Miley Cyrus Can Not Wait To Get Naked

Miley Cyrus naked

In a recent interview with the BBC, Miley Cyrus was asked if she would ever do a nude scene in a movie. Her response was,

“It depends what the film is,” she said. “If it’s something that’s classy – it just depends on the circumstances.”

In celebrity talk that is a very eager “Yes I can not wait to get naked” by Miley. And as luck would have it I just happen to have written an extremely classly script with Miley Cyrus specifically in mind for the lead role.

It is about a classly piece of redneck trash with absolutely no talent who becomes famous and will do anything to stay in the limelight. However, there is a very classy scene in which Miley’s character would classily take a big black classy c*ck in her classy classhole.

The film is tentatively titled “The Story of Classy McClass: Gap My Classy Ass”. I’m hoping if I can just get Miley to sign on to the project we’ll be able to get the funding to have this classy movie made.

  • Jimmy Jihad


  • kristen

    lmfao i love you! i could have said it better myself :)


    Take notes Justine Beiber and Beyonce,those pics of Miley on the beach are good examples of how a woman is supposed to look. Demi is a very lucky girl to be in a relationship with her. Miley’s music is very inspirational to many young women. She teaches them to theirselves and be proud of who they are. Miley’s music chops are only surpassed by her acting skills. I mean she can smile, pout, and look angry. Her level of talent is stunning (I’m referring to her body). I can’t wait for those tasteful roles to come along so I can see what Demi comes home to every night. Abe Lincoln won’t be the only person shot in the back of the head in a theatre, so will the person sitting in front of me :D

  • miley stinks

    what a ho

  • justin beiber’s a fag

    miley cyrus is HOT!!!

  • U fothermucker!!!!

    I kinda agree with this she is coocoo and a freak who can’t sing so bravo fothermucker ooooo 4 hee hee

  • natalie

    i think u should wait a few yrs till ur a little older and kids like u still miley

  • glenda

    How dare you talk like that about someone you dont even know and are probably insanely jealous of! She’s just a teenage girl!

  • Setzer

    I don’t think she’s anything special musically, but she looks good in a bikini.

  • Grahf

    “Gap My Classy Ass” – You’re killing me.

  • AshleyM.

    The only things that this site say are true are when thy are dissing the sluty bitch mily cyrus. she should just go jump off of a fucking clif now

    • AshleyM. is a idiot

      u are sooooo mean

  • Bruce

    This site is full of crap!

    Miley Cyrus DID NOT say she could not wait to get naked in a film like Celeb Jihad tries to claim.

    All Miley did was give an HONEST(unlike this site) answer to a hypothetical question that certainly was not “Is it true you can’t wait to get naked?”

  • Annoumus

    Heh heh heh This is perfect dirt on Miley…

    • g00dog

      i know right! she is just so frekin weird. get off the fuckin stage!

  • bg

    with her shitty music and acting to bore us maybe seeing her twat spread eagle on my plasma would be a treat.she has plenty of experience fucking so maybe we are looking at the new sasha grey or a close linda lovelace in the making.

  • Orenthal

    I might marry her!

  • Jim

    I really admire her courage! Upon reaching mature age, she should consider fulfilling her dreams!

    She ought to be a discreet nude actress, and be in tasteful nude scenes! Full front nudity is in many museums, no part of the body is covered!

    I wish her well in her endevours!

    BTW, I once saw a photo of a girl staring in admiration at a full front nude male statue, and she was happily staring at his pride! She also had her hand as if she were going to grab it!

  • miley stinks

    ugly spoiled no-talent brat who acts like a whore

  • Jim

    I think that Miley would do well with nude scenes!

    I wish her well!

  • Rebecca

    Haha that is so good. I don’t like her I think she’s a total h*e and a h*re, sl*t. Also because she sells sex. I think she will get nude because she is a pole dancer.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      rebecca the dumbass whore

      I’ve got news for you dumbass; when you fuck truckers for money or googles for dope…that makes you a whore.

      Stop making shit up about Miley

  • X

    Ill jerk off to that movie!

  • DS