Michael Jackson’s Ghost Caught On Film At Funeral

Michael Jackson ghost

The startling video below was taken at Michael Jackson’s funeral, and appears to capture Michael Jackson’s soul leaving his body. This chilling finding proves once and for all that paranormal activity exists and that Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

Michael Jackson ghost

Michael Jackson’s ghost was none other than the lovable Internet meme known as “pedobear”. This explains why Michael Jackson was so passionate about children, and would often have them sleepover to play his favorite games like “sword fight”, “snake bite”, “tummy sticks”, “cave explorers”, “tickle balls”, and “creme volcano”.

  • Gayboy

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  • IHateCelebs

    Don’t forget some of his other favorite games to play with little boys:

    Hide the trouser snake
    Tickle Me Homo
    Sale at Walmart (boys pants half off)

    and of course his very favorite:


  • Assama bin laden

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