Megan Fox Has Plastic Surgery On Her Lips

Megan Fox plastic surgery

In her relentless pursuit to look like she gives great head Megan Fox had plastic surgery on her lips over New Years weekend.

As you can see in the picture above Megan is trying to hide the fact that her lips are so swollen they look like Daffy Duck. What Megan fails to realize is that if she keeps messing around with her face she is going to end up looking like trash, also known as Lindsay Lohan.

If Megan Fox wants to get plastic surgery on something she should get it on her messed up toe thumbs. They make her look like her previous profession was as a clumsy carpenter. Or better yet Megan can get some plastic surgery on her acting ability, because frankly it is hideous.

  • cassie

    ok first of alll megan hasnt had shit done to her lips got it its called camera angles and so the fuck what if she got a lil lip filler everyone in the hollywod indestry has shit done and more then just lips megan is perfect how she is and her acting isnt even that bad really there are worse and she was britty before she got this so cald lip filler i thought id share this cause u all really need to leave megan alone what the hell has she done to u just leave it sounds like u hate her badly so just dont talk about her she is a lovly person and she is the most beautifl human being i have ever seen ps and she doesnt need surgery on her thumb its a bit weriod but its megan she doesnt need that done its part of her so fuck off i bet if i saw u i could name millions of things u need to get done really

    • Dead Ed™

      Your grammar really sucks.
      For fuck sake, PLEASE, do NOT comment anymore.

    • David

      Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Is there ANY word in the English language that you can actually SPELL ?Most if not all these words are spelled correctly so I doubt that you will be able to read this but I will chance it.BTW Do you lie Megan a little bit?

    • Sara

      Newsflash dumbass: Megan Fox’s face is completely plastic surgery.
      I don’t know how any person with brains could think she’s actually REAL and that pretty
      because in case you didn’t notice human beings aren’t built that way.
      Just google “megan fox plastic surgery” or “megan fox 2004”.
      Oh guess what? Her breasts are fake too.
      And last of all: WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO SPELL. My two year old cousin does better than you.

    • LOL

      iz yur kybrd broken?
      Or r u txting on ur gayfone wif broked thums?
      cuz ur typng rooly sux – moore than u do.
      Or maybee ur just a dum shit wif no fukin brain <<<hmmm methinks it's this one

  • ella

    I loveeee megan fox!!!!
    Stop being haters, haters!

    • cassie

      thank you u are someone who speaks some seance she is amazing i love her soo much i remember when i meet her in London for her t42 prem it was amazing she is the best even better in person if that is possible lool do u have facebook Ella

  • D.J. Verret, MD

    Unfortunately, if this article is accurate, this is another example of bad lip augmentation. Proper lip augmentation creates a look that you don’t know anything was done.

    • cassie

      ok she isnt fae ok she is fuckin amazin she is perfect it not her falt leave her alone she is the best thing ever leav it u dont like her so fuck off seriously ok and u need surgery all over probs so go away u lot are all jeliouse of her natural beauty

      • wtf – who is this 10yo moron?

        cassie, run along little girl, this place is for grown-ups.
        I think is waiting for you……

      • Dead Ed™

        krakozyabry (кракозя́бры, meaning “childish scribbles” in Russian)

        This is what Cassie’s comments are everytime.

  • cassie

    ok well what ever she isnt fake ok just drop it now she is amazing u lot are just really anoyin ad are just jeliouse how her and how beautful she is she has had nothing done get it through ur heads omfg

  • ngljhgiotj

    sorry but this is soo ugly its not natural so why people do this

  • stupidpeopleannoyme

    Cassie-Were you born retarded? Internet posting or not, proper English isn’t something to shy away from. Punctuation has NOT gone out of style. It’s still cool to act intelligent. You’re an absolute idiot based on your comments but I can’t even get into that right now. I’m sure Megan appreciates a half illiterate person sticking up for her and all, but think about it, she doesn’t give a crap what these sites say about her! She’s laughing at the authors as she counts her $$$$. Bottom line: go back to 3rd grade and learn to spell. Or do you speak some awesome form of ghetto?? Well, here in America, we still speak English, so work on that. Thanks dip shit.

    • cassie

      ok well hey i can spell i just cant be asked to put in all my punctuation in and spell each and every singl word correct im from the us so u can fuck off ive done 3rd grade passed it all now im in uni so i cant be that dumb and ya meg will be proud her fans are stickin up for her but she wont be proud of the losers who talk a load of shit about her so im not the dumb one dip shit lmao

      • Dead Ed™

        You really are retarded. You answered a rhetorical question.

  • Dead Ed™

    I thought people were ribbing me when they said she is a Angelina Jolie want to be.

    But this lip surgery thing sure proves it.

  • God

    she has great blow job lipz

    • cassie

      ok shut up u dirty fags fuck off u haters she isnt that type of person shut up

      • NotYou

        She isn’t that type of person? Really? And I suppose you would know this personally? You think Brian Austin Green wasn’t tapping that ass every chance he got? It’s ok if you have a raging hard on for her, there are certainly uglier people, but she’s moderately attractive at best. Face the facts dude, she’s already had work done on her face previously and this didn’t help. She looks great when the professionals do her make-up for a movie, but off the set, not so much. The truth is, her acting sucks. She only has a job because of her looks, and when that fades maybe she’ll go away.

        By the way, I agree with the people above. If you want people to take you seriously, stop writing like a 10 year old who just learned what his dick is.

        • God

          FOR THE HATERS

  • Dead Ed™

    Megan Fox has told US Magazine she is horrified after accidentally snubbing a young boy that tried to give her a yellow rose at the movie’s premiere in London, saying that if anyone knows who he is, she will send him a personal apology.

    In other news, I’d like to apologize for ignoring Megan Fox’s restraining order, and if anyone knows how I can get a hold of her, I would like to say sorry to her personally.

  • cassie

    ya that is my cousin Harvey kindlon i have proof we were together that night he went to the us to meet her but didn’t cause it wasn’t really even sorted out with her people and she didn’t no anything about him going to America and it was my idea of the rose i was ganna give it but i thought it would be stupid so i let him do it she didn’t mean to it was to crazy way way to many people if u don’t believe me i have all the proof pics with me and him and stuff

  • Ryan

    Cassie how do you know Megan Fox is a “great” person and she doesn’t give great blow jobs? Have you personally experienced one? I think you are just a over-obsessed fan and need to back down a little bit. If you were at least friends with her I would understand but I don’t believe that is the case.

    • cassie

      ya well im a girl so no havent and wouldnt want to and yes i am a hudg fan of her she great and well alot of the fans things she is a great person u can just tell she is nice by her intervies and stuff so no i wont back down

      • wtf – who is this 10yo moron?

        Cassie, you are at uni now? you got to be fucking kidding right. They do still have standards for entering Uni you know, literacy is one of them! OMFG you are so funny.
        I couldn’t type that fucked up even if tried to do it on purpose. You don’t think anyone here takes you and your prepubescent dribble seriously do you? You have the sentance structure of a 10 year old dyslexic retard and have yet to establish one valid point in your infantile ranting.

        You are a bigger joke than Megan Fox’s alleged acting ability (btw I think she is totally hot and has great Cock-Sucking Lips too, but I am not fooled for one second into thinking that means she has any REAL acting talent).

        I am sure she will be pleased to know that she has the Special Olympics Cheer-squad going to her defence though, I mean, who wouldn’t want someone like you on their side? Your skill and talents are almost comparable to hers – lets hope you too have good cock-Sucking Lips and know how to give head because you dont have much of a future in anything else, like, public debating for example.

  • LMAO


  • Dead Ed™

    Maybe she got punched in the face by Chris Brown…


    She’s a Angelina Jo-lips wannabe.

  • cassie

    ya of course u guys are all right of course she has all this shit done not lool u lot are losers megan is her own self she dont wanna be anyone but herself her lips are her own and everything is real about her

  • woah

    her now huge lips are still not enough to distract me from her thumbs.

  • Cassie

    LOL, cassie you are a piece of dog shit. You make yourself seem like chris cocksucker. I’m sure you have a thing for him to you tard. I feel really bad for girls like this cassie chick. She totally wakes up in the morning wishing she was someone else obviously. She hates herself so she stands up for some celebuwhore that doesn’t give three shits about her!! LOL thanks for the laugh Cassie!

  • Dead Ed™

    Apple has issued an alert to iPhone users that the phones may overheat if exposed to high tempertaures,  if worn in pockets of tight clothes, or if users download pics of Megan Fox.

  • lilmama


  • mell

    If she had some operations…why she didnt take care of her horrible skin???