Meet Jesse James Mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Michelle Bombshell McGee

Like most of the nation I have been in tears for most of the day today after finding out that Jesse James has been having an affair behind Sandra Bullock’s back with some girl named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. This news is so devastating that I, like most of you, will probably be forced to take my own life from the grief sometime later today.

Until then I’d like to cast a light on the home wrecker who ruined the Sandra Bullock Jesse James marriage. As you can see in the picture above she has that girl next door look that men find irresistible. Apparently her affair with Jesse James started when she friend requested him on Facebook. Everyone knows a friend request from a girl on Facebook is an open invitation to pillage her stink hole. Poor Jesse James was unable to resist the allure of this fresh faced vixen and succumbed to her brazen advances by inviting her up to LA to stay with him while Sandra was away filming “The Blind Side”.

I can only pray that Sandra Bullock finds it in her heart to forgive Jesse for this small indiscretion. Hopefully she can realize how lucky she is to have a man like him for her husband. It is so rare to find a tattooed wannabe tough guy in LA that if you are fortunate enough to get one you damn well better hold on to him.

  • Sheryl

    The pain and devistation this selfish, insecure bastard has caused is just unimaginable. She even thanked her mother, during her Academy award speech, for having “him” in her life. She fell in love with the kids and faught for custody for the six year old. She had everything for a breif moment. And in one instant, everything was ripped from her, because of his jack-ass behavior. I truly hope he goes out of business. It probably won’t happen, but it would be .

    He had one of the best women he could have ever dreamed of and through her away for what he was used to. I was a fan of Jesse’s before he and Sandra met. But he truly disgusts me now. What a bonifide idiot. What a selfish, selfish idiot.

  • problamz

    didn’t Sandra Bullock STEAL Jesse James away from his EX Wife the same way…..

  • AngryBeast

    Yup, but not quite so brazenly as all that, their marriage was done. Seems as though Janine Lindemulder like to use ole JJ as a punching bag and was hauled off to jail for abuse. She was kickin the shit out of him right and left. So he was probably in a vulnerable, delicate state when Sandra came along. You can watch Jesse and Janine special type of commitment in the Discovery Channel special Motorcycle Mania 3.

  • Adam

    You only need to look at Jesse James for 10 minutes before you can tell his is no good, he kinda of reminds me of myself. Maybe why i find McGee hot and Bullock anything but.

    How can you be in tears about this? 50% of marriages end up in divorce, i would understand if it was your relative or something but she isnt. So whats the big deal? At least she doesnt have any kids.

    There are a lot of people to feel sorry for, people with Cancer, people who are starving, people who have to look after 5 kids cos there dead beat dad left.

    She is a multi millionare actress. Life is SO hard!

  • familygirl

    Sandra who? Her acting has always been sub-par, and when did she become “america’s sweetheart”, maybee her hollywood persona is sweet, but that’s only what the public sees. Jesse is a tough guy wannabe, but I don’t feel sorry for Sandra Bullcock, she knew what she was getting into, she’s not dumb. People take risks on relationships everyday. Does that mean we should feel sorry for everyone who has a breakup? Too bad, so sad. It would be a different story if she had cheated on him. I wonder if the tabloids would say “poor jesse” if she had cheated on him.