Miley Cyrus Booty Dancing In A Burka

Miley Cyrus wop

Devout Muslimina Miley Cyrus booty dances while wearing an extremely fashionable and sexy donkey burka in the video below.

Miley Cyrus is dancing the traditional Islamic dance known as the “WOP” (which stands for “Women are Owned Property”), to celebrate her engagement to pious Muslim Liam Bin Hemsworth.

Clearly Miley Cyrus is overjoyed at finally being the property of a virile Muslim man. Liam Bin Hemsworth certainly brings much honor to his clan by purchasing such a fine Muslim woman as Miley Cyrus.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Bhurka has always been a good look for Miley….

    • Ahmed

      She wears the Burka well..

      She will make a fine Muslim wife.

      • Feminists Rule America!

        Like any good husband my man cooks for me almost everyday. This is what a perfect relationship is. Man should cook for his wife and do the dishes, and woman should pitch in from time to time, when she feels like it.

        I am willing to bet, 50% of you reading this cook food for your wife and if you are single, then soon you will.

        Feminism rocks!

        • Imam Hashim – The Butcher Brown

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          Moshe Dayan replies to him denying that he impersonated him, only HE FORGETS TO CHANGE HIS NAME!!!

          And posts with the name ‘Gay Bob’ proving once and for all, that He- Moshe dayan is indeed ‘Gay Bob’ and ‘Gay Jim’ as well !

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        • muslims lick ass

          you’re not a feminist. you’re a neo-nazi.
          feminism is out. more and more people are acting like humans rather than the alien speices that calls itself feminists

          i’m gonna kick yo ass high into the sky bitch

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I would stone her mercilessly for lift the hood momentarily……..

  • Allah’s messenger

    Brothers,Assalumu alaikum

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      You forgot Jews on the top of the killing list. Very odd… or maybe not!

      Besides there is no such thing as Arab faggots: that is a western disease.

      • Allah’s messenger

        Brother jews have been grouped together with infidels.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          No righteous Muslim would make that kind of “blend”.
          Too late now to correct your apostasy.

          • Umar the Brown

            Brother Hashim speaks the truth. Jews are special targets of us Muslims. Allah chose our mighty ancestor Ishmael, not that house-boy Isaac. However, the Jews have distorted history and claim Father Abraham chose his second-born.

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          • Jamal Jones III… aka… Double-J-3

            Fuck you racist ass bitches.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Quite so brother!

      • moshe dayan

        Homo Hashim,

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        Anyway you had your chance and blew it. Back to the gloryhole for the bunch of you where Shaitan is waiting to ream your asses with pineapples.

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  • V.S. Naipaul

    Thanks for confirming my thesis, namely, that Islam is a disgusting backward fuckedup Arab imperialist “creed” and must be and shall be completely eliminated.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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    • Jamal Jones III… aka… Double-J-3

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        • muslims lick ass

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  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    Hashim is correct. Indians are essentially one billion soiled jungle googles that have small dicks, but when I read the Kama Sutra, the illustrations showed the Indians with monster cocks, so I realized that this was simply a fantasy on the part of the illustrator.

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Cute video!!!

  • Lindsay Lohan

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  • Einsam

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Lindsay Lohan

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  • The Imam

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  • miaauuu

    What is the name of this song?

  • Lindsay Lohan

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  • Gaydullah the Buttchugger

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