Megan Fox Naked Picture Leaked?

Megan Fox naked

Is this a picture of Megan Fox naked? Based on the fact that I can see her breasts and vagina I would yes, yes it is.

If this is in fact a picture of Megan Fox nude, I must admit I am disappointed. I always imagined Megan Fox’s first time posing naked to be years from now, when she is a washed-up has-been with a nasty meth habit who is willing to gape her ass on camera for just a couple bucks.

This picture is far too classy for Megan Fox’s first nude. I can only hope that it is a fake and that my dream of seeing Megan Fox naked for the first time performing extreme sex acts can still be a reality.


    Kinda gross

  • Chopp

    if its her..where are the tats?

  • Anubis

    Her vag doesn’t look like it has enough milege to be her. So your dream may yet come true. One thing is for sure, it sure couldn’t be the vag of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay’s is so huge and worn out from using huge dildos and rampant lezzie rugmunching orgies that a Mack truck could drive inside.

  • apple

    its fake. so fake you guys don’t even what the hell is going on. if it is real, so where the hell is her tattoo? wake people

  • Urallsostupid

    She has bigger tits

  • Westside willy

    Yo this site is so lame now, all these fake pics and fake faggot muslim pricks. Small things amuse small minds and thats the crowd you are playing to now. Kiss my lily white ass you jihad wanna be mother fuckers. Peace love and when that fails furious vindication for the victims of ignorant hate mongers like all you lil baby hitlers that run there mouth spewwing verbal diarhea all over the fucking place.

  • mj

    Her head looks like its super imposed on it.. far too big for that little body

  • Gus camargo

    That is not real she has a tattoo on her left side of her ribs and tattoos on her wrists also has a tattoo that says “brain” on her lower waist on the right

    • theheadchimp

      And don’t forget the tat on her ass that says “this side up”.

  • GoatMechanic.InCompton

    Oh and don’t forget the tat on chimps ass… between all those dingle berrys that says… this side in

  • yo mom

    nice tit wish i could fuk u

  • max


  • no way

    this is not megan fox. none of her tattoos are there. FAKE!

  • Roger that

    Yep that’s her. The black dude down there is a fucking idiot and needs to be put back in slavery

    • shut up

      you reply too much we get it IT’S FAKE!!!!!

    • Greeno

      Grow up you idiot!! You have to be the only retard that would believe this crap. Simple minds equal stupid people, and your a shining example of both!!

  • isaac

    looks pretty hot

  • isaac

    jk she has wayyyy bigger nipples than that!!!

  • Jorge

    Shes sexy

    • Kahlid

      She’s a gross, cum guzzling wetback harlot.

      Now, start raking my lawn, _pendejo_, or no Coca-Cola for you.

      Coca-Cola is like money to you “people”.

  • shane

    it was very sexy

  • Shane Warner

    She is wow fit
    I get a boner over her

  • mark

    ohhhh! ! ! thas hot but, its fake

  • kyky

    hahaha well its ok to imagine what it may look like im gonna just wait till she has my babies and ill take a pic and upload it for all of yall lol

  • b.o.s.s.

    thats not her, she has huge tits….that chick looks Egyptian

  • Greeno

    It’s a 100% fake. No tatoo, plus the neck doesn’t fit the body so they had to put the necklace in to try and cover it. Doesn’t even look close!!

  • Greeno

    This girl’s body is way to skinny. Meagan is much tighter!!

  • maicotab

    i dont care if its fake or not i would fuck her gladly,

  • Jake

    Either way I’m fapping to this;)

  • Josh

    Fake but i would fk her

  • Jo

    This may not be the right Megan fox but she is very sexy and I wouldn’t kick her out bed till I was done anyway..

  • Martin

    It’s a fake she has a tatoo on her right arm (in reality) while it’s absent in this

  • Michael

    Its not her she has a tatoo on her left side in this there’s not tatoo so its a fake

  • Nicholas

    i would love to fuck her and kill her

  • hotstuff 63

    im going to wank over her

  • iceman

    fake she has a tat of marlyn monroe on her arm not in this pic so i say its fake

  • MrKnowItAll

    This is not Fox, her nipples are different as shown as in “Jennifer’s Body”

  • 69niner says

    Yall r rite it fake so she is the fake

  • joseph

    Its fake she doesnt have her tatoo on the side of her body

  • John

    Its fake. She has a tattoo on, I believe, her left rib age area

  • trust

    Looks like she needs a dick in that pussy.

  • Walt disney

    these tits are nowhere as big as the hooters in the other pics of her on this site. fwiw…