Megan Fox Naked In Just High Heels

Megan Fox naked

Megan Fox appears to pose naked in just a pair of high heel shoes in the slutty photo above.

Clearly Megan is trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of her last bit of fame before she fades into obscurity.

Of course no one would still be foolish enough to pay to see Megan Fox attempt to act, so photos like these are where the money is at for her. We can fully expect to see much more of this hardcore side of Megan Fox in the future.

  • Cahi


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Congratulations: you just won the dumbest brat Cup.

      • Qy

        Well see..
        Since you all keep on ranting about your respective religious beleifs..I’ll put my 2 cents in it as well

        The tension in Israel between muslims and jews..does not just “happen” to be a co-incidence..but it is a result of deliberation and careful anticipation of the futuristic stregth of the enemy..sort of like “holding them down”

        You see..when Jews were promised that they will be given their own state..things just “happened” to get out of hand and no desicion was made..which laid the path for a relentless and never ending conflict between muslims and jews..

        While I am a stong supporter of peace and all that crap..I think they did best when they decided that muslims and jews should always keep on fighting..

        The race that can dominate the world..will have the highest IQ and will be the most sinister as well..and both these things are abundant in it was best to let muslims and jews fight so that none of these bas*** shall come to power..and jews are not allowed to get strong enough to pose a threat to other races.

        Now..I am not even a christian..nor a jew..frankly I give a rat’s ass about religion..and I strongly believe that in order to achieve true democracy and long lasting is imperative that we start weaning off the concept of “religion”completely from this planet.

        • Benniferrrrrrrrrrrr

          So that is why her nickname is Gumby. NICE……..

          • Arcachnar

            I do not think it would be a good idea by nuking other countries, because of the bad things that have/is happen in the name of Allah. We all know that only the misguided ones used the Qu’ran to justify to kill and maim non-believers by bombing and such. Not every Muslim thinks the same.

            Besides, nuking will give the US not a good reputation, who is already not that good.

            DON’T only think that if the extremist side of the Muslims rule. IF the hard core Christians or Jews rules, you would have the same problem with the internet, etc. Thus ‘hell’.

            While I have my faults (I am human), I try my best to follow the right path of my religion.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: While I completely understand the bitterness, you should know that religion is on itaelf not wrong, bad and to blame. Those who are/were in charge are to blame. They filled in the passages of the Qu’ran, Bible, etc in their own uses. Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, hunting down ‘witches’, bombing, etc.

            Religion have helped people who found it after a life of bad luck, misery, etc.

        • Arapaho Native

          Unfortunately, you are right. Every civilization would be better if they never had a religion to begin with. But like every civilization, there also would be some kind of religion. Of course, I don’t think there would be peace as there will be always be wars, over either important issues or something incredibly studid. The war between Israel and Pakistan won’t cool down for a while, but that doesn’t mean it will. I still think the Jews are a curse on humanity, because so far no one has taught me different, but I’m no fan of the middle east either. Well anyway, maybe somethings will change, but don”t count on it.

          • Qy

            Well Arapaho Native

            The thing is..any race that comes to power..shal try to dominate and subdue other race..its but natural..
            What we have to see is..the after effects..consequences of the same..

            Where we all falter is we only consider the immediate and apparent ongoing consequences and overlook or not at all think about the long term consequences.

            See..white people have killed destroyed done everything bad that could be done..BUT look at what we have as a result! Democracy!! Liberty..freedom of speech..
            Without the caucasions..posting something on a site like this would have been next to impossible..
            So whant can we conclude??
            That even through cruelty and wars..ultimately white people did the best that could have been done!

            Now just imagine for a second..if muslims were incharge of the you think you get laid anytime soon? Do you think you could use internet freely? Do you think that you you speak against the president? NEVER..
            Hence..a world where muslims rule..can be well something they refer to as ‘hell”

            That is one of the reasons I come to this site..through reverse psychological tactics..they are able to instill resentment towards Islam and muslims..which is exactly what they deserve..
            Trust me will never want to live in a world controlled by muslims..never!

          • Qy

            I am a muslim..and probably the only muslim on this site..

          • Arapaho Native

            True, but I hate any white trash Americans with a burning hate. But I can hide my anger by venting on this god forsaken site. If they are any Jews present, may you burn in hell

          • Arapaho Native

            Although america has many tempting things, it is a swirling mass of hatred and prejustice and the people in this country are incredibly stupid and they blame anybody they can find, and I find that Obama is a decent president and I don’t think anybody could have done a better job. I mean, who could make the economy better? Mitt Romney? That bastard can’t even go anywhere without making enemies, and he’s incredibly stupid. Most people don’t like him because he’s black, even though they deny it.

          • Qy

            Well about obama..
            I don’t have anything against obama or any other US president for that matter..the reason for this is..the president howsoever influential he may only a single person..and DOES NOT make the ultimate desicions.

            It is the conjoined effect of the hundreds of advisors..panels..ruling party..that together make and execute the policies on which the country is run.

            EG. Do you think clinton or obama started the iraq or afghanistan war??
            The answer is no!
            They all together made this desicion to infiltrate another country..and sent troops over there who went over there willingly and killed thousands of people..

            It wasn’t obama who left his house in the middle of the night and caught and killed Osama..
            The hundreds of soldiers who were fighting over there killed we cannot blame obama here..

            It all comes down to the mindset of the country..of the people..and what you see here is a big example how americans think about muslims..and we all know how they would love to nuke the mid east don’t we :)

            I for one am all for nuking those bas*** Sadly this is the only way left..they just keep on reproducing and brainwashing young minds every single words can’t do much here..

            I just wish I wasn’t a muslim..but what can you do right..sigh..

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Today was another great day. When I woke up this morning, I got up brushed my teeth and decided I wanted something fancy and went to mcdonalds for breakfast. I got the supreme breakfast combo because i had money to splurge. Then I went to work at stall 3 and went to work. For money I could only accept the tips……in my mouth. Then i decided I could have a luxury dinner, so I went Arbys and order the Big Fat Sandwich. I still had the taste of man milk in my mouth so i decided to get a large root beer to wash it down. Its kind of early so the i watched the news but then i got sad and cried myself to sleep.Good night everybody

          • Arcachnar

            @Arapaho and Qy I replied to this discussion at the wrong reply. Sorry. Look up.

          • Moishe Goldberg

            Dumbfuck halfbreed Arapaho,

            If it wasn’t for Jews you’d be in your teepee jerking off to buffalo sex instead of on the Jewish invented internet using Jewish invented Google to surf for Jewish produced white girl porn. You hate us because our mere presence reminds you of your own inferiority. Your justified insecurities of said inferiority stirs your hate. No worries, it’s expected, this happens to a lot of losers who just can’t accept that Jews are simply smarter, richer, and more productive than them. You fit right in with Nazis and Muslims — who face the same issue.

            If you think America is so prejudice, why don’t you try living in Latin America, India, or East Asia, where outsiders, especially a primitive low status Native American like you, would be treated as less than shit. “Indio” is a term Hispanics call other Hispanics who are ugly, poor, and stupid. Face it, no one likes or respects your kind. There’s nothing to like or respect. You contribute nothing to humanity… never have either. Nothing good, useful, or enlightening to the world has come out of Arapaho culture.

            Keep being pathetic, bitter, and resentful your whole life. Jews will continue to our success. All you can do is sit on the sidelines and watch.

          • Arapaho Native

            Your inferior race invented nothing except that poor excuse for a religion. And why do you think Jews stopped the way Indians lived, when Jews were living a primitive ghetto at the time we were living in tee pees. Shut up asshole and stop praising that hellspawn of race you call the chosen people.

          • Arcachnar

            @Goldberg Dumbass If not for the non Jews and older civilizations you would not have the computers to begin with. No. Your pitifully race have not invent these kind of things. The Greeks and a drawing from the MOORS started all this.

            Besides, nobody really cared about your race. They said it is so, but only out of pity, because of WWII. Your race only flourish through luck.

            Which civilization? The ones you had before, were doomed and conquered. They made you their slaves. Israel was given out of pity, not because of your race being powerful.

            I pity you for being so ignorant.

          • Dicktwister

            Yh ur right

          • mazi

            i think its palestine not pakistan

        • The messenger

          I dissagree. Jesus

          • Tristan cade jordan

            she puts the B,O in treo

        • The messenger

          I respectfully disagree. If all people would just follow the teachings of Jesus Christ then the world would be at peace. Jesus spent all of his time teaching others to love and respect all people and to forgive and love people that do bad things to us and try to help those bad people to see the path of good and help them become good peaceful people. And of you want proof that God exists, then read my next review.

          • stojan44

            STFU BITCH im an occultist i believe in no god and I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU

        • The messenger

          The messenger says:
          July 8, 2012 at 8:32 pm
          God won’t punish you for mere skepticism. He only punishes you if you do bad things like steal, lie, cheat or kill another human being and not in self defense. Jesus forgives all people. But in order to be forgiven you must feel triely sorry for the bad things you did and you have to be willing to make up for them, and you must show kindness to all people nomatter who they are or what bad things they have done in the past. You must forgive the people who do bad things to you, even if they don’t feel sorry for what they did.

          And if you want proof that God exist then read this story that happend to me when I was only two months old. And believe it or not this is a trie story I promise.

          I was in my mothers arms and she was sitting in a chair trying to get me to go to sleep. But no one knew that I had ammonia which caused my lungs to fill partially up with mucus like substance. My face turned blue and I stoped breathing for several minnetes. I was about tondi when out of no where my mobile that was hanging in my room started playing music. It had one of those tiny winedup music players on it. But the interesting thing was that it needed to be wound up in order to play music, but no one wound it upland it started playing out of nowhere. The sound of that music woke my mom long enough for her to realize that I was suffocating to death on my own mucus. The sound of everyone panicking was heard by my niebor who just happend to be a doctor. He came and gave me CPR to keep me breathing long enough for an ambulance to come and pick me up and drive me to the hospital. After they got all the mucus out of my lungs and fully cured me of ammonia my parrents took me home. And on my first night back home my mobile started up by it’s self again.

          Now think for a second. How could a mobile start up all by it’s self only twice in 14 years, and was it just a coincidence that my niebor who just happend to be a doctor was awak at 2:00 in the morning and just happened hear the noise of my parents Pannicking. Most of the time I was in the hospital my father and mother and my grandfather where praying to God to let me live.

          It was a miracle from God.

          Like or Dislike: 2  0

          • Zack

   you mean to say that god saved your life…
            Thats 1 life right?

            Whilst I was reading your post..ate least 100 people died..

            Oops..another person just died of cancer while I was writing this..

            Hey..1 more died in an accident while I started writing this line..

            What? 2 more people died of hunger while I skipped to this part..

            And whats that? I am completing my post…and 5 more people just died..

            By the time I post this and you read it..10 more people would have died..

            And you were concerned about your life..explainng the miracle in which he saved 1 life..tell me who would you blame for the 100+ people that have died in the last 2 MINUTES???

          • Arapaho Native

            The messenger
            Shut up, shit head, no one asked for your opinion.

          • josh

            Does a shepard with 100 sheep not leave all 99 to go back and save that one? Yes he does just like the lord even if everyone on the earth died without faith except one God would still give us a chance. Btw all this hell talk is illogical. Read the bible. If god promised to destroy sin then that would mean no more sin. Hell would be a contridiction. It says plainly that unbelievers with be ashes beneath your feet meaning they will perish. Perish means to stop exciting btw.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          IQ Minus,

          Tell me boy: what kind of medication are you taking? What you say is delusional, makes no sense.

          But for you I’ll keep it simple and sweet: there is one single and true religion, named Islam. Those are the good guys; then there are the atheysts, christians, hindus and all the other crapthat, one way or another, don

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            …don’t respect the Truth. Those are the bad guys. See? It’s easy.

            Note – There is also the Judaism but this is only an ideology to hide Shaitan will and faggotery.

            So, the alternatives are clear: convert to Islam or prepare to die as a kaffir and go to hell.

          • The Pope

            You have so many grammatical errors in your opinion it isn’t funny. So, let me grade you on your English.

            Atheists – So far off in that word.
            Christians -Capital is required
            Hindus – HA! What were you trying to spell?
            crap that – space.

            I’ll end it there; you also have no argument to back up your theories. Your only comeback is “THEY DIE!!1!1” or “HERETIC11!1!!1”.

            I laughed so hard at your constant garbage you’re throwing.

          • Word of wisdom

            The poop,
            we don’t need your so called “arguments” or “theories”. We need only fatwahs and stones.
            And the only capital you’ll receive, is your capital punishment, the day we behead you on the marketplace for heresy and homosexual promiscuity.

          • fuck

            suck a big ass dick you fucken hoe i will fuck your mom then kill your dad and rape your sister

          • fuck all of u

            Guys ur arguing about religion on the comments section of a sexy picture of Megan fox naked ur all idiots

          • Thatathiest

            Shut the fuck up Islam is a myth dumbass

          • Dat Fella

            @Hashim etc.

            You really took your time opening your mouth this time.

            Usually you start with your trashtalking buissnies somewhere in the beginning of the “argumenting”

        • poop

          Clearly this isn’t Megan Fox. She has toe thumbs, and this girl doesn’t.

        • smarterthenyou001

          couldnt agree more ! religion is the source of all evil, most religions started out with honest intentions … somthing to beielve in, a list of good life rules to abide by… but then minorities create subsections of religion and all hell breaks loose.

          best thing for everyone is if people stop taking religion as gospel, religion after all was created by man… not some devine force.

          • Grand Kleagle Otis


            No, the source of all evil is the super AIDS you contracted from anal blazing your way through all the gloryholes in San Fagcisco.

            Now, you are on the Klan’s lynch on site list.


          • Bryanj67

            What a Moron. Religion was not created by man. Im not about to get into a religious debate with you. I will win. I can show you scriptures that prove my point. Man (the apostles and other writers) wrote about their experiences with Jesus. Jesus was not created by Man. Jesus is GOD in human form. Based on what Jesus taught and their experiences (the authors who wrote the Bible) is one way religion got started. Religion was around long before Jesus came around. some religion may have been created by man. Not all was.

        • josh

          Honestly you should stop blaming everyone else around you for problems and start focusing on what your people do. Suicide bombing labels your people out to be the worst. Also how could terminating religion help our world be a better place? Also what say do you have in religion if you don’t even believe in it? Religion is not complicated. It is the people who think they understand religion that don’t are the ones who make it complicated. Do you really think that race dicrimination will matter when your dead? Also if you don’t believe in religion then what purpose do you serve in changing our world into a better place? All you arabs have ever know us destroy

        • Cory

          Honestly i think N America should just bomb the fuck out of you fuckin sand googles the world would be a less violence and wee wouldnt be sending are loved ones continuosly over there to die and try to be righting your societies continuos fuck ups you treat your women like shit.Then you fuckin porch monkeys have the balls to come over here and treat our society like your own keep it up bomb a major and start a fuckin war cause i am chomping at the bit to fuckin your culture out!

        • Daniel

          I’m gunna rape your nan and feed her sausage what about that debate wanna help Muslim cunt

        • Bryanj67

          First of all this country was found on religious principles. The Bible used be taught in schools and Prayer used to be in schools. People like you had these founding policies removed. Since then our country has gone to shit. There are shootings in schools, crime is more violent than it has been in the past and getting worse everyday. A post on Facebook asked GOD, WHY DO YOU ALLOW THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN IN OUR SCHOOLS? GOD replied “I AM NOT ALLOWED IN YOUR SCHOOLS”. There lies the problem. These children in the schools today are the future of our country. Not all are fortunate to come from a good home, have 2 loving parents, and so on. Maybe religion or a prayer in the morning might be the only positive part of their day. When did it get to the point where it mattered more what the parents believe and not what the kids want? Don’t parents want a positive environment for their kids? Yet prayer, the Bible, even the 10 commandments in public buildings have been removed. Religion (regardless of which one it is) is a foundation for that persons beliefs. That does not make you right and them wrong because they believe in something you don’t. I am a Christian. I may not be mr perfect when it comes to my faith. My beliefs are based on the Bible and that’s the way I was raised.I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone as we all have a choice in the religion we want to believe in if we want to believe in one. When this country decides to find religion again and quit being so self-centered about one’s own beliefs, maybe then all this nonsense will began to turn around for the better.

        • nonya

          you know, you people fighting over there in the middle east saying “my god is the true god” or “my god can beat up your god”, should just accept the simple truth…jews and muslims worship the SAME god using two names. It isn’t any more than that, “Yahweh” and “Allah” are the same guy. So in short, you monkeys are fighting over NOTHING, and while you’ve been at it you’ve made the rest of the human race look effing stupid…congrats for winning the “Biggest group of dumbasses” Award, your trophy is at the bottom of the Atlantic, first one to find it wins!

        • abagifidfgdsa

          wtf is this crap

        • Ze

          Funny you should say that ( wipe out religion ) even though medieval times used it to keep peasants from rioting and such

      • billy


      • lene

        she needs to put up pictures of her showing her hole body and butt!!!!!

      • Charlie

        Get a real life your brainwashed raghead. The dry air of the Middle East has dried all you Muslims brain cells.

    • Giygas

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    • mazi

      only people under the age of 12 say stuff like that
      does your mother know your here

    • BillDole

      it’s not her, thumb nails are all wrong.

    • jaysjeep

      You’ve got to be one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever read anything by.your hatred to others will only send you to hell… Or what ever you belive in..your there..Along with anyone who believes the same way you believe..America is awesome beyond words amazing.. it seems like the only place you can put this without getting absolutely beat down for your beliefs is on some sort of weird porn site…you know what is kind of funny is I didn’t have to read hardly but like maybe four words of each paragraph you put on thereand all I could hear was an absolute fucking moron…get a life get some perspective get laid do something You’re just wasting your time because nobody will ever believe the way you believe…please keep posting more I love to put this kind of stuff up so people can read it and make fun of people like you …believe me we got a big laugh at you.. probably see a picture of your dumb ass on the news one of these days terrorizing …

  • bob


  • Cahi

    thats real, fuck you talking bout

    • Arapaho Native

      Cock Loving Cahi
      Only a inebriated dumb ass would think that’s real. Shame on you, retard.

      • The messenger

        Please stop with all the hate. Jesus wants us to love everyone.

        • josh

          im atheist and i still agree with him

          • niggeruno

            Everyone here is iraq faggots.

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    Fake!!! She’s pregnant now

  • sihaquab

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  • TheGuywiththeEyE

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  • Raj

    Fake. Obviously since her thumb is regular and not a freakishly ugly toe-thumb.

  • I like tits

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    • The messenger

      Please brother, resist the sin of lust. Find the will power to overcome it.

      • Indy fire fighter

        Oh, he over-CAME alright. If you wanna jack it to Megan, at least do it to a real pic of her.


  • Al-Ihtsham Abdul Jawwad

    No self-respecting Muslim man would let his woman-slave wear high heels.

  • The messenger

    Please sons and daughters of Jesus, hear my words don’t continue to look at this sinful crap.

  • america

    i love jesus and its a sin to look at it and its a sin to whack off to it. so its a good thing jesus died for all our sins. thank you jesus.

    • Bryanj67

      The idea is once you confess your sins not to repeat them again. If your child knows not to do something because you told them it was wrong and they said Im sorry. What would you do? forgive them? Punish them for doing something wrong? What if they kept doing it over and over? What would you do then? Ground them to their room? Take their phone away/ their PS3 or xbox away? GOD forgives us everytime we sin. even before we ask for HIS forgiveness. When we ask for forgiveness, it is our attempt at showing sincerity to GOD to do the right thing. Does GOD punish us? Sure he does. We are all going to die one day because of our sins. (The story of adam and eve in the book of Genesis. When you ask for forgiveness and keep repeating the same thing over and over, that is actually worse than not asking for forgiveness at at all

  • jared

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    repeat that bout a millon times


    Now that would be hot if it was real

  • asdfsg

    Bad photoshop is bad

  • Juan Valdez

    Does she suffer from Cerebral Palsey.

  • Juan Valdez

    Also, I thought that Megan Fox only shows her vagina on rare occasions. She just showed it on this site last week.

    • The messenger

      Please stop looking at this sinful crap.

      • Normal people one cares, it’s not sinful,there is no sin at all. In fact, there is no religion, you devote your lives for something that isn’t real. Also, we don’t care about your beliefs. We came here for the photo, not some ridiculous debate about religion,

  • George

    Megan Fox has a tat of Marilyn Monroe on your right forearm. As well as her ankle, neck, and back. But its a nice look alike : )

  • gadafi

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  • MAB

    dam it we probably won’t see any real naked megan fox pics until after see has her baby ugh stretch marks. The good thing is that if she has a daughter we’llhave something to look at on this website in twenty years. opps i forget this website will be shut down on terms of fake muslim bitches bkeing on here and plus by then all muslim will have been wiped from the earth. or a least the ones in the middle east. QY you’re real becuse you’ re sad to be a muslim i feel ad for u. good thing i’ m free religion so i can take multiple sides. hmm… i’m black though which side should i choose. aha i got it neither.

    • Arcachnar

      The Muslims here are not real? How can you be sure by that? You can’t. Did you just wished them all wiped from the Earth? Are you out of your mind or something? Because this would not happen. Why? No government is dumb enough to do this, in fear of the destruction of their fragile reputation and other things that will ruin the world peace and civilization forever.

      You really should not blame ALL the bad things that have (or is still happing) on ALL the Muslims. Only those who are misguided interpret the Qu’ran (a really a minority) as a valid reason to maim and kill non-believers in other countries with bombs and such.

      It is indeed sad of what have happened in the name of Allah. Sorry.

      • Arcachnar

        Edit: There are SOME here who are real muslims.

        • Arcachnar

          Edit1: The Christianity is not free from these kind of things as well.

  • WisenCynical

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  • chrisb22

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  • normal ass person

    Go listen to bad company by FiveFingerDeathPunch and you will understand the pain American troops go trough everyday and its all the middle east’s fault

    • Kahlid

      Fuck you, Crusader. If your nation weren’t so wicked, sinful and decadent and the puppet of the Jews 9/11 would never have happened.

      • Charlie

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  • duutduut

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  • normal ass person

    No one likes the middle east because they are a bunch of assholes that wanna shit on everything.
    and btw religion isn’t even real its a bunch of fake bullshit made by one guy with a sick mind.

  • Bubba

    its a photoshop of pam anderson

    • duutduut

      There’s no Pamela Anderson in any of that picture. The picture also has not been doctored. That is Megan Fox. There’s been no parts overlaid with other parts. That is definately not Pamela Anderson’s cunt. It is Megan Fox’s cunt. One can tell. Its big, well aroused and pronounced. This picture was probably taken in the same session as the one with her naked except for stockings.

  • Bek

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  • Lian

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  • 14 årig dreng, der ikke er helt dum

    Of islam is so fantastic, why are women lower rank than men? I dont think islam has met the 21 century, and revolution… Also if you make any fun with anything, you start burning flags, cause you got nothing better to do.

    • 14 årig dreng, der ikke er helt dum


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      this = The “conversations” above.

      I don’t care about that a 13 yearer is on a ¼ pornsite, but the religious and sexistic conflicts are a little bit too much for someone in your age, ya know.

      All Respect To All Of You Guys! B¬)

  • Mr.@

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