Mila Kunis Caught Pooping In The Woods

Mila Kunis black dress

Actress Mila Kunis was caught on camera emerging from the woods after having taken a monster dump.

It should come as no surprise that a big Hollywood star like Mila Kunis would pop a squat in the woods, because as part of the Zionist Hollywood movie machine she has already shitted all over culture, constantly relieving her bowels unto the moronic movie going masses.

Mila Kunis obviously has no regard as to where she shits, as she believes anything that comes out of her is a gift to the world. Unfortunately, the creatures of the forest have to pay the price for Mila Kunis’ hubris as she leaves stinky loads in their home.

  • theheadchimp

    She looks like a bear shit on her head to pay her back for stinking up the woods.

  • mudhorn

    I would fill her mudhorn with hummus and grab a straw

  • Kassan

    What is it with these Hollywood whores? First Demi Lovato and now Mila Kunis. I would happily defecate on both of their faces to see how they like it.

  • Anubis

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Demi Lovato and Mila Kunis had held a Hollywood pooping contest to see which celebrity whore can leave the biggest smelliest dump. Between the two of them, it would be hard to speculate who would win, but I think my bet would be on Demi. She’s been quite constipated lately causing her to have such a big ass. All she needs to do, is have Selena Gomez prepare some of her homemade crap covered strawberries laced with laxatives, and she’ll shoot out such a smelly load that even Mila would applaud her with cheers of admiration.

    Emma Watson could jump in the competition as well. While chanting some Satanic verses in Latin, She’d be dropping quite some bewitching beauts down herself. Finally Emma would shove her magic wand up her ass to dig as much out as possible.

    Filming all of this into a movie, it could get win some nominations and even Oskars in the next Academy Awards presentation.

    • Conyeah East

      Analbis I’m a not let you finish. Emma Whatsun? Selena Gomes? Demi More? Not one of those bitches could even come close to droppin a deuce like Beyonce could. Beyonce got the ass an the appetite to shame ever one of those hoes. You dont know shit about shit. Now where my Schlitz 40?

  • Bitch shit

    Puh-leeeze boyfriend, my shits are bigger than a google whale’s dick! My shits serve as a second penis for me so I can fuck these bitches and keep their smelly pussy juice of my meaty monster cock!!