Michael Jackson Pees For Children

Michael Jackson pee

Finally the mystery of how Michael Jackson’s accuser in the 1993 molestation case could describe Michael’s discolored genitals has been solved!

According to Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s long time best friend and doctor, the singer liked to pee in front of people, especially children. Dr. Klein said Jackson thought it was funny. Dr Klein went on to say that Michael Jackson’s accuser must have seen one of his piss shows and that was how he was able to describe Michael’s naughty bits.

All you Michael Jackson haters who thought he was some sick weirdo must feel pretty silly right now. There is nothing more natural than a grown man exposing himself and urinating in front of children. Who hasn’t gone into a men’s room and stood next to a child at the urinal and gave them a little “Psst” with a gentle smile and a wink?

  • Shelley

    It is utter rubbish. Somebody with a brain would know that this is not true!!!!!
    perhaps more people should read redemption by geraldine Hughes and also Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones and acquaint themsleves with the truth and facts. Michael jackson was not correctly identified-humiliated and grossly insulted, the identification was NOT accurate.
    I think Dr klein is an opportunist…..if he said such a thing!

    • Shelley

      Just another comment- why are you further publishing this media hype…….please let MJ rest in peace. We are all accountable for what we do———disband the MJ lynch mob……perhaps listen to Aphrodite Jones and Geraldine Hughes-they saw the truth.

  • Dead Ed™

    Shelly is a lying twat. Those people were covering up for Michael Jackson. As with any Michael Jackson supporter would.

    We’ll never know the truth. We can’t even believe the accusing little cunts who had been round him either.

    Bollocks. From here on out, it’s all rubbish. THEY ALL LIE and FOREVER WILL!

  • denise

    yeah arnold klein is out for publicity.

    he says that he was his freind.yeah some freind.

  • lizzie

    Klein.. Satan incarnate.. it’s not enough he made a drug addict of Michael Jackson via demarol– he still continues to denigrate his name .. BASTARD..

    if Michael had to pee in a cup at his house?? IT DOESN’T SAY MUCH FOR KLEIN AND HIS LADIDA MANSION,DOES IT?


    what’s more– isn’t Arnie via one of his selazeball Boy friends who came uo with rumor MJ cannot have kids bec Joe Jackson kicked him in balls?

    notice.. Arnie’s preoccupation with genitalia.. showing his GAY slant..

  • Shutup

    So because this attention ho speaks this nonsense we are supposed to believe it? Only a dumb person cannot see this is publicity seeking crap. *waits for the announcement of his book deal *

    MJ is dead so their money tree cannot be shaken anymore. All these fake friends are doing all they can to stay relevant and profit monetarily while doing so. Stop enabling this bull.

  • costech

    what kind if trash news is this???
    and why are people even printing this stuff????
    journalism has gone to the dogs..

    • media

      Does this look like a news site to you, genius?

  • lizzie

    Klein obviously LOVES GOLDEN SHOWERS!!! this crap says more about him than Michael…. as Klein wished MJ gave him the honour..

  • Erin

    Im sorry, but several chidren are not going to say they were molested by Jackson based on seeing him Pee in a cup!. .it wasnt just Jordan Chandler who claimed to be molested . Several came forward. Obviously its an attempt to protect Michael but the damage has long been done.

  • Malcy

    Erin says several children came forward. According to what I read not one child came forward other than Arvizo.This was all for money.Even the 1993 accuser refused to testify.
    About the above article, Klien is just giving big yarns to tabloids for his two nanoseconds of fame.

  • Sarah

    1993 accusser refused to testify because he was payed a mind blowing $20 million after he drew a picture of marks on Michael’s genitals & behind

  • dani

    but would you seek money or justice if your son was molested ? i mean the only people who know what really happened are mj and jordie but who is dead and cannot defend himself so we should forget about this because it would not change a thing. and only jordie and gavin accused mj and in the second case it was obvios it was a scam to get money. the other child that acused mj was jason francia but this was also a scam because according to him he molested francia in 1988 but he only after jordie came fordward accued mj. and plus i’m sure in the next few years there are going to be more and more boy telling some tabloid that mj did something to them or former employees telling that they saw something just to get money.

  • C

    What a lot of people don’t seem to know is that although the Jordan Chandler was able to identify marks on MJ’s penis, one major mistake he made was identifying him as being circumcised when he wasn’t (or vice versa, I can’t remember which). The point is, this is a major error that should not have been made if he actually knew what his penis looked like. Don’t forget people, even though MJ’s insurance company forced him to settle the case, his defense team was sure he would win and was willing to go to trial. If there was sufficient evidence to press charges the state still could. But the boy refused to testify. I agree that settling does make MJ look guilty, but anyone with common sense who reads up on the case can see it’s clear what happened here. It’s called EXTORTION people, ever heard of it?

  • lizzie

    if anything Jordan Chandler was obssessed with Michael & probably snooped when Mj w as doing his business in the loo.. and NO MJ was NOT circumsized..

    also remember.. even a fter Mj was photographed.. Garcetti didn’t file any charges against MJ.. why Feldman raised the ante– to dirty Mj’s name so they would settle the civil suit.. which was paid by INSURANCE.. not from Mj’s pocket.. as people tend to b elieve.


  • Brandon

    Reuters in January 1994 reported that the co-called Jordys description had not matched and he had not identified anything!!!!

    There are court documents that prove that!!! Especially Jordys so-called picture of MJs private area!!!

    Picture of MJs area – i35.tinypic.com/33erdl4.jpg

  • WTFF

    A LIE
    A LIE
    A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ ROX, AND WUD NEVA DO DAT!! pee in front of ppl.. dats insane

    • Dead Ed™

      How do you know that, you fuckin’ cunt?
      Just because you didn’t see it for yourself doesn’t mean it never happned.
      My uncle did it. He never went around saying he did.
      Do you need to hear it from Michael Jackson that he did or didn’t?
      Don’t be such a twat!

    • dat

      “Dat” not English, asshole.

  • moonwalker

    So untrue!
    Michael was shy
    why would he do that?
    i hate it when they make lies
    i don’t believe this at all
    leave MJ alone!
    he had suffer enough
    leave him in peace

  • lizzie


    geez! all the BS he’s concocted just to get attention– & getting more trashy by the millisecond- oh let him hung himself !@!!

    remeber: he DENIED he ever gave MJ demerol.. except a few times before procedures.. (on Larry King) when it’s on record.. in 1993-94.. Debbie Rowe was injecting MJ with it.. LIAR! which caused MJ’s first rehab stint.. in London..

  • denise

    there is seriously better things to talk about….you know something that’s not so stupid and fabricated.

  • Meshell1973

    This is so NOT true….And so like them too…. They all want to wait till his pasting and then talk crap, and make more money off him…. MJ isn’t here to say his peace on this…. You media people need to get a life and stop making up stuff…….We won’t stand for it anymore…….. MJ F THE PRESS, YOUR THE BEST !!!!!!!,

  • Meshell1973


  • Shelley

    I have listened to an interview with Dr Klein……he explained that Michael liked pranks and played around doing silly things….and apparently had… on occasions done what silly boys may often do, just as he threw apples, played hide n seek with reporters. Do not look for sinister things in this. Without Dr Klein Michael’s children may not have their own legal representation…..No doubt Katherine is syphoning money to the other children. Tolerance and understanding is needed. Michael’s talent and God given gifts were overwhelming. Ignorance really shows itself in some of the comments.
    Get some court transcripts from the internet and the truth is revealed with no question

  • Ingrid

    i can’t believe the garbage people will believe..it’s pathetic..as for klein i wonder how he sleeps at night with the garbage he spews..oh wait he’s a doc so maybe he medicates himself..the people are coming out of the woodwork with shit..where were all these people with their stories before Michael died..now that he is not here to defend himself it seems it’s open season on him even more than when he was alive..but i guess this is what we can expect from a civilized society..

  • ken

    Funny how MJ settled with the CA boy’s parents after the boys vivid and (apparently) accurate description of MJ’s privates. I would think it odd, that a boy should have that intimate a knowledge of the entertainer’s equipment. Funny how the case unravelled after the payment was made. $20 million+ will buy a LOT of silence…

  • Claudia

    From what I have seen and read on Mike Jackson, he seemed very shy and modest, and
    I cannot believe for a minute that he would just pee in front of anyone. Arnie may have seen
    it at his doctor’s office, but please, he is in a medical setting and there many things go. Perhaps
    he did not want or could not leave his room there so why wouldn’t you just do that if you’re a guy?
    And, if Mike was doing propofol(sp?) that means he was completely out at times…anyone could
    be “looking” at anything and…taking pictures to study. Get real people, he trusted someone to give
    him this drug to put him to sleep…were these truly trustworthy people or did they buy some insurance when he was under the anesthesia? We don’t know who knew who, who wanted big money and what they were willing to do or who they were willing to be in bed with in order to extort money from MJ. We have no idea who was doing what when Mike was out.

  • jehadjane

    jackson was a piece of white and black trash, i am so glad he is dead. i wish i knew were his grave was so i could take a shit on him