Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Vag In Concert

Miley Cyrus flash

Converted Muslimina Miley Cyrus thrilled onlookers by flashing her vag while performing in concert for the troops… the Taliban troops that is, not the homoqueer Zionist crusaders from the U S of A.

Miley took to the stage in the Afghanistan Pakistan border town of Torkham, and virile Muslim freedom fighters flocked down from the mountains in droves to hear this most talented of Muslim women sing.

Of course Miley did not disappoint singing all her greatest hits like “The Climb” and “Hoedown Throwdown” before closing with the song that us Muslims will all be singing when we finish conquering the West “Party in the U.S.A”.

Not only did Miley sing beautifully but she put on one hell of a show, constantly flashing her snatch and allowing strong bearded men up on stage to breed with her. No doubt this morale boost to the Taliban troops is just what is needed to finish putting the ass-whopping on the infidel occupiers. Allahu Akbar!

  • NotGay

    She’s a major lesbo I hear.

    • Im Not Dumb

      She’s engaged ;) to a guy

  • Laila

    I think you are disgusting, how dare you use the word ‘allah akhbar’ whilst talking about filth, your also a blatant liar because the picture looks clearly morphed and dont ever state that a dirty kafir like Miley Cyrus is a muslim. Get off your fat backside and do something more constructive, if you claim to be a muslim then you would not post such lewd photos on the internet.


      they’re bunch f fu*king morons who got no life.

    • Reza

      Shut up Laila you dumb ho. Miley is a Muslim and this picture is real. I was there — front row. She was showing us her pussy out of respect. She knows we are out on the battleground fighting the invading infidels and sacrificing our lives for Allah. The least she could do was flash us.

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      • Laila

        REZA you nob head why dont you do one! piss off from the face of this earth you good for nothing imbecile. If you desperados want to look at some smelly morphed on vagina then do so, if you want to use foul language then do so but do not bring allah into it or Islam!

      • Tyreece

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    • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

      Laila, do not be jealous that a virile and mighty Jihadist like me fornicated with Miley “the Muslima” Cyrus repeatedly in her tight vagina and anus, and spread many seeds within her taut body. I am sure that if you are a good goat milker and field plower that you will have your chance to get penetrated by my enormous camel toe destroyer. Allah Akbar!!!!

      • lolcopter

        is seriously everybody on this site muslim i dont say about my god (sience) is great

        • Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla

          lolcopter: Most people who claim “sience” as their god know about the silent “c.” Perhaps you were raised in one of our many muslim countries, where the study (or mention) of science has been outlawed. Praise Allah!

        • Word of wisdom

          I can understand that grammar, syntax, punctuation, or anything related to wirting aren’t in your pantheon.

          • Word of wisdom

            Damn this cheap pashtun keyboard ! It’s malfunctioning at high altitudes. How are we supposed to fight the jihad with bad material >:-(((

      • Big Pete

        Real huge cock sucker

        There ain’t no way Miley’s vag is tight after having her pussy pounded to oblivion by big white man meat.

        That little aryan slut has penetrated deep in to taliban territory to destroy many caves and tents that house dirty muslim homos.

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      • leonehart

        did Allah taught u to dream fucking a western lady?this is’re destroying the dignity of a woman is that what Muslim is?you fucking piece of shit.although i don’t know about how Muslim rules about a lady i think that u went too far boy..your imagining fucking this lady you already committed a sin.i love Muslim religion and if you’re really a Muslim u must love it too.i’m not a Muslim but i think Muslim religion is sacred like all other religions.if this photo is true then it’s the right of miley.she didn’t do this to please a fucking moron like you..i have two words for you boy..”dream on”

      • Laila

        I suppose your mother and your sisters are good goat milkers and field plowers and I suppose your father penetrated your mother with his very tiny small camel destroyer and you were the unfortunate result.

    • dana

      I am not a Muslim just an Inifidle, but i would agree with Laila the connection between religion and pervision is wrong and not funny only sick. but as an infidle i still like the picture

      • Big Pete


        It sounds like you’re interested in joining The Klan and experiencing some of the finest and largest cock on the planet.

        Who could blame you? White man meat is the most desired dick on the planet.

        If interested, contact the president of the southeast corner of Alabama chapter of The Brotherhood and ask for Big Pete.

        The nigger answering the phones will put you right through….and then be killed on the spot.

        KKK…we makes women’s dreams come true and muslim’s worst nightmares come true.

        • Mufti David

          Big Idiot Queer Pete

          “Dana” is a gay with a tiny-hairy-hard-dick but it doesn’t surprise me at all that you are flirtfully inviting him with your queer later. I actually pitty you.

          HAH. Just kidding, no queer is worth a teardrop of mercy.

          I am looking forward to the time when we finish conquering the west ridding it of all kinds of filth. As predicted by the greatest of muslim sholars it will be on the 1st of muharram, the great islamic new year which we’ll celebrate with bombs, missiles and rockets. In the grand finale we’ll lineup a thousand KKKueers, jews, abids, spics, wetbacks etc each with a giant rocket shoved in his ass. It will be fun when we all shout “ALLAHU AKBAR” and launch them into the night sky where they will explode and get vaporized in the atmosphere. After the thunder, It will rain blood.

          Allahu Akbar !!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big fag pete

          now you are recruiting homoqueer infidels for the tranny-clan (formerlly kkk)

          you are a perverse cocksucker and I hope you and your butt-pirate bandits at the trannyclan all die from ass AIDS.

    • ben

      shut up u fucking sourcide bomber and if u claim to be musilum y r u looking at sites like this so fuck off and eat some bacen then go to the pub and av a pint u paki basterd

    • sara

      I totally agree with you Laila this whole forum is disgusting, and I have to tell you that the guy who came up with the idea for this forum is my ex-boyfriend-he was always a silly disgusting bastard I only went out with him for a bet and believe me it was a harrowing experience, he stank to high heaven and he was weedy-yuk! and his ma is right he has a tiny penis.

      • Kahlid

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    • Justin

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    • Word of wisdom

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  • Tyrone shoelaces

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Tired Ass,

      It’s you who has a bad breath problem (like all niggers). But to solve this situation I’ll let you lick my ass for 5 minutes.

      Meanwhile I asked one of my wives to dance for the brothers of this site. I hope you enjoy it.

      • Mufti David

        Thank you brother Hashim. You really have taught your beautiful wife to dance well. I am pretty sure thats the least of your damsels.

        Tyrone must have had several orgasms just watching the video and wildly abused some warthogs in his backyard jungle. Pete and his queer buddies surely had many anal orgasms while watching your wife.

        Almighty Allah definitely blesses righteous muslims.

        Allahu Akbar!

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          You are most welcome brother David.

          Allah bless you too

        • Tyrone sholaces

          Mufti=child molester.

          No buts i did vomot watchin dat homo anubis dancin in drag for yous homos And i dids abuse some white women in my back yard.I will leave da animal abuse to yous and da other goat fuckers here.

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            Well raghead it won’ts work everyone can see that this is a site for homos so just let da truth be known and yous will feel better about it.

        • gasman123

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    • Sohail

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  • Anubis

    While flashing her sexy vag, Muslims like it when Muslimina Miley starts doing an Arab tribal fusion belly dance. She rotates her motion down to her bare exposed genitalia, while gyrating her bare ass and naked shaved pussy in seductive rhythmic motion to please the Muslim onlookers. She puts on a good show and is one Muslim crowd pleaser

    Musllmina Miley’s exposed pussy is most blessed by Allah!

    • Tyrone shoelaces

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      Yes the two non queer muslims in da crowd like it buts da rest of da homo muslims don’t they realy gets angry when she shows da pussy and they smell da stench then she pisses on da crowd and the two stright muslims love it and da rest of da homo muslims want to stone her

      • Anubis

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          • User interface

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          • Jemima

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  • Ahmed

    Why does that blonde haired woman in the front row look shocked?

  • No One

    You Christian People Did Ever Think Why would Prophet Jesus ( peace be upon him ) Told Your Ancestors That The Final Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him ) Will Come after Him?
    Cause He and his devine family +some Prophets ( Jesus- Muses … ) Will Kick Ur Asses And Send U down To Deepest Part Of the Hell !
    I Hope Allah Spare Us All !

    • Mufti David

      Dude, what exactly are you trying to say and to who? Is everything ok back home?

      • Tyrone shoelaces

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        You fool you just gave yourself up muslims never use da word dude no matter what you say to lie your way outta it yous said da word dude I bet yous is a south cali surfer.

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          • Tyrone sholaces

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          • arong

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The sight of our most respected Muslima’s hot snatch is enough to motivate tens of millions of young Jihadists to put on the suicide vest and go rain down destruction upon our enemies…mostly big nosed jews and hollywood degenerates.

    In fact, Miley’s “Muslim Man-Hole” ,is so powerful that I predict it just might bring our beloved Brother Osama back to Earth from his 72 Virgin paradise.

    Now that is a resurrection that is possible….not like the stupid christians who believe in their fake jew god jesus.


    • Mufti David

      …resurrected and immortal, armed with a heavenly AK-47 with destructive powers of hell, now that’s one heck of a MIGHTY JIHADIST to unleash havoc on the filthy west.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Mufti

        Yes and the outlaws at Guantanimo bay who illegally hold our Muslim brothers are first on the list for destruction.

        • Big Pete

          Abdullah the Bitch

          If you and dick sucker David want to flirt and fornicate with your mini meat then take it to the gloryhole in the cave you assholes are from.

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  • Mr.Nobody

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  • U.S.A

    stupid ignorant Muslims with no education. I wonder what you all do for a living oh ya thats right you all touch and play with your children and animals. You beat your wives and then blame your problems on America. I wish America would just drop a nuke in the middle east and wipe all you uneducated pieces of shit from the world.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      usa ga mofo

      You will not get what you wish for but you will get a death sentence in Shariah Court.


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        First, take a big step back… and literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE! I don’t know what kind of pan-pacific bullshit power play you’re trying to pull here, but Asia Jack is my territory. So whatever you’re thinking, you’d better think again! Otherwise I’m gonna have to head down there and I will rain down in a Godly fucking firestorm upon you! You’re gonna have to call the fucking United Nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you. I’m talking about a scorched earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!
        Cockburn, from now on my fist is going to be so far up your shithole that every time you have a thought, it’s gonna have to tiptoe past my wedding ring

        • User interface


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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Sohail

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    • American

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  • Lance

    It’s a fake. She was really wearing black short tights. Iv looked everywhere and thismis most defiantly a fake

  • Houmouds

    Well, im christian.
    So hossana to the king!
    In your face muslims!

  • NotGay

    I guess it probably is easy to forget your panties.

  • AmericanPride

    Really? Im hoping that the muslims here dont really believe that MIley would EVER flash THEM…they are filth that attack Americans because A: They are jealous of our wealth and way of life and B:They have no independence they have to do whatever this “God” tells them…think for yourselves morons…there aren’t any virgins waiting for you when you blow yourselves up…get over it, take a shower, shave and get your own pussy…faggots…

  • Vendetta

    Shitty, unfunny parody that draws shitty, racist commentary. Nothing to see here.



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  • L1091

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      However, because Miley has superior genetics, she will be a worthy “jihad oven” for years to come.

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      • sorrowman

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  • mark dean

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  • lurker

    photo is shopped, been out since last year, celebjihad, it took you this long to find this? you guys are fucking slow.

  • Crystal Yap

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  • cyborg

    this seems to be fake….fuck u

  • Jay

    You can tell its photoshopped look at her leg it’s 2 different colors.

    • Word of wisdom

      It’s called a shadow, retard.

      The proof the pic is genuine : just up her vagina, you have the large horizontal scar from the abortion-by-caesarean-section she had to endure in her disney years – it’s a frequent risk for all the young meat who wishes to work there, and a high price to pay to become a teen pop star.
      Miley had the worst of it, got pregnant, and had to be aborted butcher way at only 11.
      It was so traumatic that, after years of cutting, depression, whoring, it lead her to convert to islam and become our muslim princess.

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  • Peyton

    Kay i’m not sure if this is real or not because I’m too afraid to look again, but first off: Miley is not muslim. Who ever wrote has no idea what he’s talking about. And second…this is just plain wrong.

    • Kahlid


      Behead yourself because I don’t want abid blood on my new vestments.

  • George

    Fuck all you towel head camel jockey sand niggers. Miley cyrus is far from being a muslim. Who in there right nimd would want to be even remotely connected to a bunch of retarded ass suicude bombers. Hell you retards cant even do that right…lmao Us americans have already kicked your ass. America is the greatest country in the world. I fought in the greatest strongest army in the world the US Army, and went to that crap hole that you call a country iraq, and its nothing more to me than a giant litter box. Its nothign more than a deselate whole in the ground of a place that god shit on and forgot about. So you call us infidels, it was my opinion that america should just nuke your sorry ass country and be done with it, either that or just let your dumbasses just kill yourselfs off and do the work for us. So all you fucking jihad derka derkas can go suck a camel dick. Cause you guys think that if you kill some americans that you will be rewarded with 100 vergins when you guys go to hell…opps i mean “heaven” (any of you all will ever make it there) But didi they ever say that it would be 100 female virgins…lmao thats probaly why you all keep killing yourselfs hell if i thought that men were for fun and females only for reproduction id kill myself too. you bunch of fags. And to all of those middle eastern people that try and want to better yourselfs by actually trying to be like us americans and work to make something of yourselfs and to all of the beautiful strong women over there that want to just get away from the abusive shit eaters that you call husbands, more power to you, i pray for you all everyday that you may get out of that crap whole of a country and find your ways here to america the greatest place on earth. I have known many of you, the ones that try really hard to provide for there familys, the ones that even help and work for us americans in iraq and have to take a different route home everynight to avoid the persicution from there own retarded fanatic people that would only kill there own people because they wanted a job to try and provide for there familys, To all of you this message should be ignored. You are all good people and i pray for you everyday that god will help you all and help you all rise above the poberty and opression. But to all the fantic retards that call americans the “infidel” and think that they will actually ever take over america, you can all die. LMAO GOD BLESS AMERICA the greatest and most powerful nation on earth.

    • SSgtGSniper

      Right on my American brother. If they think they’re gonna take over America then they’re all dreaming. We have hundreds of Nuke’s in America that can be anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes. If they try anything they’ll become a nuclear wasteland within moments. We already killed their leaders, and with the equipment they have, they’ll never defeat us. Their tanks fail against ours (out dated Russian tanks from the World Wars, seriously.). Their weapons have not the range ours have, nor the stopping power. Their aircraft fail against ours as well. Do they even have a Naval fleet. Most likely not. Our Naval fleet is the largest in the world. We have the most updated and technologically advanced weaponry, armour, artillery, naval vessels, aircraft. Not to mention a multitude of different Nuke’s and long range missles to use on them. I will be in United States Army someday, and when I am I hope to kill many towel heads myself.
      Peace, and God Bless America.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        sgt sperm eater

        your all fag military, with its worn out and rusty equipment, is no match for the forces of JIhad.

        Us Muslims have defeated america in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we are takling the fight to the u. s. of a.

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        Ha…instead of some fag’s cock going off in your face…the next explosion you experience just might be a mighty Iranian atom bomb.

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    • that_british_guy

      Ladies and gentlmen, a ‘normal’ common american. Can’t spell for shit, and a soldier no less. Shows how selective the US army is. Well done, living up to the expectations of all.

  • armyman

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  • Miley Cyrus

    Its definitely me in the pic and I’m Muslim. If you wanna see a pic of my man, look up article on here that shows me withmy strong Islamic man.

    • SSgtGSniper

      Are you fucking stupid. You’re not Miley. Miley is not muslim, and she would not mis-speak while typing. “look up article on here” “withmy”. Nice try towel head dumb fuck. Better luck next time.


    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!! Your fine with a bald pussy flying around but you want to keep the HAIR on a women’s head covered?! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! IF YOU EVEN TRIED TO COME AND INVADE AMERICA WE WOULD KICK ALL OF YOUR SORRY ASSES, which would then be followed by bitch slaps! WTF!!!!!


    Also, if the begging story is true, zoom in to the bottom right


    Fricken ass holes. And by the way, Jews having bigger noses is a stereotype. YOU KNOW WHAT, DON’T PRAISE ALLAH!! PRAISE MY FUCKIN ASS!!!! I BET THE U.S.A TROOPS AREN’T TRYING TO SEE A BARELY LEGAL TEENS PUSSY!!! PERVERTS. LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!!!
    (I am not like this normally but I felt that someone who wasn’t high on something (no offence) had to say something) Jews are awesome!!!

  • Miley Cyrus

    Wtf are you guys talkin about!? I’m not a Muslim!
    I wasn’t even remotly close to the Middle East! If I had gone, don’t you think it would have made USA headlines!? The things that insane people come up with on the Internet…

    • Jucky

      how pathetic are you that you have to pretend to be miley cyrus and argue with total strangers

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