped with ammunition as the allure of tonguing her sin hole is irresistible to the homodyke community.

  • Not Gay

    Miley then licks their asshole at gun point

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

      God please let there be a war between Israel and Palestine.God please let israel start WW3

      What the idiots who will give “Thumbs Down” to this comment do not understand is somethimes war is necessarry to bring peace. Sometimes war is the only solution.

      God please let there be a WW3 and let them wipe out the entire muslim population. Please god


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        little gay pete

        while you’re at it, ask your fake jew god to cure your ass herpes.

      • Umar the Brown

        You should be asking Allah for forgiveness not for Allah to move His mighty hand and finally allow us Muslims, His Chosen people, to come riding out of the shadows and destroy the Great Satan once and for all. It will happen sooner than you know it, homoqueer. Your neck should enjoy being in one piece while it can.

  • Not Gay

    And FYI Miley is a hardcore closet dyke

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      This report is true. Her mother Jilly Ray is also a big time rug muncher.

  • aghmed

    It was all a misunderstanding. Miley did not know that my 8th wife would be sleeping in bed with us that night and she is very protective of me.

  • crazyxavier

    miley should stop pretending she isnt actually bisex and “leak” a threesome

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      Crazy Xavier…….I, myself, would “leak” a muslim flood if Miley were to tape such an event….

  • Anubis

    Recent convert to Islam Miley had heard how Muslimina Love Hewitt got rewarded with a facial and tit bath with potent Muslim man spunk, so she stepped up her holy jihad against lesboqueers with this effective sting operation.

    May great Allah bless Milley and all other Musliminas with such blessed rewards like Love had received.

    • TBEAR182

      Hey ANAL BLISS you call me gay you are the one that talks about mens spunk on a regular basis not me . You might have changed the picture of my avatar but your avatar picture is some queer bondage scene you fruity bastard.

      • TBEAR182

        I hope Miley doesn’t start hunting homoqueers. I’ll never feel safe again!

  • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

    Good Klanswomen Miley found that whore to be a muslim spy and is about to take her out to protect her Klan Brothers and Sisters

    The Brotherhood Will Rise

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

      Just FYI: I love man spunk all over me!

      The Brotherhood Will Rise

      • Allah’s Geek

        There is no way Muslimina Miley is Klanswoman see how everyone knows that the Brotherhood loves taking turns down at the local glory hole.

      • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

        Homosexual Imposter
        I bet you like it in your mouth also you low life Imposter.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Musliminina Miley has made it clear to the lesboqueer community: lick bush and get killed.

    I can just imagine the millions of young infidel skanks rushing to Mosques the world over, eager to convert to Islam and join the war against lesboqueers and fags alike. And all because our fine Musliminina took a stand against “beaver eaters.”


  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    my fantasy to shot to death a blond whore, iam normally the quiet shy retiring type but yes brothers i fucking came so hard my dress flapped up in the air okay. Bloody yes this is about as hard core pawn as its gonna get in Afgranistan.

  • Umar the Brown

    Good. It was only a matter of time until a righteous Muslima decided to do something about these “cool” lesbodykes. May Allah bless her!

  • Aballahdullakbahakinvvenwhaheskey The Strange

    God speed, Miley. God speed.

  • Yetiglanchi

    I enjoy sleeping nose to anus.

  • Christina Lamboy

    I love you miley Cyrus
    from your friend Christina

  • Erik Skaug

    Shut the fuck up

  • nun yo beezwax

    that is from a movie