Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Tight Little Butt

Mila Kunis ass

Mila Kunis continued her descent into immorality by brazenly flashing her tight little butt in the picture above. No doubt Mila was trying to get the attention of some Zionist casting director or producer by using the only talent she has, her rapidly fading sex appeal.

Mila Kunis needs to realize that her time in the spotlight is up, and instead of performing ever more extreme acts of sexual depravity to stay “relevant”, she should resign from Hollywood and take a position as a whore in a virile Muslims’ harem.

Women can only find true happiness by serving at the heel of a powerful Muslim man, hopefully Mila Kunis will learn this before her looks fade further and she is sent to the salt mines to toil away her remaining years.

  • M_E_T_A_L_LORD

    have the Zionists mastered time travel… thats the 70s! has her attempt to reach stardom surpass the fabric of space/time due to brazen infidelity?
    her ass is gonna create a TIME PARADOX… SNAAAAAAAAKE!

    • Head Chimp

      Monkey, I would sure like to stick my banana in her juice machine.

  • madpanda

    Thats not her. She used a butt double

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This is exactly how a woman should greet her man when he returns home from a busy day of jew killing.
    Mila must have spent some time as a powerful Muslims concubine.

    • jsw

      wow u r an ugly pig, come to nyc we would CUT your face till it bleeds out!

      for real, u are a nothing , along with a trash body & pork for a face!

    • J

      U could not get her if your life depended on it. if u cam here to nyc, -IT WOULD-!

  • Heil Jesus

    I caught a boy in my youth group that I minister to abusing himself to the this show. I now understand why Disney Channel is now so popular among older kids these days. When I was a kid, no one older than 11 watched the Disney Channel, but this boy was 13. I had to know for a fact that he was masturbating, so I watched him for a couple of minutes. When I was sure that I knew what he was doing, I walked in and forced him to continue masturbating in front of me, even though he lost wood and started crying. I asked him what’s the big deal, he was already masturbating before God. This kid will have some serious sexual dysfunction for the rest of his life. I know what I did was right. God:1 Sinners:0

    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      Priests are some of the biggest, most immoral scumbags to ever have graced this planet.
      You dangerously retarded Americans should drop a MOAB on Vatican city and remove history’s longest ever running tyrant. YOUR weapons of mass destruction could be, ironically, put to good use.
      After that drop one on Washington, one on the EU headquaters in Brussels and a few nukes on China and the world may not be such a shit place.

      • M_E_T_A_L_LORD

        phew… thats a lot of killstreaks

  • zl

    I must say..
    Significant and remarkable improvement you guys..especially abdullah.

    Because you increased the funny content in your comments.. the dumbest of the dumb readers who start fighting can now understand that you are merely having light hearted fun through humorous satire(hopefully)…which will effectively keep up with the ultimate long-term purpose of the website.

    Good job..
    PS-I also noted lesser profanity which is great but I am completely on board with the nigger bashing

    • Heil Jesus

      Let me get this straight, you are okay with profanity, but racist jokes including the ‘n’ word don’t offend you? I’m confused.

      • zl

        Heil Jesus

        Please read my comment again..I said lesser the profanity the better it is…I am against profanity.
        And about the “N” word..why would I be offended by it? I am white..not “N”

        If you are white..and somebody called you whitey..will you be offended?
        If you are asian and somebody called you asiatic..will you be offended?
        If you are caucasian and somebody called you caucasey..will you be offended?

        Then why does the negro feel offended if somebody calls him nigger???
        And why should anyone else feel offended for him??

        I guess you got my point

        • Heil Jesus

          There is one key difference between words like whitey and asiatic and nigger. Nigger has been used for centuries to belittle black people. Asiatic is a neutral term and whitey does not have the same sting, because, well, it’s a white man’s world after all.

          • zl

            Tell me …
            Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind the ridicule assosiated with the nigger??
            Negro= black person(Mainly african ancetry) i.e Negro merely implies that a person is being referred to in accordance with his skin colour.

            Now if calling a negro..a nigger is offensive…then why isn’t whitey offensie to white??

            I’ll tell you the reason…because negro has throughout history thoughout his existence prved time and again that he is worthless at best and extremely criminal at worst…in other words..No good has ever come of..and neither will come..through a negro..period.

            Hence..when a person is assosiated with black..he is guaranteed to be everything that is wrong..i.e..murder..rape..drugs..etc..(If you don’t believe me..please go though the history..or better yet try to look around the best way is try to live in a black ghetto for a’ll perfectly understand what I am saying

            So to conclude that nigger is used for belittling negores…why? BECAUSE NIGGER HAS HIMSELF EARNED THIS RIGHT EVERY WAY HUMANY POSSIBLE

          • theheadchimp

            Great post from you about the nigger dilemma. People assume they are human when the majority of them act like animals. A term more appropriate to use with niggers would be Simians as it is closer to what they really are.

        • Heil Jesus

          On some level I agree with you on profanity. If it is overused, it becomes devalued.

      • zl

        I am glad you remarked

        Since you mentioned Simian..although it may sound amusing and reasonable..the more appropriate term here is HOMINID.

        Negro is essentialy a stem category of the hominids..and while all humans were evolving from apes..something went wrong in the process and a sub category to humans evolved in the African sub-saharan region which scientists refer to as NEGROID.

        What negroid basically is..a segregated evolutionary process which ran parallel to the normal human evolution and created a Half ape-Half human sub species which we all refer to as negro.

        While ostensibly a negro may seem human..but his mannerisms would incline more towards the apes or chimpanzees( i .e Significantly lower iq compared to humans..violent behaviour..irrationality..etc)

        Also I would like to add that Brown people are not true negroes.Brown americans are essentially negro dna mixed with white human dna to form a third “mixed” race.

        Since white dna was included and assimilated..the brown people relatively are less dangerous and volatile than negroes..and at times have positive attributes..such as being able to study(and pass)
        The best way to spot the presence of white dna in a negro is to look at their nose.If it is pointed and long..the person has white dna..and if the nose is blunt and wary..

        • Heil Jesus

          Oooooh, I get it. You’re making a joke! I know you are joking because there is no way you could actually be crazy enough to actually believe what you are saying. You certainly would not be spouting all of this ridiculous nonsense about black people being some sort of missing link, unless you were some sorry motherfucker who has never actually met a black person, or gotten laid, or moved out of your mom’s basement for that manner.

          I get it, it’s satire, just like everything on this site. I have to say, you really had me going there, I thought you were being serious, but that last post clarified that this is all a joke.

          I admire your dedication zl.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I have never met a nigger that I didn’t want to shoot. And that is the truth.

          • zl

            Have you heard the saying..NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL??

            I have..So I won’t argue with you..I won’t even try to offend is useless..
            I have met a black through you reply you JUST PROVED MY POINT!! LOL

            Don’t try to understand wont be able to..I feel sorry for you..
            Caucasoid..Mongoloid..and negroid are the three main anthropological categories.
            LOOK IT UP
            I wonder how america is functioning with dumb illitrate and ignorant assholes like yourself

            I’ll just say this… the news..and did I mention study??

        • theheadchimp

          That sounds reasonable to me. Semantics aside there is no way blacks can be considered human. Seeing as how niggers will fuck anything with a pulse its entirely possible. But if you go to a zoo and look at a gorillas face closely and combine it with any Taneeka or Laquisha and well you seen 100 coons a day that look like that.

          • Heil Jesus

            I have heard the theories about negroids, caucasoids, and mongoloids. That was a theory that many people used to believe, until the 20th century. Now if you are so convinced that black people are nothing but apes, then please please please explain to me why it is that some of the most talented and influential people in the world are black? When I turn on my stereo and listen to my favorite jazz album, are you telling me that the whole thing was written and composed by some inferior species. When I read my favorite book, The Long Fall, by Walter Mosely, are you telling me that I should be amazed by someone who is less than human.

            As far studying goes, I understand that you want me to study the same things that you study. Where did you find this wealth of information? or was it Either way , I really want to know how many generations of inbreeding it took to create an ignorant, moronic, miserable, frustrated, and pathetic creature such as your self. Hotcoals said it best “you give people in general a bad name.”

        • Zen Shin

          none of this pseudo-scientific drivel is fooling anyone. you either are a mixed up racist or a terrible comic or a hybrid of the two put together. this stuff might’ve made sense had it not been for all the violence caused by white people in history. look at how irrational it is for white men to start wars over stupid shit like greed. sounds an awful lot like how a bully would behave on a playground which reminds me of the half-ape tendencies of the so-called negroid. excluding the native americans who were here already, every other race in america is here because the white man either forced them to come here or with the newer races that are here now, the white man invited or allowed them to be here, and i dont see there being any measures put into place that will remove immigrants from our nation. so if you’re such a genius, why would the white people (especially those who have a problem with non-whites being here) not force “lower iq hominids” to stay out of this country? and furthermore, about your other post, how could every race in the world be split up into caucasoid, mongoloid, or negroid? that essentially would make everybody on every continent white, asian or black. what the hell are people then that look like two or three of the groups? caucamongoloid? caucanegroid? negromongoloid? caucamongonegroid?! sounds like complete utter bullshit.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Zin Shit

            You are a new species of hominid yourself. Assholeanoid.

          • daniel

            Zen Shin
   deluded are you??
            Have you considered stop smoking pot yet? If need to do so sincerely..
            You have the audacity to blatantly shun proven scientific facts?? seriously WTF?

            If white people have a violent history…it is because of the lack of laws..democracy….justice..legislation..constitution in that period and not because they are even remotely comparable to niggers

            Zen Shin boy…listen carefully..Rain is NOT gods don’t live in la-la land and stop worshipping fire!!

            Wake up kiddo!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Fuck off asshole

      I never use profanity.

  • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

    What’s this nigger-loving cunt talking about?

    • Heil Jesus

      I’m talking about you getting fucked in the ass by Adolf Hitler and loving every second of it!

    • nolanbautista

      LOL..thank you for making me spit out my coffee!

  • M_E_T_A_L_LORD

    i’ve never held a gun that didn’t want to shoot a nigger before. And that is the truth. By the way, we’re talking about blacks because Kunis’s anus is… black? i’m confused

  • Likes Mila

    Whoever wrote this articles a FAGGGGG. She’s in high demand and her looks are far from fading. Thanks for the pic though, nerd.

  • crites


  • Bryan Finnegan

    Do you know what is funny? I can kill you all with one punch if you ever get close to her :) Bye bye.

  • tommy robinson

    E E EDL
    Allah is a peadophile!allah is a peadophile!

  • Azita

    First off, Mila Kunis has always been and always will be famous, she has many upcoming roles and I think you’re just bitter because you know that you will always be a poor little Muslim man with nothing but your shitty sexist attitude. Nobody will ever take you seriously.

    No wonder your religion is looked down on by so many people, look at the shit you write about women and it’s not just you it’s almost all Muslim men and sometimes even women. You are disgusting.

  • Bazinga

    I want you to know i Masturbate everyday when you all die and nothing happens you will be upset you did not have fun on the planet you choose to fight everyday for something you will never prove just “faith” which is not enoug for all people if it were up to me I would nuke not te Vatican but your dirt poor country which your God apparently hates and not only do you hate all others but you can’t stop fighig each other doesn’t matter how many times you pray you all will not be forgiven you are part of the longest running scam/brainwash ever. Get out of our countries if ouchate them realize how shitty yours is. Why don’t you play with that while I play with this and enjoy my life probrably makes you want to blow me up right? And that will get you into te heavens? I laugh. Pity the fools. Your God just told me to tell all of you to jump off the highest roof you will get to the heavans Now what are you waiting for

    • Bazinga

      And I don’t mind peoples faiths and hate to offend people but you ask for it so your welcome

  • Bitch shit

    I wanna shove her ass up my old lady’s ass while I shit on a niggers dick!! Then force her face into fucking Obama’s mother’s pussy so she can drink the old lady piss.