Mila Kunis Nip Slip From GQ Outtake

Mila Kunis nip slip

Actress and Mossad temptress Mila Kunis sneakily slips a nipple in this outtake photo from GQ.

Mila Kunis is a crafty Christ Killer who is obviously part of some Zionist plot to covertly slip nipples into major publications for profit.

As you can see in the enhanced portion of the photo below, Mila’s nipple is clearly visible peeking around the base of her thumb. Praise Allah that a pious eagle-eyed censor at GQ was able to spot this brazen display of sluttery before it made its way out into the mainstream and caused unspeakable moral damage.

Mila Kunis nip slip

  • Zohair – The Good One

    THE most overrated actress in Hollywood right now. Period

    • Reza the Persian Prince

      She is a Zionist Jew. What do you expect? They are all united in trying to bring down the mighty Persian Empire. But we will persevere.

      • Justin Beiber

        Did her and she was………………………..not too bad.

      • Zohair – The Good One


        I’ve read a few of your comments, and I find it a bit displeasing that even while you are a Muslim brother, you persistently lash out against the Muslim Brothers, whereas in fact you should unite with them and fight against the infidels.

        If it is Shia- Sunni conflict that bothers you, let me know

        • Reza the Persian Prince

          The list of people I can tolerate from most to least goes something like this:

          Persian Muslims
          Turkish Muslims
          White Muslims
          Arab Muslims
          East Asian Muslims
          South Asian Muslims
          Black Muslims

          I am ok with Arab Muslims so long as they recognize that Persian culture is superior and it was the Persian Sassanids who elevated Arabs above a primitive tribal people. Persians are the heart of Islam and are responsible for most Islamic contributions. We are also the ones on the front lines against the infidels while Arabs like those from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, etc are in bed with the West.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Reza, You have essentially listed almost every kind of Muslim that exists on this holy website.

            Brother Abdullah – From Tikrit, Iraq (Arabic)
            Brother Hashim – From Qatar (Arabic)
            Brother Abdul Rasul – From Palestine (Arabic)

            I am sure brother Umar, Farzan, Anubis and others are from the Middle East as well

            The only Muslims that we do not accept nor assosiate with are Black Muslims : Negro Muslims from Africa.

            The only reason for this is because Googles and Human Beings are diffrent species as so long as we want only Humans, we cannot accept Googles.

            Now, about Persia, if you claim that Persians were responsible for the Islamic achievements I agree, but did you know what existed in Persia BEFORE Islam?

            Zoroastrianism (Sassanid Empire)

            Hence the Parsis can equally claim that whatever contributions the Persians did were because of Parsis simply because many of the contributions from Persia were done at a period when Islam didn’t even exist!!

            Islam only arrived around 637 AD when a lot of contributions had already been made.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            So basically we all share the same Persian heritage, hence I see no need of a dispute among us Muslim brothers

          • Reza the Persian Prince

            No I am talking about after the Sassanid Empire. Islam reached its height due to Persian contributions. It was Persians who made the strides in math, astronomy, poetry, and art.

            The Persian race has always been superior — whether under the Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanids, or Islam.

            The Arabs were traditionally a tribal people. They were advanced in military terms but possessed little redeemable culture. It was only until after they conquered us that they came to adopt high civilization. When they took over the Sassanid Empire they saw how structured our society was and they assimilated into it. Before this the Arabs had no sense of complex government, high yield agriculture, advanced art and engineering, or enchanting cities. They were a primitive people organized into small groups who survived through pastoralism and trade. They did not become an empire until they learned how to build and manage an empire from Sassanid Persians.

            After the Arabs conquered us they introduced us to Islam. I am grateful of this. But once under Islam it was still Persians who made the Islamic contributions. The Arabs ruled over us but we were the productive population. The Islamic Golden Age came from Persian minds.

            Think of it this way. You talk of blacks. Well right now a black rules USA right? But blacks are not the ones making the American contributions. Same goes for the Middle East when Islam gained supremacy. The Arabs ruled but they were not the ones who made the contributions. It was us Persians.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            So what you’re basically saying is, the people who conquered were Inferior to the people that were conquered?

            Doesn’t that contradict your superiority claim?

            Anyway, I agree as well. It is indeed the Persian DNA that made all the contributions. However, the difference isn’t that big.

            If you look at the Persian DNA and compare it with the rest of the Middle east, you’ll find that there isn’t any significant difference. They all look the same, all speak Semitic languages and practice Islam

            The way I see it, if you actually concern yourself with only Persia, then Zoroastrianism is the religion you should be rooting for.

            Yes, if it weren’t for the Persians, the Middle East would have been archaic, but when you talk about ‘Iranian peoples’ in today’s world, you automatically talk about the place after it had been conquered by Muslim Arabs, hence there cannot exist a clear distinction.

            Not to mention, Islam originated from the Arab world (Saudi Arabia) and not Persia, therefore, if you call yourself a Muslim, you are automatically accepting your Arabic legacy

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Zohair

            Want to come to my mansion in Tikrit? We still havent done the gay porn scene yet.

            All you gotta do is suck my dick and let me explode over your ass.

            You can invite Brother Farzan too if you like, i know he likes a bit of man to man action.

          • Reza the Persian Prince

            A conqueror is not necessarily superior to the conquered. In many cases the superior side is peaceful and is caught off guard and loses to the inferior warmongers. In ancient Greece the Athenians were much more cultured and intelligent than the Spartans but the Spartans won the Peloponnesian War. In the American Revolution the British were more dominant and successful than the colonies but lost the war. In WWII the Germans were much more smarter and productive than the Soviets but the Soviets kicked their ass.

            There are different aspects to be superior in. The Arabs were good militarily but their intelligence, productivity, and culture paled in comparison to Persians.

            We do not speak a Semitic language you dog. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. We are an Aryan people and speak an Indo-European language.

            Just because I am Muslim and am grateful to the Arabs for introducing it to us, that does not mean I am grateful for everything they did to us. There are a lot of black Christians who were forced to become Christian because of slavery and colonialism. Even though many are proud Christians I doubt they are proud that their ancestors had to be oppressed to be introduced to the religion.

            I’m sure you hate certain people but consume their cultural productions all of the time. Black people, Chinese. Westerners, and Indians contributed a lot to the world and yet many people hate them because of the other things they do.

            Persians are not fully accepting the Arab legacy because we have adapted Islam to fit our Persian culture. We did not just copy everything the Arabs did. We made it our own.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            I tell you this persian.

            Send any gold chain and leisure suit wearing Iranian to Tikrit and I will kick his ass so hard that the gerbils will shoot out of akmadennajeuds ass and the turbin will fall off the grand ayatollas head..

            Us Arabs rock and everyone else sucks cock!

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Reza the Persian Imposter

            I am now completely certain that you are no Muslim, nor do you know much about Persia.

            You are an imposter, probably a Zionist Jew cunt trying to manipulate Muslims.

            Have you heard about ‘Arabic’ ? ‘Farsi’ ? ‘Parsi’ ? These are all SEMETIC languages and are official languages of Persia!

            You ignorant illiterate, here read this :

            The Persian or Perso-Arabic alphabet (Persian: الفبای فارسی‎) is a writing system based on the Arabic script. Originally used exclusively for the Arabic language, the Arabic alphabet was adapted to the Persian language, adding four letters: پ [p], چ [t͡ʃ], ژ [ʒ], and گ [ɡ]. Many languages that use the Perso-Arabic script add other letters. Besides the Persian alphabet itself, the Perso-Arabic script has been applied to the Urdu alphabet, Sindhi alphabet, Saraiki alphabet, Kurdish Sorani alphabet, Lurish (Luri), Ottoman Turkish alphabet, Balochi alphabet, Punjabi Shahmukhi script, Tatar, Azeri, and several others.

            Does your dumb brain see ARABIC there? Do you even know what Arabic means??

            They are all semitic languages:

            The Semitic languages are a group of related languages whose living representatives are spoken by more than 270 million people across much of the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. They constitute a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are Arabic[1] (206 million native speakers),[2] Amharic (27 million),[3][4] Hebrew (about 7 million),[5] Tigrinya (6.7 million),[6] and Aramaic (about 2.2 million)

            You are too stupid to argue with, I suggest you study a little more before arguing, so as to not appear as an ignorant moron

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Here, I’ll make it easy for your tiny brain to understand

            You know Google Translate right?

            Go there, write any thing in ENGLISH and translate to PERSIAN…..and try to understand the fact after seeing the result yourself………and if you still do not understand….paste the result here… and I’ll explain it to you…

            Try it now….

          • Farzan The Wise


            We are all Muslims. Bickering amongst one another is for the infidels. As Muslims we need to all work together to defeat the west and their Zionist masters. Cohesion is our weapon.


            Death To israel !

          • MOOCH

            I feel the same as you only my list is as follows. From the ones I can tolerate the least to the most

            Persian Muslims
            Turkish Muslims
            White Muslims
            Arab Muslims
            East Asian Muslims
            South Asian Muslims
            Black Muslims
            Then comes the rest of the world.

            Now I also want to add this is NOT how I feel but wouldn’t I be a filthy racist pig if I did…Now grow up and realize that the world has no place for hatred like you are spewing here…

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Fag Farzan

          Fuck… two butt pumpers just bored the living shit out of me and every other klansman who read those long winded, asinine comments.

          From now on…..keep it short…..much like your cock.


          • Zohair – The Good One


            Short enough for ya?

            PS- That is Reza not Farzan

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay pete

            shut up mofo.

            Unless you’re sucking a cock you’re bored.

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  • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

    This Jewess should be punished.

    I make her into a lampshade and wear her cunt as a hat because it will please the one true god, Allah.

  • ?

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • u fags

    why is her nipple in the wrong spot?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dumb fag

      why is there a cock in your ass?

      Ha…I’ll tell you why. Because you’re a homoqueer.

      • The West is the Best

        Anal Abdullah the rimmer

        Why is there a cock in his ass it’s because it’s your micro muslim cock thats why stupid muslim homo

  • ravinder jadeja

    allah hu akba—BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abdul Kiar

    Pothead slut.

  • Jeremy the long dick American

    I’m sorry but this is not true if you pay attention to the first picture then you can easily tell that that is the fingernail of her thumb painted black

    • Mulslim banana cramers

      Don’t talk about how long you claim your cock is. When you that, you sound like a douche. Instead talk about how tiny your enemies pea shooters are.

  • bluesnvegas

    Fugly pothead slut!