Miley Cyrus Gets Prophet Muhammad Arm Tattoo

Miley Cyrus arm tattoo

Devout Muslim woman Miley Cyrus has chosen to show reverence to the Prophet Muhammad by getting his image tattooed on her arm.

Foolish Westerns will think that getting a Muhammad tattoo is offensive to Muslims because the Prophet is not supposed to be depicted in images. However, what their drug addled brains do not realize is that Miley Cyrus was not the one drawing Muhammad her tattoo artist was.

I am sure as soon as he finished tattooing Muhammad onto Miley’s arm she unsheathed her saif and cut his head clean off for the blasphemy of drawing the blessed Prophet. That makes Miley Cyrus’ tattoo all the more impressive, and also gives her an excellent story to tell at the Mosque fall social.

Praise be to you Miley Cyrus for once again proving your devotion to the Muslim faith. Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdulla The Butcher

    Miley, the Queen of Jihad, has become the major supporter of Islam in the decadent west.
    She is truly a gift from Allah.

    She is a powerful force in bringing western teens to their senses.
    I predict a torrent of teenage kuffars converting to Islam after attending her Jihad charged concerts.

    I look forward to adding many new concubines to my harem and turning the ugly ones into servants and suicide bombers.

    Keep up the good work Miley, everything you do benefits Jihad.


    • Dead Ed®

      Hey, Abdul, Durka Durka and other Muslims,

      You are all off the mark on this “prophet” thing.

      You Muslims ALWAYS misconstrue everything “prophet”.

      Let me help you out, from my own personal experience.

      I bought a Teddy bear for ten bucks, just sold it on ebay for twenty. Now I’ve got the fucking Sudanese Muslims after me for making a prophet out of a Teddy.

      Miley obviously was on my ebay page and liked it, (a girl like her, she probably thought it was cute) and had the picture printed out on a printer to take to a Wizard Of Ink or Inkin’ ‘Em and had the tattoo put on.

      Don’t you see? The tattoo artist made a prophet out of a Teddy.

      She’s innocent, based on the Saudies coming after me for making a prophet out of a Teddy.

      Capitalism is boss, and you Muslims hate that.

  • ABzy ABz

    WTF is goin on ere, associating allahs name here, people get back to reality, miley is no muslim, this is a bull website

    • Abdulla The Butcher


      Go fuck yourself you stupid infidel. Your lies are not welcomed here.

      Miley is the western world’s leading supporter of Islam and the number one recruiter for Jihad since brother Osama took off to Pakistan.

      I give you this warning: do not bad mouth Miley! If you do….you will be mutilated and fed to pigs.

      Now get back to your drinking, gambling, and homoqueer orgies….you filthy infidel bastard.

    • Cristal

      i totally agree dude.. what the fuck is up with some of the racist shit said on this thing?!

    • Jesses

      Hell I ain’t even Muslim and I know that

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    I hate her getting tattoos. She has too many tattoos. I also hate Selena Gomez and Justin Beaver for getting a tattoo. This is why she is a bad role model. Her and Selena and Justin need to stop getting tattoos. I’m so sick of them having tattoos. They need to get rid of their tattoos.

  • PC Cunning!

    this web-site is out of line!

  • Michelle

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  • Michelle

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    • Abdulla The Butcher


      You are an ill mannered and stupid bitch.

      It is clear by your confused rant that you are drunk and taking drugs….which is normal for a common street whore….which you no doubt are.

      We Muslims are the sole owners of this Earth and you filthy infidels….and I mean all of you…will be exterminated…..just like any other vermin.

      Now go and kill yourself you germ ridden fuck box!

  • theheadchimp

    Whats your point you stupid bitch?