Mandy Moore Naked Photo Leaked?

Mandy Moore naked

Is former pop star and current bad actress Mandy Moore the latest celebrity to get a naked picture leaked to the Internet? Judge for yourself, the photo above appears to be of a nude Mandy Moore getting ready to pounce on some guy’s hog (probably a casting director).

No word yet if this photo is authentic, but based on my preliminary analysis of this picture and Mandy Moore’s lack of moral character I’d be willing to bet a barrel of goat’s milk that it is her.

  • Muslimsarefuckers

    I would tame her with my fuckstick

  • lbgotcash

    man that’s obviously not her. You can tell by the way her face is turned. Trust me i was hired at a design company i know photoshop professionaly, and this shit is obviously photoshoped! Lol.


  • nolanbautista

    looks real enough..too bad shes got NLLS (Google Left Leg Syndrome)

    • pea

      fuck u

      • pea

        And your mother like the ND…lol

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    She looks strong enough to slaughter goats, sheep and the occasional jew. If the price is right…I’ll buy her.

    • Mr. E

      As would I, Abdullah. Pop stars past their prime can be a real bargain since they are so desperate and eager to please. Except for the butch, sinewy ones like Madonna.

  • ahhgmed

    I would bang this broad until my balls exploded

  • Remzy

    She’s not Mandy. Look, it’s obviously photoshopped. Mandy’s ears are smaller and they’re obviously not the same with the photo here.

  • Ryan

    Ya u dumb asses I done photoshops for a company an all the birth marks on her chest an arm are the real deal if u look at a pic of a close up n not makeup u can c them. An on tweeter she admitted that it was an apologizing for it

  • Chris Rodgers

    This is a fake picture
    If you look at “her” body in the picture she has three freckles on “her” shoulder.
    But if you look at resent pictures of Mandy there are no freckles!

  • Titty Shuffle

    Its for sure her! I know because i just nutted EVERYWHERE!! Time to shampoo carpet…

  • ChoXah

    I can’t believe it__it’s fake!

  • Joseph Kelley

    it looks real to me

    • Photo Expert

      It is real. The mole on her upper cheek is proof positive. That’s her.

    • Photo Expert

      It is real. The mole on her upper cheek is proof positive. That’s her.

  • Bamaman14k

    Yeah I figured, and illegal fraud site. Mandy Moore has never been nude, never on film.

  • Heisen Berg

    does no one see that the bottom half of the body is a shit load darker? photo shop and a bad job at that

  • William Ketchersid

    if that is true then that photo should have a time stamp on it of when it was taken for authenticity use’s only or did they not teach you that in design school.


    OF COUURSE this shit is fake, look at the sketchy blending around and below her ear and jawline! Half of you dumbasses are just begging to believe its her is all thats all it is..

  • Duncan Mertz

    If it was her u would see a smurf tattoo above her pussy on the right this photo is a fake