Miley and Noah Cyrus Work The Pole

Miley Noah Cyrus

16 year old Miley Cyrus performed at the Teen Choice Awards last night and danced on a stripper pole in her classy booty shorts and black boots.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Backstage Miley’s 9 year old little sister Noah played on a stripper pole with her friends (Not pictured is Papa Billy Ray Cyrus holding a wad of singles). Why there is a stripper pole backstage at the Teen Choice Awards is anyone guess? But it probably has something to do with the “Free Candy” sign on the janitor’s closet.


Noah Cyrus Noah Cyrus Noah Cyrus

Noah is just your typical 9 year old. She likes to wear a ton of makeup, short puffy skirts, and black leather boots, all while blowing kisses at strange men who are photographing her.

If there is one thing the entertainment industry loves to do it is to sexualize America’s youth. MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” is not going to cast itself after all. And if MTV picks up my show idea “15 and Horny” we’ll definitely be needing more young sluts out there.

  • wow

    15 and horney, hahahahah

  • A Concerned Mom

    Good Lord, these poor girls…

    • An amused girl

      Umm…just curious, “concerned mom”, what exactly are you doing on this website? Setting a good example?

  • Some guy

    You’ve got a dirty mind. Seek professional help, you puritan jackass.

  • Some other guy

    “You’ve got a dirty mind” “You puritan jackass” <-Pick one.

  • John Davis

    Wow, I like it! MOAR


  • Richard

    They’re just continuing the great work begun by those in the child pageants industry…

    (and yes, I’m being sarcastic, in case it’s not obvious!)

  • hassan nasrallah

    damn, this american society is rotten and infecting europe …
    I wish our brothers and sisters in south lebanon, in palestine, in columbia, in mexico and in iran will strike down the Evil Empire.

  • nassah hallarsan

    damn, this european society is rotten and infecting america …

    I wish our brothers and sisters in canada, in south africa, in djibouti, in east timor and in south africa will raise up the Evil Empire. WTF am I talking about! Help me, I’m an idiot.

  • Captain Falcon


  • Alex

    I saw the footage on youtube. Since when is dancing next to a poll “poll dancing”? Lighten up. A 9 year old blows kisses – stop the presses! Why dont you just go ahead and call her a whore? Way to throw your idiotic $0.02 into a non-story. Bored talking about Ashley Greene already?

    • roadgypsy

      ok I will, she’s a whore, just like big sis dad’s training her well

  • joey bazooka

    Alex, do you have a POLE (not poll you monkey!) at gramma’s where all the kids dance for uncle timmy? You don’t by any chance have a record that your neighbors need to worry about, do you? Do you happen to live in assisted living with retards?

  • AVA

    November November the 5th of November when all is quiet and dark
    The bitch visits Penn State and is will cause teens a spark

    Not knowing what is coming to her I will surely leave my mark
    The bitch will be crying and the teens will be crying…
    But remember this you slut, I will fulfill my remark.

    On your calendars and blogs make sure you write
    The day Miley Cyrus will ignite.

  • christina

    okay if it is okay for a child to be sexy like this, then is it okay for a grown man to be aroused and turned on?

  • hayley

    thats terrible, shes not technically pole dancing but they both shouldnt even be near a pole!

  • meow

    little skanks!

  • Dont care boy

    I dont really care but i like it, keep it up

  • Dead Ed

    If I were their dad, I’d say, “No, honey, don’t touch that shape. Not for another 30 yrs. Same goes for the microphone, too.”

    But then, that’s me…

  • me

    who cares?

  • anonymous

    wow. drop dead gorgeous. very sexy. defintely need more of these in the future.

  • amazing

    hahaha i always knew the mom was a slut why do you think their DAUGHTERS turned out 2 be sluts lol i never liked the cyrus family except the brother hes just in his own little world haha but miley first and of course noah is going to be one 2 !!!! miley thinks shes old enough to do what she wants i dnt see her parents doing anything about it her lil sis noah copies her ( i hope she doesnt look at her as a role model ) wow this family really needs help !!!! in the future i can see them having theyre own little porn production or has it just started ???

  • disgusted not a miley fan anymore

    the fact that her parents aproved of this is what disgusts me the most. i hate her dad even more than her now, besides, he’s selling her and living off the money she makes, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  • badkitty78

    dude that is NOT funny!! A 9 year old KID??? its rediculous!! imfreekin 11 yrs old and i dont wear THAT MUCH MAKEUP or WEAR TINY LITTLE SKIRTS!!!! Its rediculous!!!!!!

    • Maeby

      True, but eleven is still a child–as your spelling will attest. You seem like a good kid, though.

  • Moon

    ew i hate Miley Cyrus! i used to feel bad that her money-hungry father was pimping her out but now i’m just so sick of her! like Jamie Foxx said, make a sex tape and grow up!

    • Dead Ed

      FUCK Jamie Foxx! I’d kill that MOTHERFUCKER if he said that about my daughter! Apology or no apology. And I HATE Miley. But you don’t talk like that about minors.

      I’d kill David Letterman if I were Sarah Palin. I’d hunt him down like he was a wolf after my family.

      I HATE Miley, but I’ll WAIT till she’s of age to attack her. There will be plenty of time for that. She will be fair game before you know it.

      She’s not gonna go away from the spotlight anytime soon.


  • Wow

    You guys really need to let them have fun grow the fuck up and mind your own buisness fucking mainstream pricks.

    • Maeby

      Fun IS fun, but if actions are carried out in public–for the purpose of public consumption–isn’t it produced and branded as ‘your business’? Isn’t that the point of this whole fairground attraction? If not, someone needs some lessons on becoming media savvy, and quickly! But I think there’s a child on stage who could school us all on that particular topic.

  • EDY

    “Noah” – this is a girl’s name now?

    Anyhoo, I just hope someone has the don’ talk with her soon. Otherwise… meh. I hate the entire patronising nonsensical “Hannah Montana” bullshit as much as I hated Billy Ray’s mullet and that hideous “song”, but surely the Young One can be saved…?

  • The god of death

    No, there is no hope. Not for her or any child that will sale their soul to Disney for a TV show and record deal. Where did Britney Spears get her TV debut? Where did Linsay Lohan get her start in motion pictures? Where are they now? Crack Whores. All of them. They all end up in a crack house sooner or later. And so will your kids if you let them idolize these mass-produced mini sluts.

    I’m warning you.

  • Three Peas Co.

    Not sure who or where you received information for this article; these pictures are from to seperate events and neither one is on stripper pole, Noah Cyrus is on stage support beam playing with friends, and Miley Cyrus is on ice cream cart and with out the beam she would of fallen off.

  • RandomPerson

    Both of them is A slut cuz of miley cyrus andi hate noah cyrus she thinks she like her sister i dont like the cryus family but i like trace…..i like demi and selena’s families better and they never cause anything bad or posted any nude pictures………

  • Taylor

    Noah Ithink that you look really cool in that I and Iwish that I was your friend .Because a day and night i try to learn every thing that i can oooohh and miley you are cooooooooooooooooooool to……………………………………………………………

  • some other guy

    oooooo000hhhhHHH who carez

  • Hannah

    guys while Miley’s dancing was ‘suggestive’, Noah is just 9 and most of the time kids like to twirl around poles, when I was 9 everyone in the playground played like that.. Stop being too hard on her guys -_-

  • Unknowed

    Fuckin Sluts.

  • Pedo Bear


  • somecanadian

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  • somecanadian

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