Miley Cyrus Gets Her Face And Crotch Creamed

Miley Cyrus cream

Miley Cyrus got her face and crotch creamed while onstage in the UK the other day. It is probably not the first time and definitely not the last Miley takes a load of cream.

In an apparent “prank” Miley’s backup dancer (who looks like he is no stranger to taking cream himself) gets covered in cream. He then proceeds to shoot it on Miley hitting her crotch and face. Of course Miley being the pious Christian that she is starts grinding her crotch into the dancer covering it with even more cream.

Here is the video of the incident. Miley’s voice is so horrendous that, unless you are deaf, you will probably want to fast forward to the 1:45 mark.

One can not help but wonder if this is life imitating art. In a recent South Park episode titled “The Ring” the Jonas Brothers are depicted shooting their female fans in the face with hot white foam from long hoses. Here is the clip.

You be the judge. Is Disney really hell bent on selling sex to minors?

  • candi

    wow way to make a big deal about nothing. don’t get me wrong i really don’t like miley cyrus but jesus lets make a big deal about an innocent stage prank. singers and their dancers become like a family b/c they spend so much time together. so it was just a little prank she pulled on one of her friends. and he decided to get her back. the actual choreography of the show was more sexual than her rubbing the cream on him. idk. i just think we need to leave miley alone. yeah she does scandalous things sometimes. but most of the time the press wants to make mountains out of molehills

  • jill

    Whoever runs this website is a useless turd

  • oink

    Ms.Cyrus is a real teenage hoe……….disney should drop her like Linsday Lohn…

  • erfw

    if you don’t like miley then why are you on her post

  • hdfkshfks

    holy shit her voice sounds horrible O.O
    like how much voice editing did they do on her single holy crap

  • joe jackson

    she looks pretty comfortable with having her hair matted with sticky whiteness. also, someone needs to introduce that girl to autotune, so it at least sounds like she’s hitting the notes.

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    I wouldn’t say Miley Cyrus can’t sing. I wouldn’t say she could either. I wouldn’t say she’s not hot. But fuck, she makes shitty music. Seriously, why do parents allow their children to watch this shit?
    Its almost pornographic…
    Damn its hot.

  • Claire

    Her voice is worse than I thought. =(

  • bum

    And if it WAS a video NOT flash I might be interested

  • Marc

    Miley is a highly sexual girl and doesn’t miss an opportunity to let people know it. She is not a great singer but her sexually charged performances maintain her popularity. She looks very comfortable performing because her sexuality is not artificial or contrived just for the sake of the performance; what you see on stage is pretty much the girl. She’s been trying to get people to look at her ass and tits for the past 5 years….it’s not a recent development. Her very curvy and hot body is however a recent development. She’s almost 18 and in a few months her behavior will be even more sexually provocative….so all you old ladies who want to keep her in Hannah mode….well, it ain’t gonna happen. Prepare for crotch shots and sex tapes!