Mel Gibson Speaks Out: ‘Some of My Best Friends are N-Words’

Mel Gibson has released a brief statement apologizing for his use of racial slurs. In the statement, Gibson acknowledged that he should have used a more appropriate term when describing African Americans gang raping his girlfriend.

“What I should have said to my girlfriend was “You look like a f**king pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of N-words, it will be your fault,” Gibson’s statement read. “If any N-words were offended, I sincerely apologize.”

“The fact of the matter is, some of my best friends are N-words. Danny Glover is an N-word, and I’ve made four movies with him. I’m actually an N-word lover, when you think about it.”

When CelebJihad tried to reach Gibson’s for a comment, his publicist informed me that Mel doesn’t talk to “sand N-words.”

  • Dead Ed

    I’m not racist either, Mel. Some of my best t-shirts are black.
    Jet black: favorite color.

    • Bob

      Is this the real Dead Ed, I don’t see the trademark.

  • Lance Coardill

    Is this supposed to be funny?

    • Thats really not something you ask other people. It either is, or is not funny to you. Who gives a rats ass what it is supposed to be. That would imply that you have no personal opinion about anything you see until someone gives it to you.

      Which I will gladly do.

      Yes it is funny, you may laugh now.

  • Sheeeet N-Werd! Gibson is a mutha! You know he wont come down talking trash to his little baby machine like that out here in Oakland. He dont know shit, N-Word gonna rape your girl it wont matter what color his skin is. That fine thing comes down to Macarthur blvd and you know I take her down to Nations first before I slap that ass! N-Werd knows how to treat a bitch with some dignity.


    I find it interesting how our world takes a blind eye when an oriental person is being made fun of or a caucasian. but when it is a nigro…. it is so bad. why is that?

    Shouldn’t all be the same? as well as shouldn’t people be able to tell the difference between when some saying something harsh words in love & harsh words in hate….

    we may have brothers & sisters we call names…. this doesn’t mean we hate them just bvecasue we call them names… we call them names because we love them so much… Well this can happen with friends and family members who are with other races as well.

    in my family… I have all 3 races & many nationalities… we all make fun of each other equally… this doesn’t mean we hate each other… this means we love each other so much we can speak open with each other. I find it sad that when the black race says a joke about the white… it’s funny… but when the white does it back… it’s bad… why? ….

    My friend ever since 2nd grade is black…. we talk about this… if we had a fight in a restaurant… it would hit the news… White racist was fighting poor African American (Even though he “HATES” being called this casue he was “NEVER” born” in any of the 51 countries of the continent of Africa… He was born in the Country of The United States of America …. One of the 17 countries in the continent of North America) & him & I equally call each other racist names just for the fun of it… (We notice when he says it… people laugh… when I say it… people get made… tell he laughs….then people go… aren’t you made? … he goes, “No it’s funny… then they fake laugh… But my wife who is Japanese… everyone thinks it’s funny to say oriental jokes… (Black & white the same…But black it mean… Why is this?)

    • Bob

      Wonderfully articulate.

      • shame


  • Disgusted

    Here it is just four years later and Mel Gibson hasn’t learned anything. He’s still a pompous arrogant jerk.How could a man who wrote, directed and financed “The Passion of Christ” said such disgusting and vile things against the mother of his child? As an African-American woman, I was insulted by the foul comments he said. Thank goodness his ex-girlfriend had him recorded. Now I know how he really feels about African-Americans. I will no longer support any movie made by, directed by or starred by Mr. Gibson ever again.

    • Franton


      “How could a man who wrote, directed and financed “The Passion of Christ” said such disgusting and vile things against the mother of his child?” [sic]

      Religious fools have a history of being violent/rude/retarded. It should come as no surprise then that a man who subscribes to a religion based on a novel that is regularly degrading to women should say horrible things “against” the mother of his child. Also, Mel Gibson is clearly insane. Not like “OMG dude that fucking party was insane!”, I mean in the clinical sense… Much like Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter or Fred Phelps.

      • [email protected]

        mel is awsome, the bible is not a novel you retard. I sell candles. why wont you like me. N-word like nice people. Danny glober is a nice people. I hope you get raped by a pack of nice people Im awsome. send me mail and tell me so. I like all you people you smell funny

  • adolf hitler

    leave mel alone!



  • ACE12


    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      Okay, then shut up, you black google.

  • Dead Ed™

    Everybody’s missing the point.

    Stay away from the deep end finding shipwrecks and pay attention that this is a shallow website.

  • Admiral Tom

    People say the N word every day and nobody is up their asses about it. I’m not saying it’s not wrong i’m just saying that just because he’s a celebrity people think it’s a bigger fucking deal than if anybody else did it.

  • Tj

    I don’t know about other black men but from a black man’s perspective white women treat me like..GOD