Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Nipple On Video

Miley Cyrus nipple flash

Miley Cyrus shows her support for the Syrian people in their upcoming war with the Satanic state of Israel by flashing her nipple in the video above.

Over the weekend the cowardly Israelis dared to bomb Syria. In response the brave Muslims of the country have mounted their war camels, and are advancing on the Israeli border with their scimitars thirsty for the taste of Jew blood.

To give inspiration to these mighty Syrian warriors Miley Cyrus coyly shows her nipple while performing the traditional Syrian battle dance of sassily snapping her fingers.

  • steve51184

    That’s a gif not a video…

    • Moshe Dayan

      Doesn’t matter!

      I’ve also many pink underpants.

      While Muslims are entertained watching this stupid dance we’ll bomb them with the F-16s Americans gave to us in a charity auction.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Fag Moshe,

        Your shameless statement is no surprise to us, pious Muslims. Everybody knows that you are a debauched Zionist.

        But in one thing you are wrong: we’ll throw down your outdated F-16s – that Americans refurbished from their airplanes junkyard – with our flying IEDs, secretly supplied by our Iranian brothers.

        Allahu Akbar!

        • moshe dayan

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    • Captain Obvious

      A video is a set of moving images. Who cares what the format is. Gifs are videos!

  • I’m a Nigger

    AND they Stop it Befo you can see some nipple

  • Abdullah

    She looks like she’s trying to become a coon…


    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      She’s gone mudshark on us. How horrible. This is almost too much to bear.

      • Chrissy the Lesbian

        I, too, am disgusted.

        How sad…

  • Beastly man

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  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

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    • Steven Spielberg

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  • Goku

    So this is what the world has come to. Everything in the new testament is being fulfilled and yet people think that everything is left in their hands, but it was predicted thousands of years ago. There is no point to rail against the darkness, I just hope that somebody will remember that Jesus the Son of God died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. If you look at any other religion you will see that the sins aren’t forgiven, but just covered up. This will mostly fall on deaf ears so rail away like I expect you will.

    • Team America


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  • truth

    was ofc she becomes bitchy, ull see the first sextape or porno is comin

  • fuck u

    You pathetic fucking Muslims think you would stand a chance against Israel and all their allies? Israel alone could destroy every one of your Muslim states in less than 24 hours. The only reason Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and all those other countries aren’t just a pile of rubble is because the United Nations tell Israel not to do that. Israel is like a wolf on a leash and you are just a bunch of chihuahua puppies who think they stand a chance because he hasn’t killed you yet.

    Allahu my ass.

  • Faheem

    Ah Miley continues to spread the word of islam

    Allahu akbar