Mila Kunis GQ Magazine Pictures

Mila Kunis GQ

Mila Kunis continued her dissent into a life of degenerate debauchery by posing for these slutty pictures in GQ magazine.

What kind of a sick society would allow females to expose their bodies like Mila Kunis is doing in these pictures? I’ll tell you what kind! One completely devoid of morality because they are controlled by the Zionist Satan worshipers.

As these pictures of Mila Kunis prove, Islam is the only force strong enough to combat the effects of Zionist Western immorality. Allah willing, one day pictures like these of Mila Kunis shamelessly flaunting her sinful female body will be a thing of the past. Allahu Akbar!


Mila Kunis Mila Kunis Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis Mila Kunis Mila Kunis

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Once again Mila Kunis is insulting Islam.

    Not only is she parading her immeature and disgusting body in an almost state of nudeness, she has recently agreed to fuck silly a war criminal marine, who is part of the infidel gang of jew lovers who are illegally occupying Afghanistan.

    I can only hope they give each other a double dose of VD and that both die a horrible and painful death.

    If that doesn’t happen by the time Islam takes over, Sharia Court will sentence her to a public stoning.
    The marine will most likely die from cock rot.


    • Pork Chop

      Right here we go ….

      1) Mila has not insulted Islam, she couldn’t give a rats arse about Islam. You can go on any beach in the world and people will have next to nothing on. The against Islam thing is in your tiny little head. We go about our own business, its fuck all to do with you

      2) In regards to the marine, she has not agreed to FUCK HIM. But has agreed to go to a nice evening out. There was no mention of fucking him

      3) To want to stone to death a person as beautiful inside and out as Mila just shows the type of animals you really are.

      4) We are in Afghanistan to make it a better place, for people to live a normal life and not fear to be ruled by the Taliban. Children want to go to school, and people want to live a PEACEFUL life. But with you in the world then this becomes a problem, a big one. This is the reason your going to end up been fed to the 3 little piggies

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        pork fucker

        You think it’s making things better in Afghanistan, when your asshole do-gooder missionaries, tell our females that they can learn to read and write and wear slutty clothes?

        It only gets them stoned and leaves men without women to tend to the animals or carry water.
        Us Muslims have our own way of doing things (the right way) and we hate infidels with a passion.
        When Islam takes over the west, there will be many whores and lesboqueers who wont like it but after we kill off all the, “not fit for the harem” women….everything will be great.

        Also, I don’t like your attitude asshole. You have just made yourself an enemy of Islam.


        • Pork Chop

          Do not stone them then…then men will have their women…..easy isn’t it ?

          What is so wrong with wanting to learn to read or write, to have the right to a education. You can still dress the way you want, they are not there to fashion the people, they are there to try and help.

          Islam will not take over the west, we are the west for a reason, that is our side of the little planet we live on……and east is the little part of the world you live on.

          Its up to us how we want to live, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY you have dedicated so much of you life into worrying about how we live. Just get on with your life

          And I am glad you don’t like my attitude, because I think you a filthy animal. Every person has a right to their own religion. It is not you fucking planet… belongs to us all

          And as for you headchimp I am one mean ass when it comes to you, you evil little bastard.

          Your just Abdullahs little Bitch so crawl back to the cave were you came from

          PORK CHOPS !!

      • theheadchimp

        Pork Chop
        You sound like one mean ass ugly asshole……I bet you have to strap a pork chop to your ass just so a dog will sniff you.

        • anonymous

          you and islam will be destroyed.
          you can’t stop it from happening
          free women will spit on your grave
          you know what im talking about.
          islam is very soon to be dead.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    pork pounder

    The headchimp is right, you sound like an ugly asshole.
    You are also a dumbass mofo if you don’t think us Muslims are taking over.

  • Westside willy

    The idiotsare taking over and they always have. Are you the idiots they speak of cause I thought Bush was bad enough. Paula Abdullah has these massive delusions of granduer about taking over, mind you he wasn’t skilled enough mathimatically to take over the drive through position at Mc Donalds, infact he barely managed to be able to use the grill without burning his fragile delicate hands. WE all know you are white trash and desperatly gay little fag so stop trying so hard cause nobody likes you and you smell like feces.

    • theheadchimp

      faggy willy
      Go back to beating your meat and keep your dumbass opinions to yourself…..

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      backside banger

      HA…you big crybaby.

      “stop tweeting me bad mr. abdwula, nobody wikes you. and weeve me awone so I can watch sesame stweet and learn to spell”

      suck it you scottish mofo

      • anonymous

        you and islam is going to be destroyed.
        you can’t stop it from happending.
        you know what im talking about.
        free women will spit on your grave.

  • beaver meat

    hummm I wonder if Milas pussy smells like Jessica Biel after JT double tapped her

  • jew whore

    pretty soon she’ll be in porn

  • asdfadf

    Islam is just a cover for a gay cult !! every sand google is gay!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ass sniffer

      The only dumbasses who believe that, are cock sucking drug addicts.

      Get your sorry ass to rehab….druggie.