Megan Fox Has A Tight Ass

Megan Fox tight ass

Look at this picture of Megan Fox’s tight little ass. Have you ever seen anything so grotesque?

That perfect oval of a butt protruding from Megan Fox’s back is an abomination to nature. Notice how Megan’s ass appears to defy the laws of gravity as it stays tight and firm. A proper Allah fearing butt knows better than to mock an elemental force like that, so it humbly sags and flairs out as a sign of respect.

Megan Fox’s ass is an immodest affront to Allah and I demand that she put it away immediately less I be forced to issue a fatwa against it.


    Damn she’s fine. You gotta love a tight little white girl ass. That with her gorgeous body, long sexy legs! God I love Southern Girls!

  • Fatty McBastard

    thats nasty, she needs some meat, a womans inner thighs should be touching when they are standing

    • McNabb

      No. All women should strive to achieve this look. What a perfectly toned and tight backside.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You dumbass mofo. That so called look you seem to go for, is the result of sticking a size 18 ass into a size 3 pair of tights.
        If some infidel came along and “pantsed” her, the sudden ass expansion would no doubt bludgeon the dumb asshole.

        Your real problem is that your a secret homoqueer and you crave “man ass.”

        However, you are in luck; this site has recently become infested with homoqueers…the worst two are zillifag and gay boy.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • McNabb

          I understand why you hate. Fox weighs less than half of what your cow of a wife does, apparently. Those perfect thighs could also fit into one leg of your fat ass wife’s jeans. Don’t hate b/c Fox is a tight toned XS and you’re saddled w/an XL.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            What’s your problem asshole, other than being a rude, immoral westerner?
            Don’t come to this site insulting us Muslims…it could cost you your neck.

            When Islam takes over…all you lazy mofos will be sent straight to hell.

            Eat shit and die kuffar

        • McNabb

          haha – you are a saaaaaaad heavy chick chaser!! Too funny…

  • Gilad Shalit

    I like the fact that Megan owns a Chevy; an all American car. Although I am not sure if Allah approves of women driving. Since I have been in captivity, I’ve come to understand many principles of the religion of peace. But this particular issue confounds me.

  • Shannon

    What ass???? I see skin and bones with no thighs, hips or ass…. GROSS

  • dania

    OMFG! This site makes me sick! First you criticize taylor momsen saying she’s fat and now this? If you’re criticizing girls who look so fit I wonder what your body image is like… you’re probably into hairy fat women or something. EWW!

  • Brian austin Green

    what up dudes David Silver in the fuckin house, yeah dude we all know i keep that bitch chained to my bed so she cat escape i mean i have no career and im a fuckin loser, who would want to be with me, the truth is i have a video of her worshipping my turds and i will show all and ruin her if she leaves me hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • M.

    I saw sth like that today, only better looking.. Nice!

  • p

    I would do it with megan fox all night long

  • Meganisadog

    Her ass is skinny because snorting coke all day makes a person loss shit loads of weight.
    She’s a fucking beast and is only famous because she’s a whore. Someone needs to gather all these scabs up and burn them.

  • FakePlastic

    Do all ya kno she’s just an average girl got a plastic surgery job? Look up on d internet internet Megan Fox before surgery. She looked dumb before but at least she was real then.

  • theheadchimp

    my ass is way better than that whore’s ass. and just for that i’m going to fuck my ass nowwith the hellp of abdullah. he has to use a bottle because his dong is to little for me.