Miley Cyrus Booty Popping Video

Miley Cyrus ass

You know a lot of sites (including this one) have been giving Miley Cyrus a hard time for her new “sexy” image just because she dresses and acts like a sex crazed hooker. However, as you can clearly see in the video below Miley Cyrus has appeared to have turned over a new leaf.

Miley has decided to embrace Islam the one true faith. Of course as a beginning Muslim Miley does not have the proper form when performing the “Salaat” or prayer.

miley cyrus booty

Miley has the getting on all fours and facing Mecca part right, but she is messing up on the “Sudjood” were she prostrates herself to Allah. Miley needs to learn that instead of arching her back and sticking up her butt, she should put her hand on her knees and allow her forehead to touch the ground. With a little practice she will perfect it, and become a proper Muslim woman.

The power of Allah is great. If he can turn the slut Miley Cyrus into a respectable woman there is no limit to what he can do. Miley Cyrus fans take heed of your idol and embrace Islam as it is the only path to salvation. Allahu Akbar!

  • jethro

    praise allah?

    • Killed off

      Fuck ala

      • Yolo

        screw wars and the west democracy yes miley may be a muslim and yes jesus may be a jew and yes people in the army are fighting for false hope but still were all together ok stop being bullys to each other andf just praise
        the worshiper you all worship may that be hindu muslim Christian or science just be yourself

      • Yolo

        screw wars and the west democracy yes miley may be a muslim and yes jesus may be a jew and yes people in the army are fighting for false hope but still were all together ok stop being bullys to each other andf just praise
        the worshiper you all worship may that be hindu muslim Christian or science just be yourself


    The reeds have begun to cleanse her shame!! Embrace a truth Miley and let the light of salvation be poured into your soul!!

  • Abby

    This is so a fake site. You guys took a small part from her concert to make it look like she was praising Allah and she was just wearing a leotard and singing and dancing. Nothing wrong with that. SHE’S SEVENTEEN! LET HER LIVE HER LIFE! Better yet, go get a life all of you! Stop being haters. God considers hatred to be adultry..

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      God also conciders whores like you speaking on a public domain without a man’s concent adultry. Adultress!


      • Don

        you’re a retard and I am glad I spent 16 months in iraq doing my part to send your ancestors to allah for your 72 virgils. you better re-think who you might be pissing off before you post anything, haji

        • ohmyguinness

          How do I get 72 virgils?

          • Dar al-Harb

            Al salam alaykum brother. The 72 hori await all brothers who become shaheed! You even get some pre-pubesent boys to sodomize for all eternity!

        • fuckyou

          Hey, mister patriot, do you sleep better at night knowing your capitalist warmachine carpet bombed civilian areas of Baghdad and have routinely killed innocents suspected of being Taliban..based on the appearance of beards and dark skin?

        • stefma

          You are an ass.

    • anton

      wow fucking retards can’t you see alot of these articles on this site are purposely written this way. I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind would be deluded enough to seriously think she is praying…

      • stefma

        Who you calling a retard, you retard.

    • stefma

      Abby, you are a retard.

  • shree

    yes its miley for sure…. it is her 5-inches sandals that she has been wearing for a long time…. and it seems like been shot from one of her performances at Rock In Rio.. if she did so, amazing!!….i’m fed up of rumours about her…. can’t judge whether true or not…. am not gonna take what rest of the sites spread about her but what she gives herself to the whole world….that’s it

    • stefma

      oink oink

  • Kayla

    Miley’s right!She and I both think she’s changed a lot since Hannah Montana.

  • xDrizzyXx

    omg miley is sooo damn hottt!!!!!!!!!
    i would tap that anyday!!

  • whoiam

    too funny!!!!


    she is a disgrace. total whore

  • MC

    Dude!! i understand that this site dsnt real mean stuff n its meant to b a joke the crap u guys say but theres a line ur crossing, ur mocking ur own religion dude

    • Dar al-Harb

      It is NO JOKE KUFFAR! We will decide who is mocking a religion! DO you want fatwa on your head MC? Miley is trying at least! She just needs a husband, preferably an older cousin, to give her a deep dickin and severe beating! Then she wear the burqa in compliance to the the teachings of the prophet (PBUH). So, watch your mouth kuffar! Allahu Akbar!

      • stefma

        She looks like a pig…disgusting little whore. Wanna be Britney Spears, at least Britney was of age when she traded innocent school girl look in for something a bit more mature. Miley’s fan’s haven’t even finished Elementary school yet.

  • Kolgar

    She is Praising ‘Ass-a-lah’

  • Abdullah the Butcher

    I’m prepared to wage jihad on Miley’s ass!!!

  • :P

    thats isnt miley cyrus, ass-holes.

    • stefma

      that’s is miley cyrus, jerk-off

  • Billy Ray Cyrus

    I will auctioning off Mileys virginity to the highest bidder next week in England! Don’t worry the age of consent is 16 over there.

    • Abdullah the Butcher

      Infidel dog! You know you are about 5 years too late for that auction. Her virginity, like your popularity…is a thing of the past.
      Allah shall make you pay for trying to pass off your daughter as a virgin and he will also throw in some extra punishment for “achy breaky heart”……….No infidel….he hasn’t forgotten about that song and you will burn…..big time.
      Allahu Akbar!

      • stefma


  • ?man

    this site is funny

  • kailin

    how do youeven know if that is miley cyrus or NOT

  • :P

    miley cyrus is ALOT skinnier and that person looks about 40yrs

  • peach

    miley is very sexy .. I have wanted to break his ass

    • demi lovato is ugly

      miley is gross

  • -.-

    Religion sucks ass…

    TRUE ;D

  • stefma

    This girl is rediculous and no one is buying into her new persona she is trying to create. She is making an ass out of herself.

  • kareem

    seriously y’all over there are fucked “planted by the jews” she wears a fucking purity ring durp meaning shes obviously Christian…seriously why don’t y’all go masterbate to some woman eyes and go suicide bomb or sum gay shit that y’all musilums love doing

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Well…I see the google report has finally arrived.
      Stick to shit you know about; being lazy, spinners, welfare and fried chicken. Do not butt in with your stupid ass opinions; they are not wanted.

      Eat shit and die coon

  • Ken Lacy

    I’d sure love that ass on my face!

    • theheadchimp

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  • zillaman

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  • loubna

    what the hell is that? I’m a muslim and this isn’t a proper way to diss other people…plus, why should we diss the non muslim people or celebs? it doesn’t make any sens !

  • ItsMac!

    its Jehovah, Yahweh Allah its the same god make up your mind, oh and Jesus is Mohammed and Mohammed is Jesus

  • billybob

    You fucking bitches you can never defeat america go suck osamas dead dick

    • Jimmeh

      After the seals rode it with their filthy american asses? you disgust me

  • someguy

    It looked to me like she’s bashing her head on the floor. Like always

  • Ajahs

    This is so a fake website