• Alexis

    Bahaha! Act of Charity: Has sex with Brian Austin Green. Aww, that’s so mean!*continues to laugh*.
    Seriously though, Megan and Ange don’t look alike. Completely different facial features.

  • TareX

    You left out that they both pleasured (and were pleasured by) women.

  • a whitey

    yes…dont forget that they are whatever the word is for female sodomites…like gay i mean. not literally sodomizing. all though maybe

  • Oz

    Did you guys steal this from Cracked.com? This was posted over there a couple of weeks ago!

  • Ash

    I saw this on Cracked.com some time ago. :-/

  • Jim

    I would go with Megan anyday, although Maxim does make a good point: Olivia Wilde is hotter than I originally thought. This realization comes after watching House a little too much.

  • Angel Chaluisan

    There both exceptional Beautys. But Anglina rules that not to say that Megan will not be there also. After all she is still young and just starting out. and for her age she breath taking and talented

  • manny

    megan is very sexy but…

    angie is in a league of her own