Miley Cyrus Almost Nip Slip

Miley Cyrus nip slip

Miley Cyrus better be more careful! Her left nipple is dangerously close to popping all the way out of her top in this picture.

Since Miley is still just 16-years-old, if her nipple pops out then she is producing underage porn, and I’d be forced to make a citizen’s arrest. Hey I don’t make the laws I just enforce them… selectively… and sexually.

So Miley you sick perv unless you want me to frisk you… hard, I suggest you keep those teen nipples of yours under raps. Punk!

  • leah

    get a life already leave this girl alone. if she wants to show her nipples or whatever let her do what she wants to do its a free country. does she do drugs or alcohol go find someone new to pick on

  • miley > you.

    lmfao @ you pulling this picture from MARCH. & seriously, leave her alone if you don’t like her. i’ll never understand people like you who find enjoyment over messing with a 16 year old. You can shove it.

  • john

    damnnnnn. sooo close!

  • Yoppo

    Firstly I’d bet a lot of money she has some sort of bra on underneath (okay, unfair, because in another shot, you can see she is. Lol)

    Second of all, this pic is supposedly from the Kid’s Choice Awards. If so, it is worth noting she changed her dress if it is, because she went on stage in red.

    Finally, I see you cropped out her little sister from the pic. Guess even this site has standards (perverted as they are…)

  • Hawks

    she should really wear something underneath!

  • damon campbell

    miley gave me some pussy

  • drizzle

    hahahhahahahha funny ass shit

  • God

    She is going to make the best sex tape when she gets older!!

  • randy orton

    ALMOST :(
    that sucks

  • Sean Serritella

    This bitch is starting to grow big titties.

  • Joe

    Hey Sean Seritella you are freekin sick to be staring at a teenage girl that way! i mean sirecly!

  • Patty Mac

    Soooooo close

  • zac

    you fuckers are al sickos just leave her the fuck alone

  • dylan

    this is dumb leave the girl alone

  • dylan

    get a closer pic

  • dylan

    get a pic a her pole sliding

  • ListenToThis

    Who ever put this post up and said these things best watch it. First of I don’t think Miley herself would put up pics of herself nude at age 16.

    The person who would have done that would have bin the poporozy or someone not miley.
    Unless miley purposely put this up on internet, keep your mouth shut.

  • Samantha

    Honestly. It just looks like her hair is stuck in her shirt or something.

  • Nodnarbpf

    First of all.. It’s not even close to her nipples… Look how much boob is after where her shirt ends… Secondly she’s freaking 16, she’s got better things to worry about then worrying if some lonely ass pervert is trying to get a naked pic of her… Get a life!

  • jessie

    she may only be 16 but she is a filthy rich girl and she should really be able to aford a better dress that will actually fit her without her nips sliping out she had it in for her

  • raymond

    damn, i would love to fucking titty fuck her, i would grab them and play with them all day,

  • chrisgoat

    I do not condone the publication of child exploitation pictures on the internet, and certainly do not condone the fag putting picture of her privates on the internet.
    But at the same time some of the responsibility falls on Miley and her parents, If you are a celebrity and you leave your house to partake in an event and you are wearing short shorts or a very short cut dress you do not leave your house without panties on.
    This falls in the upbringing by the parent the fact the she has not had any real discipline in her life, always having everything handed to you and not really having to work for anything.
    Lets all face it if not for her father no one would even know who Miley is!!!
    Makes me sick that this teen has been exploited by the entertainment industry, never really had a chance to grow up she will be another Britney Spears or Paris Hilton with scandal her whole life.

  • DC

    She dresses like a slut, nothing wrong with looking.

  • Jamal Zougam