Miley Cyrus Gets Spanked By Mom On Video

Miley Cyrus spank

Finally the Cyrus clan has decided to administer punishment against their shameful whore black sheep Miley Cyrus. However, like all things in America it was done in an entirely stupid half-ass way.

As you can see in the video below of Miley Cyrus loudly flapping her man pleaser with some whorespeak that a Allah fearing Muslim man like myself can not even begin to understand. Miley’s mother finally can not take her daughter’s incessant babbling anymore, and tries to punish her by spanking her on the butt.

What a foolish and ineffective way to go about punishing a whore like Miley Cyrus. If I was a male relative I would have stepped in and administered swift and severe justice to both of these cackling females.

Miley should have been beaten with a sack of dried figs for being annoying, and without the self-awareness that her thoughts are moronic and should be kept to herself at all times. Miley’s mother should of received a 2 handed back slap for failing to discipline a child correctly as that is the punishment prescribed in the Qur’an in chapter 17 verse 11.

Anyway here is the video of Miley Cyrus getting spanked by her mom.

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    I think her mother needs to follow the ways of our Islamic brethren in Singapore and learn the full art of physical punishment along with the proper methods and accoutréments.

    Those who defy Allah’s morals need to be whipped back into line and not by a flirty, filthy and immoral hand slap on the ass from one’s elder.

  • MileyBIGGESTfan

    u r taking this much too seriously & need accept western culture. im sorry butdon’t you think hurting a child when they’ve done something wrong will just make them want to rebel against you because you’re doing something they do not like?

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      I think Miley is far from a child. Look how the kafir dresses in what you Americans call her clubgirl wedgie butt huggers.

      She’s already rebelled and it’s impossible for her rebel more. Only when she is put in submission of the most holiest hand of Allah (pbuh) will she ever gain her pureness back from the claws of evil Amerikan culture.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      MileyBIGGESTfan…You are telling lies…again!

      There is nothing wrong with disciplining a child with a good beating.
      The Qur’an demands children to be disciplined in the most painful and memorable way possible. This ends all desire for rebellion and brings the child’s attitude in line with the will of the adult male in charge.
      If the beating is liked by the child—then something is wrong. The child should not like the beating: In fact, the child should hate it like hell.
      This is why Muslim families raise such good and obedient children. Unlike the western countries who molly-coddle their half crazed rug rats and turn out nothing but criminals, whores, liars, comics, actors, politicians, cooks, homoqueers, blasphemers, heretics, used car salesmen, and chicken farmers.

      Do you need a second fatwa? Stop lying or else!

      • 12121

        except the ones who bomb buildings…good children…

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Yes…the ones who bomb buildings are the best children of all because they kill the enemies of Allah.
          I see you understand correctly the ways of the Muslim! Congratulations on being the most intelligent kuffar I have seen so far on this wonderful site.
          However, do not let my praise go to your head. You are still a filthy infidel, destined to roast in hell. That is, unless you convert to Islam

          Convert to Islam and bomb the infidel or look at Satan for eternity.
          The choice is yours.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I do kind of agree with you. But I don’t agree with your name. I hate Miley H*e Cyrus.

  • alexis

    miley cyrus you rock and was that your wonder world tour cause if it is then i went to that concert in new jersey

  • Dar al-Harb

    In the name of Allah, most furious, most wrathful! I am burning with rightous anger at the sight of all these whores! I know that most people think I’m a moderate Muslim (like there is such a thing!) during the school week, but how little do they know; if they only knew why I was studying chemistry! Did you kuffars know that we Muslim men are allowed to have unlimited sex slaves in addition to our 4 wives? Well, when we begin our holy jihad on LA and have put all the infidel heads on poles, starting with those homoqueers Tom Cruise and John Travolta, we will take all the beautiful prostitutes of LA as war booty! Inshallah, I will give Mileys mother a deep dickin and feast on Mileys butt in the same night! Beware whores of LA, my single barrel yogurt launcher is primed and ready to fire! Allahu Akbar!

    • not gonna tell you

      dude im gonna laugh when the government arrests your ass they monitor these sites for terriosts scum bags like you so have fun in torture dip shit hahahahaha

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    I thought that I was immune to kuffar immorality, but the sight of the notorious mother-daughter prostitute tag-team, of Miley and her mother, has filled me with mental mayhem. These women need brought in line the Muslim way—-which means a severe beating with socks filled with camel teeth. After this “sin cleansing” they need to be thrown into burkas and locked away in isolation for six months.
    After this period of purification, they are then suitable for sale as concubines at the infidel slave market. But these two sexy infidel whores will not be sold!
    It is my great dream to make these two fine prostitutes part of my concubinage.
    Not only would this be a service to humanity, by removing two hookers from decent society, it would eliminate one of the worst tween singers in the history of kuffardom.
    As I write this, the wheels of my plan are spinning and my agents in L.A. are on the move to make it happen.
    Soon Iraq will rejoice with the fine vaginas of the Cyrus whores!
    I will be the envy of the Oasis!


  • Dead Ed®

    It’s clear why she’s spanking her. She’s dating a google.

    Hope he ain’t Muslim…

  • not gonna tell you

    man im gonna laugh when the government shuts you geniuses up since they watch sites like this for terriosts idiots like you hahahaha

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Not gonna tell you

      We have the right to free speech in this degenerate country and since we only speak the truth here….the government can, “suck on it.”
      You are just the usual run of the mill hate filled kuffar who wants to do nothing but get drunk and bad mouth fine Muslims.
      Well…I’ll tell you this….When America falls to Islam and the Grand Ayatollah gives the command to round up all infidels….I hope you then remember your snarky remarks.
      On that day you will know much pain and misery.
      Now go and poison yourself with drugs and alcohol.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    This article is so funny. I know that this article isn’t true. But it’s about tine her mom punishes her for acting rebelious. And I’m glad that her mom punidhed her in that way. She’s a rebel to the bitter end. Once a rebel always a rebel.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    This article is so funny. I know that this article isn’t true. But it’s about tine her mom punishes her for acting rebelious. And I’m glad that her mom punidhed her in that way. She’s a rebel to the bitter end. Once a rebel always a rebel. Keep on making on fun of her and Salena Gonez, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift. But stop making fun of the Jonas Brothers.

  • Maha

    Come on Stop talking about Islam that way, first Muslims are not terrorists and those who blow building with inncont people in it are not proper Muslims and they will be punishid by Allah for te bad thing they do. So at the end don’t talk about Muslims in a bad way (PLease)