Megan Fox Pic X-Rayed To Reveal Breasts

Megan Fox

Thanks to advances in wizardry we can now take a picture of Megan Fox and x-ray it to reveal her breasts and nipples! All for the glory of Allah of course, praise be to his name.

No longer will we suffer from the tyranny of prude hotties who refuse to show their nude bodies. Now we can simply have them photographed in tight fitting white clothing and apply the magic of Photoshop to reveal their hot nakedness.

Take a look at this technology in action on this picture of Megan Fox. As you can see when the x-ray filter is added to the picture her nude breasts and nipples start to be revealed until we get a pretty good idea of what her beautiful bare breasts look like.


Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox

  • Megan Fox

    just dude real X-rays pics show her naked man!! i just want to put my penis in h
    er mouth

  • God

    No I wonder why you didn’t xray the bottom to?

  • Grahf

    Forget Megan, let’s use this technology on Scarlett Johannsson!

  • charline

    Megan is a hoe/slut/hooker and no one really likes her because she thinks that she is so hot yeah right she is the uglyst person in the world.

  • Steve

    No matter how you look at her Megan Fox is a spectacular woman and one that needs as much exploration as is possible. As always Playboy, keep up the outstanding work and thanks.

  • Flash

    Awesome just fuckin awesome

  • steven
  • y

    hahaha theyre obviously sooooo fake hahahahah

  • Rachel riley

    I would love to stick my penis up her vagina and ass!!!! She’s sexy

  • Ompal

    Megan Fox is a child in the “before” photo. That isn’t bad teeth. Not all her permanent teeth have come in yet. She looks to be about 10 years old. Girls that young allusuy don’t pay much attention to their eyebrows or unibrow. Her face looks different now because she grew up and became a woman.ETA: Botox is suppose to stop wrinkles from showing up on your face. Most women under the age of 30 look young enough not to need it. I doubt Megan Fox uses Botox..