Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Nipple On Live TV

Miley Cyrus nipple

The Islamic Ministry On Celebrity Affairs in Tehran has uncovered Miley Cyrus flashing her nipple during her recent appearance on the TV show “Saturday Night Live”.

As everyone knows, every frame of both TV and film is carefully examined by pious Muslims for acts of immorality. After careful review by a team of clerics it was determined that this is in fact Miley Cyrus’ nipple (as you can see in the enhanced freeze-framed photo below).

Miley Cyrus nipple

Clearly Miley Cyrus intentionally flashed her nipple on SNL to further corrupt the infidel TV viewing audience, and hasten America’s downfall. No doubt Miley’s nipple is now in the kuffar public’s subconscious mind, causing them to succumb to sinful lust at alarming rates. Islams victory is certainly at hand.

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


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      • Nobody

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Don’t be jealous boy.
          Also: in Islam animals are not allowed to be part of the family like in sinful West.

          • Seal Team Six

            Hashim the Hermaphrodite,

            Cindy, one of the “women” in your harem escaped. This is to let you know that we caught up with her and she’s now ok and resting. She wanted us to send you the cellphone picture below to let you know shes good and needs sum luvin’.

            Ain’t she sexy? Baaaaaah

          • George Washington

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          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Seal Team Jizz
            Are you comparing us to googles? It is funny because genetically you are closer to them than we are. Now if you shut the fuck up I will gladly toss you and the other chimps some bananas into the zoo cage.

          • Nobody

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      • Seal Team Six

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  • Nobody

    Muslims doing what muslims do.

    • Seal Team Six

      Yup, that’s Faghmed doing his thing. After the camera was put down, I’m sure those pants fell down around his ankles.

      I hear now that Donkey is dying of AIDs.

    • George Washington

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  • Shahid Muhammad The Righteous


    • George Washington

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      The muslim man is a very angry breed(because their countries are bombed out shit holes and the whole world hates them) but you are especially angry (because your sisters dick is bigger than yours). Now that you have the internet (and you can view the 3 sites your country allows) I’m sure you’ve noticed that the stone age is over captain caveman.
      The days of religious oppression, female circumcision and other retardedness are being scrapped to the historical dust bin.
      Send in Seal Team Six for an extermination.

      • Imam Abbas

        Uninformed Fool Impersonating Dead POTUS #1

        Pew Research did a poll, that revealed (just before Obama was elected) that the rest of the planet considered the United States to be a larger threat to world peace than IRAN.

        And you’re own US National Intelligence Estimates declared that the United States earned a billion new enemies via the now infamous “Reign Of Error” under (for republicans with the IQ’s of a low-watt light bulb) the “leadership” of George W Bush.

        Hence – where Muslims aren’t without their problems – the US’s much longer list of enemies were earned under the “leadership” of a blithering idiot.

        • George Washington

          In a mans ass.
          Half of the cave dwelling stone age leadership in the middle east couldn’t play checkers with George Bush or any other American President. Start doing things that are beneficial to society instead of shooting your neighbors and cutting off clitorises.

          • Imam Abbas

            Imposter Washington
            George W Bush is an ally of Al Qaida. If it wasn’t for him, we never would’ve been able to spread our influence all over the world, gained millions of new volunteers, or received so much support in the form of cold, hard cash.
            Our ally took out Saddam and put us Iranians in the power brokers seat in the middle east. He used up the US military to the point to where it was all but useless (according to your own JCS report on force readiness to the POTUS, spring 2009), he left behind a military at its lowest state of readiness since Viet Nam. And he destroyed the economy of the US, bringing down much of the western world with it, while ruining the international reputation of the US.
            He is our HERO, and a permanent friend of the jihadis of the world.
            Allahu Akbar!

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!! Asalaam aliekem my brother and death to the Great Satan! I did the stoning of Satan in my haji but soon we will stone the real Satan and watch them bleed.

        • Seal Team Six

          Imam Up the Ass,

          Dubyah kicked some wicked muslim ass and made the Monroe doctrine worldwide for the US. Even Iran is now kissing Uncle Sam’s ass and sucking off Israel.

          You should whisper his name in reverence since because of him, so many of your jihadists are getting their 72 virgin dancing boys.

          • Troll

            Dubya is/’was a fucking failure. His own father won’t even talk to him anymore (except to make nicey-nice in front of cameras) because he approved of the outing of active CIA operative Valerie Plame. In short, Bush was a traitor to his country – and that’s the verdict of his own father. And he knows better than YOU (as former CIA director, and POTUS).
            Every scholarly President Ranking Study conducted since ranked him as worst POTUS in over a century, thereby making Jimmy Carter look like a genius (Dubya is ranked 39th out of 43, overall). And they all know better than YOU.
            Iran isn’t talking to the US because of Dubya, its talking *despite* Dubya. You’d know that if you had a fucking clue about foreign policy and national security issues, which it is clear you do not. It was Obama, who offered early on to talk to Iran – when they turned him down – the Chinese, Europeans, and Russians then came aboard to radically increase the sanctions on Iran (go look it up, you dumb shit!).
            There is/was no policy of that stinking administration that turned out well for the US or its citizens under the “leadership” of a coward that deserted his nations military in time of war (neither foreign or domestic), and never would’ve been admitted to college if it wasn’t for Daddy’s influence. Every business that shithead touched got bailed out by daddy or daddy’s friends (he had a unique talent for failing miserably at everything he ever did).
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  • Nobody

    Slimey Syphilis the attention seeking slut. Whats next? Shitting her pants and then rubbing it all over her face? Would be popular in the middle east where this sort of behavior is commonplace. Might even sell a few extra CD’s.

    • George Washington

      That would explain the dark shadows in the Muslims eyes. That and the fact that they worship the devil and Islam is the Religion of Lucifer.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

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  • Tyrone

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    Brother Abdullah

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    I do have one slight correction however. We do accept other races including googles, Injuns, chinks, Armenians along with white devil euro trash but the thing that they must remember is that Arabic is a superior language to theirs and that while we allow them into our harem, they must be willing to obey any Arabs commands and give up their own culture and adopt ours as Arabic is the holy language of God. And realize that all though like Muslimina Miley, are honorary arabs, they will still be inferior to us true Arabs, the original human beings from Garden Of Eden.

    I met the Muslim brother who converted Miley and part of the requirement was that Liam Hensworth had to watch as the brother pounded her swollen baby box with his meat scimitars. A most generous thing to allow him to watch as she proved her loyalty to Islam!

    • George Washington

      Hellbound Hermaphrodite
      No other race wants to be tied to your cum junky sub human rodent race so stop dreaming. Also it wasn’t the Garden of Eden you came from. The first Muslims floated up from the bottom of the shit lagoon and grew legs to walk the earth. Ever since the world has worked to eradicate your vile race. Your mind has been poisoned by Lucifer and filled with hate based religion of Islam. It would be remarkably amazing if any Muslim male could build a strong enough erection to pound any baby box, much less that of Miley…on that note, you can have her.

      • Hezbollah Hitman

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        Says the guy who killed Injuns and owned slaves just to start a country? Also you founding fathers treated immigrants like shit. Yet your country was built by immigrants. And we Muslims came over on the mayflower we were always here.

        Since you are guilty of these crimes, If I am hell bound which no Muslim is, then you will be my company. You dare to call me hateful?

        • George Washington

          Hezbolla Homoqueer
          We freed our slaves and created a civil rights amendment. Your country just cut of their clitorises, threw an old army tarp over them and called them a wife. My country was build by immigrants, free immigrants. Freedom is what we have here. Not threat of execution like your devil worshiping shit box over there.

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Boy George Of the Bathroom Stalls band

            Yes, you created civil rights for googles but not for Indians, women,Asians, Hispanics, etc. You treated them all as sub human while your best friend Thomas had sex with a Congo negress. Besides one of the best civil rights leaders was Malcolm X not Dr Martin Luther Coon.

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            Your country only give rights to the white and black but not the brown and yellow peoples.

          • George Washington

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          • Hezbollah Hitman

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    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      Us Arabs are “first class Muslims.” All other races which convert are second class Muslims…except for googles which we call “congo muslims.”

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Mashallah brother.
        And also googles make the best slaves even within Islam. Other races can convert but they must put our culture and language above their own.

        This submitting which is what Islam means anyway they must submit to their superiors.
        ALLAU ACKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    It’s funny you infidels accuse us pious believers of pedophilia but one of your most famous infidel bands was a pedophile. Listen to the Ocean by Led Zeppelin.

    “Sitting round singing songs ’til the night turns into dayUsed to sing on the mountains but the mountains washed away
    Now I’m singing all my songs to the girl who won my heart
    She is only three years old and it’s a real fine way to start.”

    Never have I seen a more blatant admission of pedophilia! Robert Plant and all the remaining members of the homoqueer band should be stoned to death! As I am sure John Bonham roasts in hell and will soon be accompanied by his former band mates.

    • demi sucks

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  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Regarding Miley? It had to be said. And yes that is a term for them, polar bears. The funny part about it is if you shave a polar bears fur off it’s black underneath. HA!!

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    No doubt as soon as Miley converted to Islam her music ceased to be mainstream garbage and finally began to sound good. This is something us Muslims are acutely good at. All the best musicians are Muslim. Even you infidels who like rap probably do not realize one of your best is actually one of ours.

    Ice Cube is a Muslim.

  • JewFucker

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