Megan Fox Near Nip Slip

Megan Fox

Megan Fox came very close to having a nip slip at the Teen Choice Awards. Unfortunately the last bit of fabric on her dress held on and kept her nipple at home.

However, take heart my friends it is really just a matter of time before we get a quality nip slip from Megan Fox. She is the most photographed woman in the world and she wears very revealing dresses. Simple probability will tell you we just need to be patient.

Furthermore I would bet my left nut that Megan Fox has made a sex tape and/or had nude pictures taken of her. She is far too hot and is attracted to too many douchebags for this not to have happened. Whether it ever makes its way unto the Internet remains to be seen.

Here is Megan Fox’s near nip slip at the Teen Choice Awards

Megan Fox

  • Dude

    Well i guess u only have one nut now…keep dreamin dick wad!

  • meow

    I already saw I pic of her topless dude on the internet, she was shooting for some movie!

  • Dude

    She wasnt fully topless in those pics…dont count bro…

  • eldiin

    She was not topless… She was shooting for a movie in which she was wearing pasties… Look closer at stuff before you post retarded comments, meow.

  • Kevin

    Her head is so big in this picture x.x

  • licious

    i do agree..she really has a big head in this picture..

  • David Lapp

    You look so cut their girl