Mariah Carey Massive Cleavage At 2014 BET Honors

Mariah Carey cleavage

Mariah Carey shows off her massive cleavage in the photos below from the 2014 BET Honors in Washington DC.

I don’t know who BET was honoring at this event (probably Colonel Sanders like they do every year), but they should have been honoring the craftsman who made the piano Mariah Carey is sitting on or the Asian kid that made the dress that is valiantly struggling to contain her bulbous breasts.

It is hard to say what is a more impressive feat of engineering, that the piano can sustain 250lbs of whore riving around on top of it, or that the dress restrains the massive blob stuffed inside of it.

If I had to choose one I’d lean towards the dress, for I’d rather see that piano collapse and Mariah Carey bust her ass then her doughy frame bust out of that dress.


Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey


    sexy , and first

  • Steinway

    Fat, and second.

  • theUnholy

    I have to give round one in this epic of Cary vs. the piano vs. dress to the piano. Though there is a caveat, the piano was pumped full of performance enhancing drugs.

    I didnt shame myself by watching this whale-of-a-woman perform her squealing act, but I would have to assume that the piano was hallowed out, filled with cement, and its legs replaced by oversized dubs, and given spinners to impress all the other apes in the audience.

    Certainly the dress had its modifications as well, but it was reported that Carey had ate one less bucket of the colonel to sausage her way into the outfit. This is apparent by her lack of dropping the mic from greasy fingers, and non-glossy sheen due to low friend chicken consumption.

  • Imam Abbas

    What used to be “fun-bags” are now “death-sacks” as they could smother the unwary jihadi to death.
    Admittedly, to some, there are worse ways to die: but in this case – you’re not taking any infidels with you!
    Allahu Akbar!

    • Seal Team Six

      Imam UpTheAss,

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      • Imam Abbas

        Seal Team Sodom

        Was I talking to you? Were you *born* this fucking stupid, or is this something you’ve grown into?

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  • I Dont Like the Taste

    Sorry, not attracted to senior citizens. If anyone here is over thirty you’re fuckin old. Deal wit it!

    • Team America

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      America! We the people!

      • I Dont Like the Taste

        Well I can tell you’re over 30. Old people tend to be belligerent.

  • The Guy with The EyE


  • Hezbollah Hitman

    It is funny to me she considers herself an abeed when she looks more Irish and Venezuelan. Her father was a mix of google spic and Injun and her mom was Irish white trash.

    You must learn abeed code. Yellow bone or red bone = not really black. The only ones truly black are blue bone or mud bone

    • Seal Team Six

      Hisballs Jizzman,

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  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    mariaha’s fat mulatto ass makes me wish she was singing next to a pressure cooker.

  • Team America

    This would have been hot 20 years ago

    Do you remember the Christmas song Mariah Carey came out with years ago? The one where she dressed in a tight little Santa outfit. The one that made you want to stuff her stocking, deck her halls and have a merry little Christmas as she jingled your bells.
    Well, unfortunately for Mariah, this isn’t 1994 and no one wants to see what’s stuffed in her stockings any more. She is now just another drugged up has-been and everybody is waiting for her to overdose and die so they can pretend like they still care while rest of us think up “Mariah Carey is dead jokes”.

    America! We the people!

    • Bonzai

      My fellow countrymen would do well with harpooning this whale. I only hope we can beat those sneaky Eskimos to it! They’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. They want to eat her blubber, we merely want to make many yen off it!


    those are some beautiful breasts