Megan Fox’s Tight Butt In Skinny Jeans

megan fox

Guys are shallow. They keep talking about how “hot” Megan Fox is. How she has a tight body and great rack. Not me though. I can look past all that superficial stuff and see that Megan has a pretty decent ass as well. Guess I’m just mature like that.


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megan fox megan fox megan fox megan fox megan fox
  • Dead Ed

    Wow, that’s really tight.

  • Dead Ed

    Whatever happened to the “sexygirls” post? I don’t care for it, it was nonpertaining to the article. It was a spam. Just curious.

  • David Matthews

    Yeah, she has a tight butt but it’s flat. Sorry, eat a cheeseburger! I prefer Beyonce or Kim/Kourtney Kardashian’s body. Megan is beautiful but you can’t deny that she’s fake. Too cookie cutter for me. And who has two nose jobs before they’re 25?

  • MeganFucker

    Fotze und Arschloch ficken !

  • Iron Fister

    Thank you for that “sexygirls” (I never thought a collection of sexy girls would be so up on world news). I was on this site to read biting satire about celebrities written from the perspective of Arab jihadists, but now I know I must immediately do whatever I can to do something about this situation in Vietnam.

    Okay, where do I start? Oh, I’ve got it! I’ll just go back to not giving a shit. If there’s 112 more Charlies for every 100 Charlottes all that means is that it’s tougher to get laid for free over there. However, if you’ve got $6 in your pocket the world is yours… well, I should say, the third world is yours. The real world is someone else’s.

  • Fatbottom


  • Iron Fister

    I’ll kill you Fatbottom!