Mila Kunis Exposes Her Nipple Pic

Mila Kunis nipple

In what appears to be a desperate move to save her rapidly dwindling career, actress Mila Kunis posed for a picture with her right breast fully exposed for famed celebrity photographer Ron Cockwell.

Ron Cockwell made a name for himself in 1961 with his famous picture of Marilyn Monroe gaping her own ass, and he hasn’t looked back since becoming the go-to man for celebrities seeking increased exposure through erotic photography.

Mila Kunis is obviously hoping that by exposing her breast for this photo she will receive what is known in the industry as “the Cockwell effect”, and see a jump in her popularity landing her more lucrative movie roles. Time will tell if Mila’s erotic marketing strategy pays off, but one thing is for certain Ron Cockwell takes one hell of a picture.

  • LeMartien

    fake, the face is clearly clearest :)

  • Heil Jesus

    She has to save her career. She is 19, that’s over the hill by Disney and Nicholodean standards. Hopefully she won’t wait until she has cellulite and sagging tits to move into hardcore porn. The sooner the better, she’s not getting any younger.

    • God… ‘s messanger

      shes older than 19

      • Neeko

        I was gonna say, she’s 28.

  • Anubis

    I think the togas the ancient Greeks used to wear draped across one shoulder exposing one side of the breast. Mila Kunis exposing one tit in this way along with being bare legged may catch on with her teenybopper fans as a fashion statement. Soon teen gals everywhere may start to wearing braless shirts and blouses to school and in public exposing just one titty in this way in the hope to being considered to be in with the hip and cool class.

    Does anyone notice that Mila kind of looks like Miranda Cosgrove who play Carly Shay in Icarly? I shudder to think that Miranda make take up this style of fashion on Icarly. If so, then there would be no stopping for this fashion statement to take hold.

    Yes, this deviated trend may take root and one won’t be able to go to a mall, a grocery store, movie theater or anywhere without seeing bare nubile titties being flaunted in our shocked faces.

  • F7U12


  • notyalc

    If you took the time to actually admire women you would’ve noticed that there’s not a chance in hell those could pass for Mila’s thighs.

  • theheadchimp

    What the fuck does everybody here have to be an Inspector Clouseau?

  • Diana

    That’s a pretty lame job of Photoshopping.

  • a

    shes 28

  • theheadchimp

    a hole
    Did anybody ask her fucking age? Let me check…….no they did not. Don’t be posting bullshit that nobody cares about. She flashes a tit and you tell us her age, what are you retarded?

  • 1oldpervert

    this may be photoshop but it looks real enough for me

  • theheadchimp

    Agreed……a good boob is a good boob. Not like some of these assholes that will tell you her fingernail polish doesn’t match so it must be fake.

  • Bayareaa

    U guys r retarded…who da fukk pays attention to al doze detail thais fingernail polish like r u fukkin serious….sumone is really into porn lmfao go get laid fagss