Megan Fox Strips To Her Bra At A Party Vid

Megan Fox bra

Megan Fox embodies the old Muslim saying, “You can take the concubine out of the harem, but she is still a whore”.

Just look how Megan Fox behaved at a classy party in the Hollywood Hills yesterday. To the shock of her fellow party goers Megan Fox decided she wasn’t getting enough attention, so she striped down to her bra.

The whole scene was very disturbing and caused Mrs. Olivia Pennybottom to come down with a nasty case of the vapors. As the gif below proves, Megan Fox may no longer have to give blowjobs for food stamps, but she’ll always be a whore at heart.

Megan Fox bra

  • IHateCelebs

    Toe-thumbs! Toe-thumbs! AAAAAGH!

  • AbuTheMonkeySpank

    I’ll second the disfigurement sentiment from the poster above. I would also like to add eeewww!

  • miley’s abortionist

    i’d hit it

  • Grahf

    Remember when Megan Fox was relevant?

  • proud infidel

    cool which movie is that!!!!

    • noname

      How to make friends and alternate people (or something like that) :)