Miley Cyrus Feeling Herself Up Video

Miley Cyrus video

As you can see in the video above, during a live performance of an Islamic prayer chant, converted Muslimina Miley Cyrus is so overcome by the holy spirit of Allah that she is forced to fondle her own body.

This is a common occurrence at mosques as Muslim women like Miley Cyrus are so aroused by the glorious teachings of our blessed Prophet that they feel the uncontrollable urge to stimulate themselves sexually.

There is nothing more sensual than a woman praying with love and devotion to her lord and master Allah. No doubt Miley Cyrus’ Nile valley was quite flooded on this night.

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        • Kwame

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          • Zohair – The Good One


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  • Louie


  • Dr.Frankenfurter


  • First One

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  • Billy Bob

    Can she please grow her hair back and stop with the dye job?

    • manly man

      so true

  • umar the brown


  • manly man

    so true

  • Umar the Brown

    She was just thinking about how she needs to ritually wash before she performs the wajib salah for that time of day. There is nothing ribald or naughty about this. Muslima Miley is pure as the driven sands of the Arabian desert.

    • umar the brown


      • Umar the Brown

        “hi”= “hate israel.”

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Musliminina Miley was so aroused by her prayers that she had a vision straight from the Prophet (PBUH) which when relayed to the Iman was sent straight to Al Jazeera TV.

    The vision was of the great Satan (usa) destroyed. The once mighty cities burning and the fancy neighborhoods reduced to google filled ghettos.

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    And the message of the Prophet (PBUH) was:

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    Now that’s what us Muslims call a vision!


    • Abdullah the Gay Butcher

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

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  • Jake

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    • Molly

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  • The Messenger

    Please my children. Stop this vile behavior.

  • The Messenger

    This is not the path of the righteous.

  • daniel

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  • hank hill

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  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    All of this talk is emblematic of the demise of the west. Islam will soon conquer the world.