Miley Cyrus & Hayden Panettiere Share A Muslim Man

Miley Cyrus Hayden Panettiere

Converted Muslims Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere appear to share the pleasure of orally servicing a Muslim man in the photo above.

What a thrill and honor it must be for Hayden and Miley to be able to tongue bath a Muslim man’s enormous and powerful manhood like this.

To think that just a few short years ago both Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere were hell bound degenerate infidel sluts, and now through the power of Allah they are both dutiful Muslim women indulging in the divine pleasures of Islam.

Yes, this picture of Miley and Hayden sharing a Muslim man is definitive proof that Allah is the one true God, and all who deny him are blasphemers who will burn in the eternal hellfire. Allahu Akbar!

  • Winter summer

    “Slate” is the best website on the net. After celebjihad of course

    • ThisAmericanguy

      Notice how haydan is all grossed out must be because the guy is muslim

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

    Man I hate when they Hack my Private Pics…FYI the Both swallow and the had a fight over who got my Mighty load.

  • Miley Cyrus

    Sucking cock is OK, but my favorite part is licking Hayden’s pussy after…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miley Cyrus

      And licking her butt hole is asslicious too

      • GoatHerder

        fake. a good muslimina like miley would never consider touching another good musliminas filth hole.

        • Miley Cyrus

          I don’t touch, I lick.

  • Hayden Panettiere

    I completely agree!

    • Miley Cyrus

      What hole do you like me licking better?

      • Hayden Panettiere

        You know……….my Bunghole.

        • Miley Cyrus

          I like that one too! You’re always so clean! Unlike Selena

  • may Vishnu kill you all

    damm miley is ugly

  • Grand Dragon Pete


    That ain’t no muslim… can tell because that cock is longer than 3′ and there isn’t hair protruding from every milimeter of it. Filthy muslims have hair coming out there urethra for fucks sake….which is why no woman would ever touch those silver back gorillas.

    No…..this is a pic from a year ago when Manly Cyrus was a beautiful young woman with a sweet pussy and a tight anus. Her pussy became so worn out that we had to ban her from our organization. Hayden continues to serve our massive man meats daily.


    • theheadchimp

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      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Curious George

        Shut the fuck up you god damn muslim apologist. You’ve been slapped across the face with so much coon cock that you’re not thinking clearly. I’ll say this though…..your avatar does look like a true muslim.


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          Does it get boring posting weird rants all the time Dragon?

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Small Worm Pete,

      You are a big authority on cocks, I give you that.
      Your ass has many miles of experience on them…

  • theheadchimp

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      He is one stupid mofo.

  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    A lucky man! To have Miley and Hayden, two of the finest Muslim women around, doing him at the same time is a feat many men wish to reach!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    What a pic and what a lucky Muslim to have Muslimininas Miley and Hayden tongue-teasing his “trouser-snake.” This is bound to cause a stir throughout the Arab world!

    I predict by tomorrow morning a million new suicide bomber JIhadists will be crossing the Golan Heights into israel for the final battle between Islam and the lazy jews.

    By tomorrow evening, Palestine will be back in the hands of Islam!


  • Anubis

    We should use this fine photo of our star Musliminas surfacing a virile Muslim’s man tool as a recruitment poster to bring the heathen infidel females (excluding googles and beaners of course) over to the one true faith, Islam.

  • mayhem

    there is no dick in muzlum land……..only camel faced cunts

  • Gloryhole Gay Guy

    Why waste a fine hard dick on these two smelly pussies

    • Imam Khalid

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      • Gloryhole Gay Guy

        My gay brother Kahlid

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gloryhole gay

          I hate you infidels…you never tell the truth. The closest you ever got to me was when you sucked off a camel in Yemen, which caused the poor beast to commit suicide by running into an IED factory.

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          • Gloryhole Gay Guy

            My Gay Brother Abdullah

            You can tell the truth Abdullah Kahlid won’t be angry with you He now knows you were just a one nite stand after a few Red Camels at the gloryhole.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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    • Imam Khalid

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  • The Grand Wizard of the east coast KKK


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  • talibanhunter

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  • Wow…

    Everyone commenting on this site are a bunch of reatards lol. The pic is fake, Miley Syrus is not a Muslim lmao!and you’re all probably fake too. And All religion is probably wrong. And this site is More like a propaganda tool in a way. You’re all sad… I pity you all. Fuck your infidel bullshit too lmao

    • Gloryhole Gay Guy

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  • Allah’s Geek

    That my brothers is the perfect picture to put on the new Allah 5000 PC as a wallpaper. Two examples of proper Muslim females be seen by all fat ass western whores. I might just have to print out posters to be hung up in my harem for the other slaves to see.

    Truly a blessed end to my day. Allahu Akbar!!

  • Mileycyrustits liker

    hey miley i really want to meet you i love your tits

  • Mileycyrustits liker

    Selena is alright

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