Mila Kunis In Black Lace Pics

Mila Kunis

Just look at these disgusting candid pics of actress Mila Kunis lazying around her hotel room.

Where do I start with what is wrong with these Mila Kunis pictures. First Mila is wearing that revealing black lace outfit. Sure she may be alone in her hotel room, but Allah is always watching and the last thing he wants to see is a woman’s body, yuck!

Next Mila Kunis is sprawled out on the hotel’s comforter. Do you know how filthy those things are? With the bed bug epidemic going on in the USA right now that just isn’t unhygienic it is down right foolish.

Yes these pictures prove what many of us already knew, that Mila Kunis is a disgusting bed bug ridden whore. May she burn in the eternal hellfire. Allahu Akbar!


Mila Kunis Mila Kunis Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis Mila Kunis

  • alicia


    • Alhamdolillah


      There is no such thing as a “gorgeous Jewess.” Mila is a Zionist Terrorist. These pictures prove she has nothing to offer the world except sin and terror. Only corrupt kuffar would enjoy these images. As a devout Muslim I see through the zionist lies of seduction. Down with the Zionists and all of their haraam ways.

      • this site is a joke

        you don’t know nothing. you’re stupid. if you call it “haraam ways” then why having more than one wife in your religion is legal? that’s sick.

        • Scipio

          When you call someone stupid at least make yourself seem reasonably intelligent by making sure your comment is spelled correctly and is gramatically correct.

          My grammar isn’t perfect but at least I make sense and don’t sound like a 12 yr old having a rant at someone with no facts to back me up. You may as well just say ‘no u sux moar’.

  • screwyou

    shut the fuck up Alhamdolillah. you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Abdullahsucksdick

    Gee, I bet you guys would rather look at a hairy dude while he’s pounding away at your asshole. Fucking savages. Do us all a favor and seek the virgins.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I believe you American kuffars are the experts at man on man asshole love.

      We Muslims are real men and spend many hours each day doing the “wild thing” with our multiple wives and many concubines.
      Also, every now and then, a dumb western female gets lost in the desert, and when we find one, we have our way with her….and then we stone her for not wearing a burka.
      Yes…life is good for the Muslim!

      So you see…I should be the one asking you how much you enjoy the hairy asshole?
      I know the answer….A lot!

      You will burn in hell infidel!

  • Salam the Sandalmaker

    There are way too many kuffars on this site. Their immoral and degenerate ways keep them from making reasonable comments. Oh well, at least when the mosque in NYC is built, we’ll revel in our conquest of the sinners.

  • AbdullaTheButcher

    I would cut the throats out of my goats and goatse my camel if she would lie in a vat of peanut butter and jelly with me. I renounce Allah and everything that is holy and muslim and will convert to Judaism so that I may lick the ground she walks on. Shalom

    • The Real Abdullah The Butcher

      Stupid impostor!

      Do not think my Islamic brothers can’t tell the difference between a pure blood Muslim and the words of an infidel.
      It is evident to all that you feel inferior to Muslims and your retarded antics only demonstrates your cowardice and overall lack of class.
      I hope you understand you have insulted Allah himself and brought a terrible curse upon yourself and your miserable relatives for this lame assault upon me….a devoted servant of God.
      Do you not realize infidel, that my name, Abdullah, means “slave of God?”
      It is clear you are too stupid to know this fact.

      Know this kuffar…you cannot insult a servant of Allah and not be punished.

      One day soon a mighty Jihadist (hopefully me) will be sawing your degenerate head from the rest of your body. On that day you will be meeting Satan himself as he welcomes you to hell and begins introducing you to unimaginable tortures.

      Prepare for your eternity of misery wicked scum bastard!


  • The real, real AbdullaTheButcher

    Please martyr yourself soon, hell I’ll even pay for the dynamite.

    Watching 2 three legged dogs fucking is funnier than your inane ramblings. Although I do have a question for you. Is it true that you towel heads use those towels to wipe your ass after taking a dump?

    What’s the difference between a Muslim and a dead horse?
    It’s no fun beating a dead horse.

    How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
    Dress her up as a goat.

    Mohammed heard one of his wives was leaving him, so he rushed home where he found her on the carpet in front of the tent with her belongings; he sat beside her and said, “I heard you were planning to leave me?”

    She replied, “Yes, I heard your other wives saying you were a pedophile!”

    Mohammed thinks for a minute or so and then responds, “that’s a mighty big word for a 6 year old.”

    What’s the difference between a Muslim and a bag of dogshit? The bag

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Silly infidel!

      Years of drug abuse and homoqueer prostitution has left you a bitter and unhappy kuffar.
      You are a very sick individual….because only a sicko would be so intolerant of other cultures and religions and openly poke fun at a peaceful representative of the Middle East.

      You Americans claim to be so high and mighty but in reality you are evil racists who hate everything that is different from your childish concept of the world.

      It is not my fault that your country is full of drunken whores and your men are lazy, porn addicted, degenerates. That came about because your ancestors were degenerate, genetically inferior subhumans, and they passed those traits onto your current generation.

      We Muslims are the true owners of this planet Earth and are about to give it an extreme makeover—-Jihad style!
      That means we are going to kill or enslave everyone of you miserable American scum bags.

      Enjoy your miserable homoqueer existence while you can because soon you will be worm food.


  • Lex

    Wow world war three is indeed in the works because stupid people let themselves to be manipulated.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      The war has begun but it is not army against army….no, we will not take on your satanic weapons.
      We are conquering America by moving here by the millions and destroying your country from within.
      Just look at what is happening: You have a Muslim President and we are building a Mosque near the site of the great Muslim victory at Ground Zero.
      HA—what more proof do you need?
      When the time is right we will strike in force and infidel blood will turn all the land red.

      What a glorious day that will be

      • Lex

        I am not even American :D talk about pre-judging :D
        Obama is not Muslim he’s a stupid communist globalist traitor, religion is nothing to these people but a tool to extend their influence and to divide and conquer , but you won’t get this until you learn about history eugenics infiltration etc, we are in this together but you can only parrot satanic weapons blah blah you are already divided from the movement against globalization and eugenics y the satanic UN and the mainline religions.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Don’t tell me what I know to be fact.
          Obama had a Muslim father….and upon reaching the age of taklif, he assumed the obligations of an adult Muslim.
          Once in a TV interview he even screwed up and said his “Muslim faith.”
          This was a big boo-boo but Americans are so stupid….they believed it was a slip of the tongue.
          Yes…how many christians have you ever heard say, “my Jewish faith?”
          I’ll tell you….none.
          It is to our advantage that today’s Americans are dumber than goat shit….because back in Harry Truman’s day…the atom bombs would have dropped on Mecca.
          But those days are over….and America will soon fall to us Muslims

          ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Abdullah Shakezula


          A person born of Muslim parents that rejects Islam is called a “murtad fitri” which means a natural apostate. Apostasy in most Islamic states carries the death penalty.

          According to Sharia:

          “If a sane person who has reached puberty voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be punished.‏ In such a case, it is obligatory for the caliph to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.”
          No one besides the caliph or his representative may kill the apostate.

          Now ignorant kuffars…if young Obama grew up i such an environment…how likely was he to commit apostasy?The answer is zero!
          He would not have done it.

          Face facts infidels….you’ve elected a Muslim and sealed your fate!

          Suck on that!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Thank you brother for helping set this camel turd Lex straight.

            Hopefully the stupid infidels will have a bad night thinking about their Jihadist President.

          • Lex

            You are CIA funded scum, boy and you will fail

  • theheadchimp

    You are right on Abdullah we elected a Muslim for our President and a coon to boot. It don’t get any more fucked up than that.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      head chimp

      I rejoiced when Obama was elected….he stopped saying “War on Terror” and then he bowed to our great Saudi King….but then he bombs my friends in the Taliban…but he doesn’t bomb them too much. Just a little.
      Not like that infidel Bush….he bombed us like no tomorrow!
      Death to all named Bush

      I must consult with Dar on this one…..I am perplexed.
      Just what kind of Muslim is this Obama?

      • Dar al-Harb

        Obama is using taqiyya on the kuffar americans! They are to dumb to realise. I too rejoiced when when that ape man bowed to the Saudi king! Alhamdullilah! Our time is fast approaching! For centuries they have oppressed us and now it will be our turn to terrorize them in their own cities!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Let then terrorizing commence!

  • die fucktard die

    all you rag heads will die in the end as we the true beleivers of the only God and his holy son Christ will reign for all time while you camel fuckers will burn in the everlasting fires of hell…..remember when we were building a nation you still lived in rag cloth huts…you have done zero in the worlds history & it was we who saved your worthless goat fucking asses in two world wars….you STILL live in mud huts in 80% of you so called nations & use the “scud” aka dudd laffs…even the jews are 1,000 times better than any rag head will ever be….you even cover your ugly ass women as they are an embarresment to be seen with….fat, ugly, hairy, beasts that you can only fuck if you don’t have to look at them…we have the true beauties of the world right here…suffer sinners goat fuckers…..ALLAH BLOWS DONKEY DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      vile scum known as die

      So the racism finally comes out.

      You cannot dispute the facts that Islam is the true Abrahamic religion and your christianity is just a cheap knock off of Zionism…so you have to resort to name calling and aspersion casting.

      Well…it didn’t do you any good. You are still an ignorant infidel headed straight to hell and I am one of the chosen for Heaven.
      You cannot spread enough lies to confuse Allah…he has blessed all Muslims and has promised us domain over the whole world.
      Soon we will be claiming America. I have already made my claim for the Ewing House in Dallas…the one from the TV show. After I kill the current owners I will take possession of the property.

      I will also keep a few infidels alive for slaves and concubines.
      If your luck is good…you might end up as one of my many servants.
      If your luck is bad i will cut your throat.
      Either way I’m happy

      Now…go and rape your sister degenerate swine!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      you are crazy.
      It was the Muslims who taught your infidel tank general Patton how to fight in the desert and we also instructed that kuffar Eisenhower how to use the “sneak attack” on the Germans in France.

      It is you infidels who owe the Muslims a great debt for saving your asses in two world wars.

      And I must say you have a sorry way of showing gratitude.
      But then, what can you expect from the spawn of drunken prostitutes.

  • Legend the true one

    Mila, the hotness never ends
    ps whoever said Allah blows donkey dicks…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA keep up the good work dude…Christ reings forever!!!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Legend the true homoqueer

      Jesus was a peasant farmer who was killed for telling lies and cheating decent Arabs at the market.
      He is dead and will never be undead….only heretics believe he is anything more than dry bones.
      Also, the person who wrote “Allah blows” was confused and thought Allah was your mother.

      Stupid infidels….where do they get their crazy ideas?


  • newyorkdollface(:

    ok i find muslam religion fucked up! they have more then 1 wife(which is sick), they abuse woman and make them wear those ugly clothes that r probably full of fleas and ticks and watever u pick up living where muslams are,fuck camels(lol),stone people, and who knows wat other screwed up shit they do at least americans dont have fucked up religions. this site is a damn joke an the articles dont even make sense the writer just talks a whole lot of irrelevant BS get a life u wierdo and stop trashing on american woman u dont even know

  • I fuck goats, Praise allah

    I love goats. Literally. I fuck my herd once a week and often wonder what it’s like to shove my penis in to a tight jew pussy. I love allah but I’m sure he does’nt love me because I’m not an underage girl. Perhaps I should fuck underage boys or maybe camels…hmmmm

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Only a kuffar who had been ass raped by his drunken father would write such filthy lies