Mila Kunis Licking Her Lips

Mila Kunis licking

Actress Mila Kunis was caught on camera at the Oscars licking her lips, while probably still trying to get the taste of Natalie Portman’s vagina out of her mouth.

Mila Kunis was at the Oscars because she appeared in a smut film called “Black Swan”, which the Zionists in Hollywood are pretending is an artsy film. In the films best scene, Mila Kunis vigorously licks Natalie Portman’s twat. Of course being a Jew Natalie Portman’s snatch probably tastes like matzo balls and coins, so Mila Kunis has been licking her lips trying to get the taste out of her mouth ever since.

Here is the GIF of Mila Kunis licking her lips at the Oscars in a futile attempt to cleanse her palette of Natalie Portman’s vaginal juices.

Mila Kunis licking

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