Megan Fox Nude Photo

Megan Fox nude

Self-proclaimed “actress” and degenerate harlot Megan Fox appears to pose nude in the photo above.

This picture is from the same nude photo shoot as the one we posted a few months ago, which Megan Fox famously threatened to sue us over.

Of course Megan Fox’s claim of defamation over these nude photos is outrageous and would never hold up in Sharia court. Especially since Megan has made a career out of flaunting her body, so it is extremely reasonable to assume she would take it to the next level by showing her sex organs in nude photos.

  • Abdul Rasul

    Typical Jew heathen. She sucks more Hollywood cock than gay faggin Pete and her biggest concern is money? If I were her I’d get tested for aids. More than likely it’s too late considering Americans are practically born with aids.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Abdul

      This ugly prostitue Megan has ruined my celebration of the fake jew holiday called christmas.

      I will give 100 goats to the first JIhadist who gives her the gift of the AK-47…between the eyes.


      • Johnny Rotten

        Helluva nice picture Celebjihad, but could you have at least photo shopped some nicer feet on her ? My God those look like mens feet she has there. You start looking at the photo and you’re thinking nice, yeah baby, then you start looking down and all of the sudden eeewww.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          johnny rod-smoker

          the feet are the only part of that horrid pic that looks good.

          you are a dumbass mofo

          • Moshe Dayan

            Anal Abdullah,

            I’m sure Freddy Mercury would also find that picture “horrid”. That is a PERFECT body. If you find that “horrid” then a hardcore homoqueer google cock jockey is what you must be because those perfect tits and pussy could turn even Versace straight. You need to head over to where you’ll find tons of the kind of really hot pics that pedoqueer muslims like. We Jews.will handle the pussy on this site!

            Eat shti and die you fag mofo

    • Americans rule

      Ur a stupid f ucker u stupid piece of shit americans got aids from u u stupid little fuck peice of of shit

      • ive done ur wife

        Fuck u u dumb piece of cocksuckin shit if I ever found u I wound beat the shit out of u then fuck ur then burn ur kids

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Americans rim donkeys

        you faggy Americans get AIDS because you are a bunch of queers and you fuck

        gay monkeys.

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Americans rule on taking in the ass,

        Shut the fuck up you dumb google.

        This Xmas you should have eaten turkey instead of your daily dose of watermelon. The lack of proteins makes your mental condition worsen to a desperate level.
        Soon you’ll have the IQ of a chicken.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Abdul

      Megan sucked more cock when she was deepthroating me than the men of Tikrit, Tehran, and Kabul have in their pants combined.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Gay pete

        I believe that she has sucked many cocks but instead of deepthroating you…she was in a “deep throating” competition with you, at the bisexual glory hole…and you won.

        congratulations you cock sucking muthafucker

    • Moshe Dayan

      Abdul Arsehole,

      I think its too late for you to be tested for AIDs since the barebacking activity you love to engage in at the gloryhole with your homo buddies the A’s : Anal Abduallh and Anal-Lube-is. It is virtually guaranteed that you are infected. HIV is spread from unsafe anal sex and you and Anal Abdullah are in the hall of fame for that, alongside Freddy Mercury and Rock Hudson. What’s worse, rumour has it that your camel and goat both look like holocaust victims due to their advanced illnesses. Instead of testing, just execute yourself and the other fags. A few pounds of TNT will solve this problem perfectly.

      Eat shit and die mofo

    • John Mariston

      That is just straight out rde. I don’t like mgan fox ither but when you said “considering Americans are practically born with aids.” That is uncalled for.

    • the1uwant888

      man fuck u americans will whoop ur mother fuckin ass

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I discovered a new way to masturbate. I found this crystal egg for sale. It’s made of natural rock crystal. Basically you insert it in your vagina and then just mastturbate as usual by rubbing your clitoris. Somehow it makes you get multiple orgasms, really intense one too.

    • Abdul Rasul

      Funny Pete does the same thing only he shoves a gerbal up his ass then blows a guy. Also you are a slut cunt bitch and I will be pleased when you are executed.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Rectum Rasul

        What is a “gerbal?”

        Is that what you call your biggest dildo?

        Ha…..of course it is.


    • Sixpack Italian

      Were Can I get one for my girlfriend ?

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Ass eater italian

        Don’t hide behind the cloak that is your “girlfriend.”

        It is well known around the world that italians shove wine bottles up their asses and idolize the pope like he has the worlds largest cock. Of course……everyone on this KKK site knows I’m the world record holder for the longest and thickest cock. Brother Otis came in a close second, or so I was told by the judge.

        Also….those sicilian mofos like Gotti and others sucked more cock than gloryholers in Tikrit.


        • Sixpack Italian

          What’s this obsession you have with cocks.Do you lack one? By the way the kkk dress like the pope and you and the pope are gay.The one loves little boys and the other loves cocks.Not all Italians are catholics.

          • Get this, mofos…

            No, but they’re all greaseball cocksuckers who fuck their mothers, though.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Well what do you do to get yourself off Mr. Rasul?

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Why does everyone call me a whore on this site? I’m not a whore. I’m a pornographic film actress.

  • Zohair- The Good one

    I quit brothers…goodbye !

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Have a good rest brother Zohair!

      After the 1st January all the Jiadhists will have a lot of work to do.

      Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu!

      • Zohair- The Good one

        Brother Hashim,

        I actually meant quitting as in really giving up. I commented 3 times on this post but each time my comment was blocked.

        I thought maybe they blocked everyone at that time to hinder the “Firsties” idiots…but when I saw Alissa carlo’s comment…I was really pissed.

        It meant that only my ip was blocked and nobody else’s…and the same thing has happend in the past as well.

        So, I actually posted as in giving up..quitting once and for all.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Nohair on testicles

          Ha. You ain’t foolin nobody.

          The Klan found your homoperv act and, as a last request, you were allowed to notify your gloryhole members that you wouldn’t be at stall #3 any longer.

          No doubt you’ll enjoy the pitchfork that Satan will shove up your ass.


        • Moshe Dayan


          You have just experienced the new Mossad “Muslim Elimination” worm that our intrepid agents have developed to stop mofo jihadists such as yourself from spreading fables on the internet. We will allow you to post freely to any number of gay cruising sites but Celebjihad now has a star of david all over it.

          Eat shit and die mofo

        • Zohair- The Good one

          Thanks Moshe, I would have expected this from others not from you..but anyway

          Pete, thanks to you as well…and don’t fret…I won’t be coming here anymore.

          Wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Have a great life guys


          • Moshe Dayan


            But I am a Zionist and you are a Jihadist??? Are you saying that muslims and jews should actually get along with each other, even respect each other like humans. That’s a strange idea. There would be peace, no innocent children getting killed, no soldiers layiing waste to countries with streams of refugees escaping for their lives, no destroyed villages and crushed families in the rubble of their homes, the military-industrial complex shut down and out of work, no righteous Jewish settlers gunning down palestinians and no Palestinian bus bombers turning Jews into coleslaw. And if it spreads then muslims not killing Christians, Hindus not killing muslims, Mexican cartel members not castrating, beating to death and beheading people? People living together in peace and helping each other while Lennon’s “Imagine” plays in the background.

            And you want to live in a world like that? Don’t you believe in God? Going to head out now with the IDF boys and rack up some more Palestis to try to make it an even 1000 before the 31st. Someone told me that’s Gods will and that’s good enough for me. That’s our way after all.

            Eat shit and die mofo.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Moshe…Yeah that’s true…what was I thinking right?

            It’s all god’s will…duh!

            While you jooos are preparing for attacks…us muslims are working on “Pinocchio nose virus”

            Come Jan 1….all you hooked nose joooos shall have 2 feet long noses….Insha’Allah !

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Zohair,

          Don’t let the blood boil too early in your Jihadist’s vains.
          Something went wrong, but for sure are not the brothers to blame.

          We all count on you to proceed with our fight against the enemies of Islam.
          And crushing those bitches that’s all that matters.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Brother Hashim

            I am truly moved by your words and I shall stay because of them.

            I still do not understand why was my comment blocked though…and this wasn’t the only time this happened…which is the reason behind my boiling blood as you perfectly remarked, as always.

            Nonetheles…..I wish you 72 Blonde virgins multiplied by 10……Refined Petroleum growing out of your backyard…and a very Jihadful New year

            May peace be upon you

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Welcome back, brother.

            I’m sure the problem was caused by that devilish CMS called “WordPress” which is a mole created by the Zionist enemy to spy and cause problems on us.

            Allahu Akbar

          • Get this, mofos…

            Jesus Christ, get a room for your dong slobbering and kissing competition, you Islamic faggots.

            You’re going to give the Internet HIV.

            Die in a fire.


    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Nohair on nuts

      You quit sucking cock and taking it in the ass?

      This would be quite shocking……if it were true.

      Sorry homo……you’ll continued to get bitch smacked and treated like the ladyboy you are by members of The Brotherhood on this site.


      • Get this, mofos…

        Zohair is a fucking drama queen homodyke on her period.

        No one would care if you just fucking died and never posted here again.

        The world go on without you.

        In fact, I would guess the world and everyone around you in your limited circle of real life friends and family would do EVEN BETTER if that happened.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          The same goes for you, motherfucker. Who are you, anyway?

          Who gives a damn for another sad idiot with a loose ass hole poluting this site?

        • Zohair – The Good One


          Why are you hiding behind a generic name like “Get this, mofos” ?

          I dare you to stop sucking your father’s cock…and chose a name with an identity and then post…maybe then I migh want to insult you.

          As of now, I can only laugh at you

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gets it from mofos

          you dirty homoqueer.

          Us Muslims don’t care what you get at the glory hole or who you get it from.

          eat shit and die gay mofo

          • Get this, mofos…


            Zohair, you are a punk ass bitch.

            I hope you have an aneurism and die in your sleep, you pathetic piece drama queen crybaby.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Mofo….Still with the same name I see…

            There can be only 2 explanations :

            1) You are a pussy
            2) Your Dad won’t let you stop sucking his cock

            I bet both of the above are true….

  • TheAsianOne

    Holy shit this whore is out of control


    I hate how every person from the middle east are so ignorant about everyone else I do admit there r Americans who r whores and I can easily say that about eery country and I bet that 50% of anyone from the middle east have some kind of sickness from everyone throwing literal shit in everyone water
    Thank you I needed to just get that off my chest

    • Americans rule

      Infadeils are gay fucking dick licking dick fucking shit
      Eating peice of shit thats all u can offord oh im sorry
      Did i affend u im sorry i just lied and i never
      Lie to people & i just didnt becuase ur not even people

  • Akinfenwha The Tank

    Jingle Bombs. Jingle Bombs. Jingle all the way. Oh, much fun it is to blow up a house in the USA.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Nice and very inspiring poem brother!

      You must be declared the bard of the Jihad.

      Thank you!

      • Akinfenwha The Tank

        It would be an honour to serve the Muslim Brotherhood, Brother Hashim

  • Imam Khalid

    What is the heathen West’s fixation with this fugly, shit colored, hammer thumbed, wetback slut?

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up already?

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      No…..but my 15 inches is up her twat.


  • cowbulls

    This stupid bitch has forgotten that she was a nobody before she was a fuck toy and if she tries to stop being a cum deposit for any man that wants her she will be forgotten very quickly.

  • Americans rule

    Abul ur a fucking gay fucken piece of infadiel shit
    I know i didnt not spell that right but i had more school
    Than ur whole family has had in all togethor and u gave
    Americans aids bitch ur about as wealthy as a
    Homeless american and he as had more money
    And school than u have u aids giving bitch u only
    Give aids to poor blind guys by raping them

  • Americans rule

    Fuck u all u muslum terrist bitch fucking cock licking
    Stupid as mother fuckers u know how when u die
    U go to heaven theirs 75 virgens waiting for u
    They never said if they were guys or not so go commit
    Suicide u stupid fucks

  • Anwar

    I think that we only get 70 virgins, but taking into account the cost to capital of inflation, I suppose it is possibly up to 75 virgins by now.

    • Go America go

      If u get 75 virgins how come u put underwear bombs in ur dick it gets blown up?!?!?!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        american dumbass

        When us Muslims die in the act of Jihad, our bodies are restored in heaven and our big Muslim cocks and hairy balls that we had on Earth are back in our trousers…without a scratch.

        You realy are a dumbass mofo

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          Yes……your tiny cocks and hairless balls are restored……so Allah can suck on them.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay pete

            I didn’t say you’d get your tiny cock restored by Allah.

            When you die, you’ll get what you always wanted between your legs……”a big hairy pussy”

            However, I doubt you’ll like getting fucked by satan’s burning 10 foot barbed pole and his demon’s “cactus cocks”

  • analflute

    All u american parisites will fall to thrath of the jihad prepare americans for u may no longer be of existence

    • Moshe Dayan

      He who plays anal-flute,

      The only parasites are the ones you’ve acquired in your rimming activities. I suggest you drink some gasoline then swallow a match o try to exterminate the fifty footer tapeworm living in your asshole.

      Eat shit and die mofo


    I like to insert a wine bottle in my vagina while I rub my clitoris to orgasm, but not just any wine bottle of course.

  • Umar the Brown

    When I read this, it said, “Fetid Box, Move Logo.” Then I saw who it was and realized Allah was letting me see the future. Isn’t His will wonderful?

  • Celebjihad Admin

    Merry Christmas to all you Muslims out their, have nice time in your home with your wife and your ….

    O wait you have nothing, born in crap die in crap.

    Bring the troops home, nothing worth fighting for in your country’s try helping, and all you do is silly plots & riots. And blow yourselfs up, why ? So everyone else will be better off ? No, makes things worse.

    And merry Christmas, ahem my lord.

    • Umar the Brown

      Christian Dimii Faggot,

      When Islam takes over:
      -You will hear our jackboots on the roof of your trailer
      -We will roast your nuts over an open fire
      -We will tear open the wrapping from your organs
      -We will fill the stocking of your body with AK-47 rounds

      Enjoy your pagan god holiday while you can, kufahr.

      ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Mariston

        Damn,Just wow. Guess at you ugly shit head. At leat we have real houes!We have; tv,car’s,electicity,and amy that isn’t afraid of terroist’s. Now if you remember who helped you guy’s when the russian’s invaded your country it was us who helped. Did we get a thank you? Nope. We got two airplanes crashing into our world tade center. Thinking you would crush us but you didn’t so that was a fail on your part.Also guess what fucker. We are build a new one! Also bigger! Also keep your racist comments on our god to your self. You may think your religon is going to take ove but new’s flash!Nobody that is christen will bow down to your akbar.

        • Umar the Brown

          “real houes”????????

          Your mother is a real ho. Learn to spell, stupid Canadian.

          ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lano

    When I was 6-7 year-old boy, I asked to Santa for a machine to teleport me and any girl I want in a quiet place to do anything with her. So I wrote my letter and I remember that I made some nude drawings of Megan Fox, Avril Lavigne, Lorie (French Artist), and lot more to explain correctly what I want.

    2 days later, my mum drives me to a stupid doctor…
    1 year later, I had my first computer! But without internet… So at school we exchange our HDD (20Go lol) with thousand of “porn” pictures and later some videos/games to complete our collection.

    6 months later, I got internet, amazing 25 sec for an HQ (not HD) picture !
    For a game, it takes 1 week to download (0.8ko/s max)!

    Lol, now, search for a specific kind of scene and a specific girl, one click, 5-6 ejaculations and that’s it.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      The Jama’at ul-Fuqara Jihad Network has put you on the, top 10 to execute list.

      Happy (short) new year asshole

  • Salim the All Knowing

    American rule, is a fool. Your mouth should be in the Muslim navy, full of muslim semen. We would being doing the USA a favor by sending your monkey ass back to Africa. India would be a better place for you, seeing how you are used to using the streets as your own latrine, and the smell of shit that pervades the country would hide your own stench of stupidity. We have you scheduled for a stoning, using the rocks from your head and those of your fellow pick a ninnies.

    • Captain Ahab

      Muslim navy? What navy? Do you mean a couple of guys on a few pieces of driftwood using their Burkhas for sail’s?

      • Salim the All Knowing

        Camel! They are our ships of the desert. Yourm other should have taught you that, as she is one one of our flagships. She is very popular, full of Arab semen.

  • John

    You guys are fucked in the head. Alla ackba

    • Salim the All Knowing

      And your mama is fucked in the ass.

  • Anwar

    John we’re going to come to your american cities and set them on fire like we did in 2001.

    • John Mariston

      Killing inocent pople again? Why? Why in the hell wld you kill inocent peple alo inclding kid’s Are you just fucked up in the head? Who would say such a thing? How would you like it if I droped a dam airplane on your loved ones and friend’s?! I taketha comment really hard becuase I los a friend in it. So plase shut you mouth.

  • fuck the ragheads

    fuck Islam fuck rag heads America rules and useing a section of my name and adding something about gays isn’t funny or hurtful lol try getting some better comebacks lol

    • Salim the All Knowing

      Is your sister still gagging from the thousands of unborn jihadis I left in her throat? You are a pathetic, decadent western asshole. Do you still live in your mama’s basement, cramming Cheetos down your gullet, playing Halo and pretending you are a stud. Clowns like you never had, nor will ever get pussy, unless it is sheep or camel Do America a favor,take one of your 450 bullets a minute guns, and blow your fucking brains out. Pass the Cheetos please.

  • fuck the ragheads

    oh and 911 jokes are just funny now bc you think it hurts us as a nation guess what we are a stronger crazy as fuck nation we build cars that go 300 miles an hour bc we are bored and guns that fire 450 bullets a min bc we had i really love you and i wish we could be together better to build pull that shit again and see what we build

    • Imam Khalid

      Your nation has become a police state since 2001.


      That’s the real joke, here.

      We kicked you infidels out if Iraq and soon Afghanistan. After that, we will conquer the USA which will become… the United Islamic States of New Arabia.


      • Salim the All Knowing

        We have established our first outpost in Dearborn, MI. Raghead, if you repent now, you will be given a job washing my camel’s scrotum, a job you are most suredly qualified for. Pass the Cheetos.

      • John Mariston

        Now I also have seen some people who just sraight up hate ameican’s. I don’t under stand why those people hate us,maybe it is becuse we went into thir country. Also we did’t get kicked out of iraq.We left to put down the terorist force’s in that place. Also you will Never take america over. You can try like napolien when tried taking russia. Also america is therey christian. So please keep your bullshit statement’s to your self. Also please tell me why you hate america so much. Is it our religon?

  • fuck the ragheads

    nothing instead of i really love you and i wish we could be together lol sorry America my phone autocorrected it bc my sister added i really love you and i wish we could be together to replace nothing when you type it in lol

  • dream team

    What a beautiful body shes got. Too bad she has to be
    a mother.

  • Sixpack Italian

    I bet you all masturbate over this
    .Double standard idiots.

    • Imam Khalid

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      Go shave your sister’s back, you homoqueer greaseball.


  • Sixpack Italian

    And I bet you all masturbate over alissa ‘s comments and save this image and masturbate,ha ha

  • Sixpack Italian

    Don’t have a sister but I don’t wanna meet yours I’m sure she’s ugly like your race

    • Salim the All Knowing

      Uneducated 6 pack dago, if you read your history,(read as in a book) you would know that Wop land once consisted of fair haired, blue eyed, white skinned infidels. After the country was DEFEATED by the Moors (Muslims) your race became olive skinned, dark hair and eyes. We saved your kind by injecting our mighty gene pool in your decadent trollops (Best shagging they ever had). So grease ball, educate yourself instead of spending time in the tanner and smoking pole. Now get back to work and make my pizza, and have your sister shave her mustache, it scratches my nut sack when she tongue punches it.

      • Sixpack Italian


  • allah

    lol, you idiots wont get the 40 virgins, no matter how often you blow yourself up in my name.
    you behave like americans on this shit of a page, and you will be handled like one of them once you arrive.

    • Umar the Brown

      I wouldn’t even waste the forward motion of my Damascus Steel Scimitar on you, filthy kufahr mongrel. I would just push you in front of one of our victorious and glorious tanks as we approached the center of your shitty little village, which would probably be the local Wal-Mart or “Fill-in-the-blank named Centre” if you are a gap-toothed British twit.

  • bill

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    • Umar the Brown

      Wait…if you kill us first how can you shove our dongafels down our throats BEFORE we die?

      I’m all in favor of fiery invective, but how about put some thought into matters of sequence BEFORE you type.

      By The Prophet’s Beard, what an amateur.

  • I enjoyed this war

    All I have to say is 6,600 American casualties and 1,033,000 arab Muslim scum deaths. I will go to war with u boy fuckin faggots any day. U don’t stand a chance. And ur woman are ugly and nasty. That’s why u enjoy lookin at ghis beautiful creature megan…. so go kill urself. I’m sure that’s why u strap bombs to your body is because u cant stand to look at your woman everyday

  • John Mariston

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  • Same guy as before

    How are you going to take over America? They have better troops than your crappy Taliban also we killed bin laden the motherfucker who caused 9/11 which killed a lot of innocent people. Heaven? Seriously some shit must of come up with that crap.

  • Same guy as before

    How are you going to take over America? They have better troops than your crappy Taliban also we killed bin laden the motherfucker who caused 9/11 which killed a lot of innocent people. Heaven? Seriously some shit must of come up with that crap. You Taliban will be hung till your gasping for air the cut 100s of times then finally shot twice in the arms and legs left for 5 minutes then shot in the stomach until your dead

  • inkstat

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  • some person

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    • Mike James

      Yup. In fact I think they’re sleeves and they’re huge and noticeable.

  • Abdullah abdaram Gil


  • jeremiaha

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  • nickincary

    wow these comments on here must be from jealous women, I’m sorry, bitches, cuz y’all dint know first thing about America.

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  • Eduardo Reillo

    Let Obama drop some nukes over you, radical Muslim craps, and even more so x, Let Allah destroy you all pieces of shit and flush you down the toilet! You are subhuman pieces of shut that deserve extermination (don’t get me wrong)

  • No Gods, No Masters

    Funny…. this site defamates and slanders nude women like it is a horrible thing that they would proudly show their beautiful body to the world. Yet THEY are the ones showing the pics that they think are so horrible and sinful. Take your Sharia bullshit, turn it sideways, and shove it right up your ass… or your buddies ass if that is your thing. The super religious are ALWAYS the biggest perpetrators of what they are so loudly against.