Megan Fox Before Her Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox is considered by many infidels to be the sexiest woman in the world, but only because us Muslims do not allow dirty kuffar eyes ogling our women.

However, as you can see in the photo above of Megan Fox before she had her face reconstructed using the Jew science of plastic surgery, she is actually not that hot. In fact pre plastic surgery Megan Fox would barely be considered f*ckable by our high Muslim standards.

Of course the current model Megan Fox 2.0 is definitely concubine material, but like most infidel women, Megan was only able to achieve that status through the dark arts. Kuffar sluts like Megan Fox clearly lack the Allah given natural beauty of our pious Musliminas.


  • Kahlid

    No matter how much surgery she has, she will still be a smelly wetback.

    • jfururuuru

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    • conor

      How the fuck u come up with that idea she was gorgeous before she even had the surgery and she always will be gorgeous

    • Manuel Enrique Peña

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  • Manuel Enrique Peña

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