Miley Cyrus Committed To Sexy Mental Hospital

Miley Cyrus

Celeb Jihad has just obtained these exclusive pictures of Miley Cyrus in what appears to be some sort of sexy mental hospital.

As we all know Miley has been spiraling out of control in recent weeks. First she was caught on video whoring herself to a 40 year old Jew producer, and then pictures of Miley flashing her cooch at some car show were leaked to the Internet. Needless to say Miley Cyrus being institutionalized was a long time coming.

Based on the photos below I have been able to determine that Miley Cyrus is being held at Ronald T Johnson’s Mental Hospital And Adult Bookstore in Pasadena. They have an marvelous program there that involves patients lying around in leather sexily. Also they employ a giant bird cage, which you can see Miley using in a picture below, for patients who continually throw their feces at the staff.

Enjoy these pics of Miley Cyrus finally getting the help she so desperately needs in the sexiest way possible courtesy of your tax dollars.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus


    If I were an orderly at this hospital I would be taking indecent liberties with her. I’m sorry if you don’t like her, this is one sexy fuckin girl. Tall, long legs, fit, and that raspy southern drawl drives me insane. God I love Southern Girls!

    • alien for life

      can’t agree with you more, but i read on youtube that she is really a mexican living illegaly in the united states

  • sarah-27

    are you ppl like from the moon ???? that is a bloody photo shoot she is not in a mental hospital of watever!! she is being a normal teenager !! emm this is 2010 and that is how teens act!! who ever wrote this is fucking mental !! you should go to a mental hospital !

    • Scipio

      1. she isnt a normal teenager
      2. just because SOME teenagers act like sluts doesnt make it acceptable
      3. this website is not a news or gossip site

  • BRay

    Bout time they put her in a cage.

  • Megamileyfan1

    these pics are from her new album “can’t be Tamed”.l’m a huge miley fan,& always will be.Miley is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth,with a beautiful voice to match.l hate it when ppl are being horid to her,especially when ppl used suggestive language towards her.Miley deserves respect,for all that she has achieved,not to mention,all she does for charities.Miley is a wonderful,loving,caring person.God bless you always milesXXX.l love you,even if others just want to make fun of you.

    • BHO4LIFE

      u and miley both suck

  • Brandon Clement

    if she was in a mental hospital, i would gear up and definitely would bust her out of there……. i would distracts the orderies with something called “a choatic rampage”

    • poolboy for hire

      I wouldn’t bust her out, i would apply for the job as a poolboy

  • keisha

    ew. she is ahh nasty hoe bag.

  • miley is pathetic

    she’s so ugly. her idea of looking sexy is to look constipated