Miley Cyrus Has Cholera

Just look at these disturbing photos of Miley Cyrus. It doesn’t take a doctor to tell that the girl is not well. But as loyal readers know, I myself spent over three months at the Riyadh College of Dentistry, so I have a keen medical eye. Based on my professional opinion, Allah has given Miley Cholera as punishment for dressing like a whore.

Aside from the pale skin and glazed-over eyes seen in this photo, Miley is most likely suffering from severe abdominal pain and profuse bouts of diarrhea. In fact, it would not surprise me if Miley was hunched over on a toilet right now, defecating a liquid sludge from her bowls as a sign of Allah’s wise and just punishments.

Praise be his name! Allah most merciful has taken a disease once confined to the third world and used it to strike fear into the heart of Zionist controlled Hollywood. I used to wonder why he allowed 8 of my 14 brothers and sisters to die from the Cholera, but now I see it was all part of the plan! Allahu Akbar!

  • Leah

    Stop judging her. You don’t even know that this is true. Get yourself a life. It’s kinda sad that you readers here spend all of your time hunched over a computer reading this, Seriously, get a life!

    • Jimmy Jihad

      I went to dental school! I know things!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You stupid skanky kuffar

      This is a true report! Do not dispute it!

    • Jhamarcus

      i tottally agree with Leah. Its kinda sad you people actually spend all your time stalking these celebritites just to mouth off about them on your pathetic exscuse for a blog. you have no clue what is really going on with her. i went to medical school at Emory university and i dont need my degree to tell me that you have a Sever Case of, “im-a-pathetic-loser-with-no-life Syndrome” that needs to be treated immediately!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are quite a doctor infidel… have a PhD in homoqueerology…. with a major in cock sucking and a minor in asshole licking. I hear you are famous for your “glory hole” research down at the corner adult book store.

        And…. the last time I looked at a dictionary….this is how you spell “severe.”

        So quit trying to impress your fellow homoqueer kuffars with fake credentials….especially since you are too stupid to be a half decent “pretender.”

        Now crawl back to your mommy’s basement and resume jacking off to gay porn.


        • airtime

          She is laughing at you all the way to the bank.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Soon your time will be up kuffar…and let’s see how much you laugh when the blade is at your throat!

      • The Obvious

        You have a severe case of spelling/punctuation/capitalization errors and a more severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. Go to your co-workers and request a prescription because whatever English teacher you had at Emory University (if you even spelled your school’s name correctly) is assuredly cutting himself/herself wishing that his/her numskull students hadn’t destroyed his/her reputation and caused her to resign in shame and drop down to high school. Please consult a dictionary and a grammar book and return in several years when you have mastered what is no doubt your second language, because anyone with that poor of English would not likely have survived medical school without communicating in some other language
        What is a “celebritites”, an “exscuse”, or a “Sever Case” (and why is it capitalized?)? Why is University not capitalized when the proper noun is Emory University and University is part of its name, not its title? I won’t go on because that would be too obvious even for The Obvious. Learn to type, spell, and think please.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You are a master at setting these mofos straight!

          • The Obvious

            I only take the easy kills. You’re a much better jihad practitioner when it’s not about killing a sitting duck. Thank you nonetheless, but sorry to disappoint you, I only go for the obviously incorrect posts and I work as well as I can on my specialty.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This sickness that Miley has been infected with, was delivered by the hand of Allah, and it is her punishment for being a wishy-washy Jihadist.

    One day she is supporting Islam and the next she is whoring it up at some Hollywood Soiree (swaray for you near illiterates)

    I urge Miley to learn from this little “run in” with the power of Allah, while there is still time, for her to make amends for her whorish behavior.

    I, for one, hope that Miley has learned her lesson….because when she is Jihading….she does a damn fine job. Perhaps this demonstration of power by Allah, will have a life altering impact on this confused teen, and she will emerge from her home tomorrow wearing a burka!

    But just in case she is wavering…..I’m putting her on notice: stop dressing like a whore; stop having premarital sex (both straight and lesboqueer) and most of all….return to supporting Jihad.

    Do these things and earn the blessings of Allah; refuse and continue shitting your brains out!



    If you think that your asshole is sore from all that shitting….imagine how sore it would be after being ass fucked by Satan’s demons for millions of years.

  • GEHODrod

    diagnosis right on..i read that in my text book of ill whores!

  • Kayla

    I feel so bad for Miley.:(

  • Ryan


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      That’s right infidel, keep on with the blasphemy.
      Your torture and misery in hell is now guaranteed.


    • Sian

      You have your own right to believe in what you believe and your own stance in certain issues, but bringing racial differences into a quarrel is just low. Not only are you offending the Pakistani people, but also the Christian and Muslim faith.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Miley does dress like a wh*re. And she’s a wh*re. She’s also a sl*t, b*tch, h*e.

    • Scipio

      Why do you always put a * in your swear words, will your mummy tell you off for being naughty?

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        STFU unless u want to die. Ur a mother f*ck*ng son of a b*tch so f*ck u mother f*cker unless u want to f*ck*ng die! You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers. If u insult them I’ll kill u and if I don’t then that’s ur problem because the Jonas Brothers r awesomer than u. Ur just jealous because I like them and u dont so f*ck off. If I saw Miley is a wh*re, sl*t, b*tch, and h*e, then that’s my call and she is she sucks and I hate her so don’t make me mad I’m hung over don’t push it

  • theheadchimp

    Joe Jonas’s Girl there you go again you racist bitch, hating on Miley like that. Do you have a problem against googles, beaners, wops, chinks, gooks, and hillbillies because you are always hating on them?

  • G.G.C

    You sick fucker!