Michael Jackson Makes A Beautiful Corpse

Michael Jackson corpse

You may not recognize him without a little boy’s cock shoved in his mouth, but the above photo is of dead Michael Jackson. The photo of Michael Jackson’s corpse was released during the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor who for some reason the corrupt Zionist legal system is charging with murder.

Apparently prosecutors do not realize that Michael Jackson was a 70lbs pedophile drug addict with no nose. Frankly I am surprised that this doctor was able to keep Michael Jackson from imploding into a pile of dust and kiddie fluids. The man should be congratulated not persecuted!

Maybe it is just my love of seeing dead celebrities, but I think Michael Jackson’s corpse looks good… and I mean REALLY good. I just know I will have sinful thoughts when my mind wanders to this picture later tonight. Allahu Akbar!

  • sympatico

    I bet he’s in heaven with his 77 virgins (boys).

  • theheadchimp

    The only good black pedoqueer is a dead white pedoqueer.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Finally…..michael jackson has stopped sucking hairless boy-balls.

  • nolanbautista

    he probably died thinking of Mackulay Caulkins tight young ass because he has a boner in the pic

  • ishitonmuslims23

    u faggots have no life. or should i say faggot since its all one guy agreeing with himself on photos he edited of celebrities to make them look like sluts when their not. also the site owner who posted this mustve forgotten that mj converted to islam a few years before his tragic passing

    • Anubis

      Shitting 23 black turds-

      Only degenerate homoqueers would defend this pedoqueer freakazoid. It is understandable that googles secretly would love to become Caucasian, but to go to the extreme as he did with the many nose, chin, cheek and other operations, skin bleachings, straightening the kinky pubic hair on his head to a more normal straight look, and so on, he gradually became a total bizarre freak of nature. He could never change his DNA though, so he faked having some white blonde kids claiming they were his, but everyone know they couldn’t have been. If he did artificially inseminate a White woman, they would have been mulatto nigs, with negroid features.

      He was so obsessed to having a normal Caucasian nose instead of the wide negroid gorilla one, that he kept having one nose job after another. There was so much bone shaved out that surgeons refused to do any further jobs on him, stating that what’s left of his nose would collapse away.

      Then to top it off, he was a well known pedoqueer that lured innocent little boys to his kiddie mansion so that he could fondle and play with their private parts, and probably try to get them to jack him off in their sleepovers. His homo fans tried to defend him saying that he liked having little boys over because he had missed his childhood, and wanted to “play” with them. Yes we all know how he wanted to play with them. The Sicko!

      He wanted to be called the King of Rock and Roll, but of course Elvis had that title. So he came up with the King of Pop. When he went on tour, he insisted that each and every place they must introduce him on stage with his self proclaimed monacre title, or he would refuse to screech on stage there.

      I heard he was actually bald later, and wore black straight haired wigs. I think the only “religion” this pedoqueer devoted his life to was the lust to suck little boy cocks. When he wasn’t having little boys over, he would pass the time by sucking on his pet chimp’s cock. Now that was one sick depraved pervert!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        That poor monkey.
        I bet he’s glad that Allah finally assassinated that cock addict, MJ.

      • nolanbautista

        LoL Anubis…now tell us what you really think ;-)

      • ishitonmuslims23

        nice insults you stupid sand google

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      No doubt, you’re one of those pedoqueers who still wears an MJ “thriller jacket” and his famous “jack-off glove” when you frequent the playground in search of hairless, boy-balls to suck on.

      You are a sick asshole….I hope you die from throat herpes.
      And…you had better hope you die before us Muslims find you at you r pedo-glory hole….you perverted mofo.

      • ishitonmuslims23

        youd be first to die by your own bomb