Megan Fox Posing In A Nude Photo

Megan Fox nude

Megan Fox had her baby just 3 weeks ago, and already she appears to be posing nude to show off her post pregnancy body.

If lazy infidel women didn’t use being pregnant as an excuse to sit on their fat asses and stuff cakes down their bloated gullet, they too could look as fit as Megan Fox after giving birth.

Of course all Muslim women have much tighter bodies than Megan Fox just hours after giving birth. This is due to the fact that Muslim women till the fields, and only take a short break to squat behind a bush or boulder to deliver the baby before getting right back to work.

  • Mittstheshit

    First…. On election day.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      This site was fun for a long time. Now its all Jews and terrorists.

      • Get A Life Bitch!

        I seriously hope you’re just a character trolling here for kicks during downtime (like me) because if you’re for real then what I am going to say next will sound silly.

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        Get a therapist, get religion, get an education – something. Being a degraded & degrading whore is no way to go through life.

        • Get A Life Bitch!

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          • Chun li

            @Get A Life Bitch!

            You MUST be a woman…

            What happened…did your husband leave you for a whore ?? LOL

          • Chun li

            ALL women are whores.

            The only difference between a married woman and a prostitute is ..

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            Why do you think so-called “decent” women only marry a guy with money??

            What has currency got to do with love???


            LOL not all women only marry guys with money, im broke and shes the one with money haha

        • Alissa C DiCarlo

          How dare you even speak to me that way. Have you ever masturbated while watching porn? Thought so. Then what I do has value to you and to many others. Also, why don’t you.criticize the guys who do porn? Thought so; double standard.

          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            Men think women who are sexual are dirty or deviant. We’re like you. We’re just fine.

          • muslim hater

            I thought this WAS porn

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        I must agree with you, whore.

        Now this site is infested by mental terrorists: they have made harakiri to their one brain cells. A typical example of it is the Kindergarten gang, aka the LFT (Lobotomized “Firsties” Team ).

        But this only demonstrates how decadent is the Western “civilization”. Only Islam can make the cleansing of it, burning all this garbage.

        Allahu Akbar

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says


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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

            Filthy Jew,

            I don’t like you. But I will visit you, all right. With an AK 47.

            All the Israeli criminals (that is 90% of the zionist population) are doomed to die in a very unpleasant way at the hands of us, pious Muslims.

          • Mohiz

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        • pirugangstablood5150

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          • Zair – The normal one

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        • pirugangstablood5150

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          • Hawaiian

            not one person on this round earth can prove where we all originated, religion and giving “whoever” may have created us, a name, is wrong! For all you know your damning yourself by giving the unknown a name. Stop your immature racially ignorant rants and learn to live in peace. Just because your life sucks and you know it, doesn’t mean you should try destroying everyone else’s. Grow up!

        • Dragon420

          I think the Muslims in the sandbox still need a good lesson in manners. Kinda like the one thats been going on for awhile now but more personal. Everyone who thinks they are leaders in this stupid jihad should have their heads cut off and put on pikes like in the old days. Having to look at the assholes rotting in the sun might and only might. Change the attitude of some but nvr all of the jihadists.

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  • Mittstheshit

    Sorry Anne, I would so hit that!

  • Charles U Farley

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  • Tibetan Monk

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    As the Buddha said,

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  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

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  • sympatico

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  • THE Truth

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  • Abdul Rasul

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    • Me

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if half the comments on this site come from you.

      • arapaho native

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        • Arapaho Native

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  • WTF

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  • WTF

    Is this a serious Muslim site? And if so, how exactly is this helping anything but intolerance, and reinforcing negative stereotypes.

    • Hebo the jew hater

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      • Smarter than you.

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    • Smarter than you.

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    • Alissa DiCarlo’s Lover

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  • Idiots

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  • the white man

    This website is fucking racist!!!

    Any celebrity who isn’t a muslim gets taken the shit taken out of them because they are “whores” or “sluts” and it pissess me off!!! granted, some of your fake images of celebrities are hot, but the write up of it is racist and most of the comments are how the muslims will rise and take the rest of the world, well your doing a good job of it now aren’t you! Anyone who thinks that muslims are superior is an idiot because there is no “true” race, all races are different and deserve equal rights, now, unlike this site, im not racist but the comments that get put on it are and it pisses me off

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  • Lickmeister

    Nice picture attempt…must’ve forgotten about her tattoos!!

    • X-marine

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  • gepa

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  • Tim

    This post got CelebJihad sued again. lol

  • Rusting Toenail

    “While we appreciate Megan Fox’s concern for her image, we find it hard to believe that a woman who spent two Transformers movies bent over with her breasts pressed together could have her reputation damaged by a blatantly satirical website.”

    Classic. You sure know just how to handle these infidels’ lawyers and their empty threats, don’t you Durka? They should’ve learned from the stupidity of Taylor Swift’s legal team.


    WOW everyone on this site need help or be put in a camp!! You are a bunch of sick bastards, that will learn very soon, i mean VERY soon that your upbringing and beliefs are garbage!

    These are all photoshop. Her breast are different sizes and shapes in every picture and the tattoos in wrong places.

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    • Abdul Rasul

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        Sad truth is, your on your way there! :D

        • Rusting Toenail

          Please, never leave. People like you are what make coming here so entertaining. The irony of your username is also just too much.

          Warmest regards,

          Rusting Toenail

      • The Imam

        BUCH OF MORONS might still be saved if s/he converts to Islam immediately, returns to school, refrains from having sex with farm animals (who are all creatures of Allah, PBUH), and learns to spell.

        I pray for his conversion to the One True Faith.

  • puzzailsignorvincenzo

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  • Anonymous

    You are all our enemy. You speak of purging the world of evil, however you continue to wage your wars over your lands, and refuse to put aside your differences and move forward, that is why you do not have any power outside your own land. Why do you refuse to see that you are continuing the never ending cycle of violence? Either way, we are here to stop you by whatever means necessary. Even now we have invaded your government’s servers as well as the servers of your precious terrorist cells and we have informants hiding with you keep us informed of all your dirty secrets. You will rue the day you turned a blind eye to the path of peace and went down the road paved in blood and violence. Your own God has told you not to walk that road but you have anyway. We award you no points.

    We are Anonymous
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  • steven

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  • steven

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  • Joey~

    Really obviously FAKE.
    Megan has tattoos that would be visible if this where real.

  • Andrew123

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